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I recently started a blog where I will post a tournament recap after every tournament, and I will do a monthly update on the state of my game. If you guys would like to follow me in my journey, you can either read my latest tournament recap here, or you can simply subscribe for email updates here. This is mainly for college coaches, but I figured some of you might want to follow me. Thanks!

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:titelist-small: TS3 9* (Tensei AV Blue 55 Stiff Flex)

:titelist-small: TS3 15* (Tensei AV Blue 65 Stiff Flex)

:titelist-small: TS3 18.5* (Tensei AV Blue 65 Stiff Flex)

:titelist-small: T100 4-PW (Project X LZ 6.0 120)

:titelist-small: SM8 50* F Grind; 8* Bounce (Project X LZ 6.0 120)

:titelist-small: SM8 54* F Grind; 10* Bounce (Project X LZ 6.0 120)

:titelist-small: SM8 58* M Grind; 8* Bounce (Project X LZ 6.0 120)

:odyssey-small: Stroke Lab Triple Track Ten S Putter

:titelist-small: ProV1

"Practice like you've never won. Play like you've never lost."

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