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3 wedge or 4 wedge set up?

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I also carry 4 wedges a PW-52-54-60. Bounce all depends on the kind of fairways you typically hit off. My club keeps the fairways fairly tight so on my 60 I have 4 degrees of bounce on the other 8. I think for high handicappers a 60 degree wedge can be difficult as they don't realize how hard you have to actually hit them and most of them tend to add more loft which really screws up the shot.


I would recommend to try and hit to distances where your approach shots with any of your wedges are a comfortable full swing. 3/4 and 1/2 swings are hard unless you spend a lot of time getting the feel for them. Most PGA Pros would much rather hit a full shot any day. Get really good at knowing how far you hit each wedge with a comfortable full swing and carry how many you need to cover your normal approach distances.

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I play 4 wedges PW (47), GW (52), SW (56), LW (60) I have to agree with the previous posters that High handicappers need more wedges then the low one it simply makes it easy to swing them full and get a proper distance.


All of my wedges get used from anything from a 2 yard pith to a 100 yards. It really just depends on what I am trying to do with the shot, a 95 yard would easily be a good full 60* for me however if the green slopes bad from back to front it will over spin the ball, so the 56 or 52 come out depending. I have used an 8 iron from 100 before into a stiff wind to keep it low and run it up the front onto the green.


I like to carry 4 wedges for the simple fact it gives me different options in trajectory and spin control. If you are using good course management you would lay-up to a yardage you like with a given wedge try to avoid the in-between yardages. But if the need arises there is always the option to chock down 2" and swing full to knock off 5 to 10 so yard you'd have to practice to see how much it will cut the distance.


It is fun to use the 52* out of bunkers on long bunker shots, you don't have to swing as hard as you would with a 56 or 60 and it will have more room for error thanks to less spin you can hit it and it will run out for you. I have hit bunker shots in the green side bunkers with up to an 8iron before, more clubs you have for short yardages the more creativity you can have around the green to get up and down. There is a reason you will see Phil play like 5 or 6 wedges at times.

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Ah reviving my topic from last year :D

Now that I got the MP59 iron where the PW is 46*, I will complement it with a 50,54,58 wedge set up.


See how it goes this year. Hope the 58 is more forgiving than the 60 was.

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Also play a 4 wedge set up- 46, 51, 56, 61. Though with the i20 irons, the PW is more of a 10 iron. I just find there are some shots I really like to hit with the 61. And I'm a sucker for the flop shot. I know my distances with full, 1/2 and 3/4 swings, which is important. Four wedges provide a lot of versatility.

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46*, 50*, 56*, and 60* for me. I used to play 54 and 58 in the sand and lob wedges but I now like the extra loft and bounce on the 56* for greenside bunker play.

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I have had a copper Ping Eye 2+ wedge (53*) for many years. I have not really played it much opting new model Titleist Wedges. Plus I really did not like the offset. However, I have been able to get used to it in the last couple of weeks. My copper Scotty Cameron putter was misbehaving so I gave it a time out a couple of weeks ago and stuck it in the time out bag. When I figured out it was not the putter, but the person using it, I pulled it back out but that BeCu Ping was sitting in the bag next to it and it looked really cool. So did the oil can finish Titleist wedges. So I took out the Tour Chrome 52, 56, and 64 and opted for the BeCu 53, and Oil Can 56 and 60 and the copper putter. And they looked really cool. Which to me makes me play better.


As I said in another thread where we were talking about feel. It is not just how they club feels in your hand when you hit the ball that is important. But how the club makes you feel about yourself when you see it. For some people, they could not use a big grip on the putter or a long putter because it would make them feel like they could not putt with a normal putter so they would not do well with it. Same with blades for some people.


Well, I love to drive up to the green and pull out the copper putter and copper wedge. They look cool to me. So I started playing this wedge again. Instead of varying the club based on the distance I used the same club and hit it different ways. Some bump and runs and some hop and stop and other things. Today, I did not use any other wedge all day and I had one of the best short game days I have had. Of course it helped that 13 GIR but I did get to use it on some shorter par 4s and 5s where I had only a wedge shot in.


The reason I am posting this here is because a few years ago I could not have gotten so close to the flag using just one club. But it just felt right. I chipped in once, lipped out twice, and ended up inside of 8 feet all but 3 or 4 times I used it, and they were more than 80 yards out.


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