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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! 2020 GolfBalls.com AlignXL

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On 5/30/2020 at 1:48 AM, martymar112 said:
  1. St Mary’s GA 9 HC
  2. Line using PVC fitting
  3. Snell MTB-X /TGR. (My kids Initials)


Very cool idea. 

2020 Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag Official tester

MGS Hard Rock Challenge

100 swings challenge

MGS Fantasy football league

Unofficial - Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme

Unofficial Review - Honma TR21 4 Wood by xOldBenKenobiX


Drivers :titelist-small:  - TS2 10.5*, :cobra-small: Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme 10.5, UST helium 5

Woods :titelist-small: TS2 3HL. :honma:TR21 4 Wood, Vizard 20-60 shaft.

Hybrid   :titelist-small:  - T-MB 716 3 Iron, Hybrid   :titelist-small:  - T-MB 718 4 Iron, Irons:   :titelist-small:  - AP1 714 5 to PW, Wedges  

:vokey-small: SM4 48*, Oil Can 52*, SM5 56* and SM6 58*, Putter   :titelist-small: Deadcenter SP-209, Ball   :titelist-small:  ProV1, :Arccos: Smart Sensors

Shoes:a couple :footjoy-small: A couple of:nike-small: A couple of Adidas ,   Yeah I have a shoe addiction.

Right Handed, Southeast Michigan

Honk If you see these plates around. 


I'm always driving around Michigan. 

The Ohio and Pennsylvania's turnpike as well as around Baltimore, Maryland. 

Grip it and rip it my friends. 


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To use a line or not to use a line? That is the question. It's not exactly Shakespeare, but when lining up a putt, it's a question I'll bet you've asked your self more than once. Some golfe

TESTERS ANNOUNCED! It's time to get aligned! We've got a fresh collection of six forum members who'll be getting a new batch of balls with the custom alignment features of Align XL. We

Nice of Golfballs.com to do this again!  I really enjoyed giving these a run and am a convert to using a line on my ball 🙂 Anyone curious should apply here and give them a shot!  What do you have

Posted Images

1) Kansas City MO, 15.5
2) stock brand line
3) Tour B Rx or e12 soft

Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

Right Handed 

:taylormade-small: SIM Max, 10.5 deg, Ventus Blue 6 with Velocore Regular 

:taylormade-small: SIM Max 3 Wood 15 deg, Ventus Blue 6 reg

:taylormade-small: SIM Max 3 Rescue 19 deg, Ventus Blue 6 reg

:taylormade-small: SIM Max 4-PW, KBS 85 reg 

:taylormade-small: ATV Grind Wedges 52, 56, 60 deg, KBS 85

Lamkin Crossline-Midsize grips on all swinging clubs 

:scotty-small: 2020 Newport Select, Pistolini Grip, 35"

:titelist-small: ProV1 

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  1. Kansas City, MO. Hcp - 12
  2. sharpie art
  3. Vice Tour/Vice Pro, Volvik Crystal and 3 dots

D. A. Badger

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Posted (edited)

Lindenhurst, NY

I've never drawn a line, just use the name of the ball as my guide

Bridgestone Tour B XS - Help Me Chubbs

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WITB 2020

Driver: Callaway Big Bertha 2015 Model - Fubuki shaft

3-Wood: Nike VRs 15 degree

Irons: Nike Slingshot 4-AW

Wedges: Nike Victory Red SW-56 + LW-60

Putter: Nike Method Core MC-3i

....I may have loved/still love Nike and miss them making golf clubs💔

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  1. Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
  2. Line with Ball Clamp
  3. ProV1, Solid Black Line 

Driver- Cobra F9 Speedback 9° default_cobra-small.jpg.634f41dc1b8ea120e1aae121bd8f10ef.jpg

Woods- Sub70 Pro 5-Wood   08e84065c69a5a06ed8fec52d91a.jpg.08662cdc8041ba1124fe725b926a5e95.jpg

Utility- Titleist 718 T-MB 4 Utility  default_titelist-small.jpg.d620943db19c6c6f477d78c3e6dcfb1b.jpg

Irons- Sub70 699 5-GW  08e84065c69a5a06ed8fec52d91a.jpg.08662cdc8041ba1124fe725b926a5e95.jpg

Wedges- Sub70 Forged Black 54° 58°  08e84065c69a5a06ed8fec52d91a.jpg.08662cdc8041ba1124fe725b926a5e95.jpg

Putter- PING Heppler Tomcat 14 34"  default_ping-small.jpg.69d8e0343843830069d58004a5aeb3e8.jpg

Ball- Titleist ProV1x ( High Number) default_titelist-small.jpg.d620943db19c6c6f477d78c3e6dcfb1b.jpg  Snell MTB-X (High Number) snell.png.b6a3039f6a1d861464f6a8e8b7f6a838.png






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On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2020 at 8:35 PM, GolfSpy STUDque said:

To use a line or not to use a line? That is the question. It's not exactly Shakespeare, but when lining up a putt, it's a question I'll bet you've asked your self more than once.


Some golfers use tracing devices while others opt for the free-hand Sharpie method. Additionally, on pretty much every tour-level ball, the side stamp doubles as an alignment aid. Some companies (namely Callaway) have taken the conversation a step further with advancements such as Triple-Track Technology.

Given all of this as the context within the ball industry, Golfballs.com spawned the idea of Align XL.


Simply, it's a custom print option that places a straight line 180° around the ball.

The result seems rather basic, but drawing a straight line on a curved surface is a bit more complex than one might think. With that, Golfballs.com developed in-house technology to maintain certain levels of quality control and fast turn-around times on all custom orders.


Now, we want you to test it. Golfballs.com will be providing one dozen of any type of ball on their website with the AlignXL personalization.  This opportunity is open to golfers residing in the US. To apply, reply to this thread with the following information:

  1. Location and HC
  2. Current line method
  3. Ball choice and personalization

Birmingham, AL  10 handicap

I use the stock line on the Snell golf balls


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 :ping-small:  G410 Plus, w/ X stiff 75 g Project X Evenflow Black shaft driver

 :adams-small: GT Tight Lies 3 & 5 wood

 :taylormade-small: SLDR AW - 4 iron S flex

:cleveland-small: Rotex 2.0 RTX 588 56°

:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 08M 60°

:scotty-small: Newport 2.5 putter

:Snell:MTB X golf balls

RH, Alabama

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  1. Location and HC: Saint Louis, MO.  Handicap: 10
  2. Current line method.  The line provided by ball mfg. 
  3. Ball choice and personalization:  New Bridgestone Tour BX with "Kilted Golfer"
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Bettendorf, IA / HC +3

Currently alternate between no line on longer putts and a line drawn on using a alignment tool for short putts  

Taylormade TP5x red line KevinK

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Cobra one-length irons 


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  1. Washington - 22.5 estimated handicap
  2. My current preference is to putt with a plain white face of the golf ball up and leave all the alignment to my putter face and alignment line. Would be interested to compare and see if I'm any better at hitting my line with the AlignXL line.
  3. Srixon Q-Star Tour - black line "Gavin"
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Check out my review of the  EXPUTT Putting Simulator

Driver - :nike-small: Vapor Speed, 9.5°, Fubuki Z50 S
Hybrid - Warrior 3H

Irons - :wilson_staff_small: D200 5-GW, uniflex, std length/loft/lie
Wedges - :cleveland-small: CBX 52°, 58°
Putter - :1332069271_TommyArmour: Torch 03 w/ GolfPride Tour SNSR Contour Pro grip

Ball - :srixon-small: Z-Star XV

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Tom, Va, 16

Darkened Sharpie line over OEM marking

Callaway ChromeSoft 2020

Driver:  Callaway Epic Flash, Fujikura Pro 2.0 stiff

3 wood:  Callaway Epic Flash

3 Hybrid:   TaylorMade M2

4 Hybrid:  TaylorMade M2

Irons:  5 iron -PW PXG 0211, Aerotech Steelfiber i95 stiff

50 and 54 degree wedges:  Callaway MD3

58 degree wedge:  Callaway PM grind

Putter:  TaylorMade Ardmore 3

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the opportunity.

  1. Denver Colorado
  2. Ball Line - maybe thats why im not a good putter.
  3. Titleist PROV1X - GET IN THE HOLE

Have a good one!

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Andrew, Seattle WA, 14.3

Sharpie with a stencil

Bridgestone Tour BXS, no personalization just a line

Ping Traverse
King Cobra F7 10.5* w/ Mitsubishi Tensi CK Blue 60
TEE E8 4W, 7W
Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metal 5-SW w/ Veylix Alpina 873
Scotty Cameron Squareback

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