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It kinda depends what you class as budget, which I guess also depends on how many you lose. 

I previously tended to lose maybe 2 balls a round, and floated between the Titleist Tour Soft as a gamer and the AD333 for days when I couldn't keep the thing on the planet. 

2 weeks ago a friend gave me a sleeve of Q star tours to try. I'd never hit a 3 piece ball before, not once, so I gave them a whirl. Since then, I've shot 81, 77, 83 and 82 (I'm an 18 handicap, my home track is a par 69). They are flying straighter off the tee and stopping quicker on the green then anything I've ever played, and at £30 a dozen in the UK, I consider that to be a fantastic budget option for anyone looking to get into a 3 piece ball (as long as your swing speed isn't super-high, as they are soft). I shopped around and managed to get 2 dozen for £48, and I'm yet to lose one in 3 full rounds (I probably don't hit it far enough!). An excellent, confidence inspiring, affordable ball. 

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Bag full of mostly PING, apart from Cleveland CBX wedges..I need all the help I can get! 

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This topic is right up my alley!

I have tried a lot of golf balls in my time...A LOT!!! From range ball to Titleist, and most level of balls in each lineup (distance rocks to premium chewies). I have been up and down the spectrum and have settled on two balls going forward; the Nike RZN One and the Kirkland Signature (3 piece). Let me explain...

I started playing the RZN One and fell in love. At the time I was playing a Srixon ball, and just prior to that I was playing the Titleist NXT Tour (both of which I really liked). I got a sleeve of Nike balls at a scramble tournament I played in (we came in third in that tournament, and I would say it was because of me...my teammates played crappy that day and...thats beside the point) and I tried them out on my next round and shot 80...whoa mama I had it working that day. No other changes to my bag, just the ball. I loved the flight, feel and stopping power on the greens. I had not played a ball that felt that good on every club. So that became my ball of choice. Then Nike abruptly stopped making golf equipment (thanks a lot Phil Knight) and I was left without a ball. But this time also coincided with a break from the game. 

Just recently I started playing heavy again and I had heard a lot about the Kirkland Signature (4 piece) ball. I knew they were cheap and everyone was talking about it being the Pro V1 killer. So I went to Costco (to get one of those roasted chickens) and saw the 3 piece ball, and made the purchase. First time back on the course, playing the executive 9 hole course at Monarch Bay in San Leandro, CA; just trying to get my mojo back and I tee it up and let it fly. Made par on the first but didn't hit a great tee shot, so I didn't get the true feel,but it felt good on the putter. Tee it up at #2, toughest hole on the course. Its listed as 193 yard par three, but it plays about 215-220 because of the head wind and it being slightlyuphil. Trees line the right side (which is my miss) so this is a bogey hole almost all the time for me. Decided to try and flight a 3 iron as close as I could. I hit purest golf shot of my life and ended up on the front of the green. I may have hit that green once before. 2 putts later I had made par.

The rest of the round was full of absolutely pure shots. I have a straight ball flight and this ball is straight as an arrow. The ball was backing up on the greens with middle irons; it was crazy. Amazing soft feel, great control with the wedges and great performance off the driver. 

At $25 for 2 dozen, you can't miss, though this ball does have one flaw, durability. It scuffs really easily. It will still play, but I wish the ball had a slightly firmer cover to withstand wedge grooves.

If you like a softer feel ball that will give all around performance, the Kirkland Signature is a great choice.

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"Hit'em straight ladies and gents!"

My Sticks:

Putter: Odyssey White Hot Tour #9

Driver: TaylorMade Burner 2.0 (9.5 Degree)

3 Wood: TaylorMade Burner 2.0 (15 Degree)

Hybrid: Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz (19 degree)

Irons: Srixon i506 (3, 5-PW)

Wedges: Cleveland CG15 (50, 54 and 58)

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