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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! 2020 GolfBalls.com AlignXL

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Marlon, Leesburg, VA 15 Hcp

Blue Sharpie with clip on alignment stencil 

Bridgestone RX

Ping G410 SFT 10.5*

Callaway Apex 2019 Combo irons 5-PW

Cleveland RX4 56, 50 

Maverick 3 Hybrid 

Epic 4 Hybrid 

Scotty Newport 2 Notchback

Bridgestone RX and Snell MTB-x (thanks to Mygolfspy)

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To use a line or not to use a line? That is the question. It's not exactly Shakespeare, but when lining up a putt, it's a question I'll bet you've asked your self more than once. Some golfe

TESTERS ANNOUNCED! It's time to get aligned! We've got a fresh collection of six forum members who'll be getting a new batch of balls with the custom alignment features of Align XL. We

Nice of Golfballs.com to do this again!  I really enjoyed giving these a run and am a convert to using a line on my ball 🙂 Anyone curious should apply here and give them a shot!  What do you have

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Dave, QuartHill, Ca

12 Hcp

Use both as eyes agree; Logo print, and or most usually, Orange Sharpie off axis.

Bridgestone B XS

  • Titleist 913, D3, 8.5, Diam Black, S
  • Mizuno F-60 4 metal, Fujik XS
  • Titleist 818 H1, 3Hybrid, 19*, Stiff
  • TourExotics, 4H, 22*, Stiff
  • Mizuno MP-32s, TTDG S100 5-PW
  • Titleist SM 5 Wedges, Raw, 50, 54, 60
  • Just swapped in TommyArmour Impact #2 putter
  • Titleist Carry blue/white bag
  • Bridegstone B XS #3s (only)
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I've used alignment aids off and on.  Currently "on", as it likely doesn't hurt.  I'd use this opportunity to conduct a "designed experiment" using a statistically significant number of putts both with and without the alignment aid, and look at the difference in performance.  Probably do it on both straight and breaking putts and from two different lengths.  The theory is that it becomes more beneficial on longer putts, as shorter ones don't require the alignment precision of longer ones.  Probably need to estimate directional variation from the hole rather than simply counting "makes and misses" to get away from the attribute nature of that data and provide a better view into directional capability, as opposed to leaving a putt short and counting it as a miss even though direction was good (which all the alignment aid can help).

Current handicap is 12.

Location is Phoenix AZ area.

Current line method is a Sharpie line or an existing ball feature (logo, factory supplied alignment aid, etc.).

Ball choice would be ProV1x

Personalization would be "Hitnhunt".

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Rotonda West, FL       16


Sharpie and ball liner dodad 


Pro V1x      JASON


Ping G410 LST 10.5 VA Composites Drago

Callaway EF SZ 5W  VA Composites Drago

Callaway BB 3 hybrid Oban Revenge 

Callaway BB 4 hybrid Oban Revenge

Callaway 5-AW Aerotec Steelfiber I95

Vokey SM 7 Raw 52, 56, 60, 62 (bent to 64) Aerotec Steelfiber I95

Taylor Made Spider Original 33 inches

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Okay....I'll give it a try.  I play at least two rounds a week and while I generally have used the Callaway triple track, I don't see that it's of all that much value.   

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Hey, why don’t you guys ever take some testers from Canada? We like golf up here too you know. In fact I personally like putting with a line and practice 12 months a year, although most of the time indoors. Give us a shot we won’t disappoint.

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I would be up for the challenge to see if it improves my putting game for sure.


Glenn,   Mount Pleasant, SC    13 Handicap

I use a red dot for allignment

Titleist AVX, "Hooey"

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1. Jon, Valdosta GA , HC 4

2.Line with sharpie 360° via basic line tool

Every putt is lined up to help give me feedback on strike and alignment

3 Titleist proV1, blue or orange line, Jon

Callaway rouge 9° (hotmelted) hzrdus BLK (265 carry 285 total) D4

Taylor made M1 HL 19° tensei blue (250 yards) D4

Callaway epic flash 4 hybrid tensei blue (230 yards) D3

Taylor made RSI TP irons 4-PW kbs c taper S+ (D2)

Titleist vokey 52° bent to 50° Nippon modus3 wedge (125 yards) D4

Titleist vokey 56° Nippon modus3 wedge (115 yards) D4

Titleist vokey 60° Nippon modus3 wedge (95 yards) D5

All irons are .5" longer than Std and .5° flat. Wedges are standard length and lie

Scotty Cameron mil spec 34"

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Jeff - Philadelphia, PA

Hcp 12

I use a putting line, but instead of pointing the line down the target line, I turn it 90 degrees so that it is perpendicular to the target line, and the putter face is parallel to the putting line.

Either use the side stamp or manually draw blue Sharpie through to extend the side stamp.

Titleist ProV1 Yellow

Black AlignXL

Edited by ironskillet
Forgot to state handicap

:titelist-small: TS2 10.5° Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue 55 SFW R

:titelist-small: TS2 15° Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue 65 R

:titelist-small: TS2 19° Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue 70HY R

:titelist-small: T300 4-PW, W48 True Temper Steel AMT Red R

:taylormade-small: Tour Preferred 52.09 KBS Tour-V

:taylormade-small: Tour Preferred 56° ATV Grind KBS Tour-V

:odyssey-small: O-Works Black #1 33"

:titelist-small: Pro V1 Yellow

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Great idea to use a machine to put put a accurate line on the ball.

Locate In Blaine, MN in the Minneapolis area.

Handicap is a 10

Use Titleist ProV1


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This so awesome that golfballs.com is doing this. Good luck to everyone.

Driver :taylormade-small: Superfast Burner

3-wood :mizuno-small: ST180

5-wood :titelist-small: 910F

Hybrid :1332069271_TommyArmour: TA1 

Irons Maltby TE Forged 4 - GW

Wedge :titelist-small: SM6 58/06

Putter :taylormade-small: Monte Carlo Rossa AGSI


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