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Indi Golf Putters and Wedges


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Has anybody tested these products?

They look really good but they are pricey, especially the putters.

Very interested to see if anybody has experience them.





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I game the Allison. It has remarkable feel with a large sweet spot. I tend to putt off green often and roll long putts. Large sweet spot helps with that. Indi runs specials often. When I got mine it was 30% off. That's still a big number but much better than advertised. 

Epic Flash 9 &15

Titliest 915 18&21

Staff 5 to G

Ping SW

Wide Flange LW

TM Spider X


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SCANEPA, I have a 56 deg ATK SR in black. I love this wedge a lot. You won’t see 50% more spin as claimed when using trackman but you will see 50% or more backspin on the green if that makes sense. For instance, if you are 75 yards on with a 56 deg on a receptive green, you might hit one with 10,000rpm with your standard wedge and watch it hit, bounce, and suck back to where it landed or even a foot in front of your pitch mark. That same shot with this wedge might spin at 11,500rpm and hit, not bounce, then suck back 50ft. It really is a cool novelty and provide holy $hit moments with spin.  It excels with hitting the low spinners from like 50yrds our as there is a lot of meat on the high toe of the club to really spin it with low flight. 

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