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Changing Ball during a round

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If I cut or scuff my ball bad enough, I’ll pull out a new Snell MTB Black. But I’ll play the same ball for 18 holes or more if it’s not damaged.

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I've been playing the past 27 holes with the same -ProV1x.  I plan on using it until is gets scuffed or is unfindable.  

(I have now just jinxed myself for posting this)

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Basically until I lose it. If i use it the whole round then it goes back in the bag until I eventually lose it.

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Play it until I lose it. I can usually get a couple rounds out of a ball but sometimes it's a couple of balls per round. 😬  😆

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I usually play it until I lose it or gets a scuff on it from hitting the cart path...Sometimes if I’m playing terrible (chunk/blade/top/etc), I’ll try to switch up the balls For good mojo, but that usually doesn’t work out, no matter how much I want to pin my troubles on the ball...

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Play it until I lose it! Unless I'm trying out a new ball. Then I'll play it for a few holes then go back to my original for comparison. 

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I generally change balls every 36 holes (Pro V1x) unless I really put a mark on it or loose it. I find that the Pro v1 are the most durable balls.

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Preferred ball - Currently Costco Kirkland Performance 3 Piece but Seed 001 is preferred.

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So I normally play one ball a side/9 (unless lost or damaged). However if I get hot on front 9 or have like back to back birdies for holes 8,9 then superstition kicks in and I will keep that ball in play for remainder of round. :)

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I lose them before they get any signs of damage... but if I'm playing like s*** (like losing 3 per round), I'll switch to s***** balls and put the goods ones back in the bag.

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Play until I lose it, which balls are starting to last me more and more holes. Played 65 holes with a ball (new record) and hit it in to hillside rough that was pretty wet, never found it! That was the most frustrating ball loss for me

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On 5/24/2020 at 3:58 PM, djaxgolf21 said:

Do you change you ball during a round? Not a different brand/type but just a newer ball.

Yes and no. 

I grab 3 balls to start my round. I rotate between the three from tee to tee based on the accumulation of dirt. 

If one gets knicked or scuffed then it goes in the shag bag and a fresh one comes out.

At the end of the round they go back in my bag. I will use them as many rounds as I can. Usually I can get 3-5 rounds per ball. 

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Depends on what I am doing--- If I am knocking it around with friends I will play a scuff--- Now if we are playing a shootout and side bets it is a new ball when needed-- or  go into one of the vintage bags for play later or the shag bag. Right now I am playing mostly Srixon Soft Feels or Call Away Super Softs--  I have about 2 dozen Soft Feels and 4 dozen Super Softs all won on gift certificates in the Dog Fights. I can play those balls both modern and vintage golf. In fact I have one old poor Soft Feel I have beat the paint off of. I think I played like 72 holes regular play and then 18 or so vintage and it resides in the shag bag for now. If I am just messing around I will play one even with wedge scuff marks

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On 5/24/2020 at 5:58 PM, djaxgolf21 said:

Do you change you ball during a round? Not a different brand/type but just a newer ball.

As needed, but I'll try to play the entire round with the same ball.

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I don't change a ball unless it's lost or badly damaged from a rock or cart path. 

I admit that in non-competitive rounds, I keep a clean version of the same ball in my pocket to putt with as I don't usually bring a towel onto the putting green. Yes, I think this is technically not legal, but I'm willing to make the compromise.

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I'll play a ball till the end of a round, but if it's all scuffed it goes to the shag bag. Like last week, I made it the whole 18 on one ball, but after two paths and an oak, that ball was done.

Take Dead Aim

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For most normal rounds I start with two balls, a new or new-ish one and one that has a round or two on it.  I play the new-ish one on all holes except #3, #9, #12, #15, and #18.  On those holes I play the "experienced" ball, because those are the holes that have water if I make a bad swing.  After a round the new ball becomes an "experienced" ball, and the cycle begins again.  The "experienced" balls are also my practice balls for chipping and pitching.

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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