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Apparently playing golf on the PGA Tour is pretty hard. Who knew?

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Apparently playing golf on the PGA Tour is pretty hard. Who knew?




Kip Henley spends a lot of time inside the ropes at PGA Tour events, but usually he's caddying for Brian Gay.


However earlier this year Henley won the Tennesee PGA Section Championship, which qualified him for a spot in the field this week at the St. Jude Classic. Henley decided to accept the spot in the field and test his game against the best in the world.


He shot 78-82 to miss the cut by… well a lot. Richard S. Johnson tweeted a photo of the note that Henley left in the locker room. While Henley obviously wasn't thrilled with his performance, it was certainly a very respectable showing for somebody that doesn't play this game for a living and has a full time job.


The other interesting piece of news was who Henley had caddying for him. No, he and Brian Gay didn't switch jobs for the week. Henley had his daughter Stormi, of American Idol and Miss Teen USA fame, on his bag.


This might not have been the best idea, because it certainly had to be distracting to continuously chase the players/caddies away from his daughter with a 9-iron.






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Either he wasn't all that serious about the St Jude, or he lacked respect for the caddy's contribution to a better round of Golf. There are too many times a second set of qualified eyes can lead to a better decision.




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I agree. Having a caddy that knows golf well is very helpful when you find yourself in a sticky situation and your head is spinning out of control. Although she doesn't look like she would be ALL that bad of a cadddy!

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