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Two Putter Conundrum

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Does anyone else struggle with which putter they will use on a given day?  

I have a slight arc with my putting.  My Scotty Laguna is perfect for this.  I also find myself gaming my trusty TM Ghost Spider equally well, even though it's faced balanced. 

Outside of placing two putters into my bag at the same time, I can not dedicate myself to just one of them.  

Anyone else go through "putter mood swings"...



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Sure,  I used to be really bad about swapping putters from round to round.   I still swap occasionally to try new things, but I generally lock in on a single putter for a while unless I struggle with distance control.   Distance control drives what putter stays in the bag.  

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Me, never. I am a one putter type of guy :)

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My list stands at 5 so far this season but it’s not really a conundrum. I think it’s fun figuring them out and pretending it makes them work harder for an extended stay in the bag.

In order of appearance: 1. Original Teardrop Anser 2. Bettinardi SS38 Armlock 3. Bobby Grace NYC Tour 4. MacGregor Bobby Grace M5K 5. Nike Method Concept C1

Conclusions: I putt pretty okay with each of them. The old Teardrop showed the most promise out of this bunch, maybe it’s time to restart the rotation.


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Still feeling out and testing the stability shaft. One thing I have learned is that I do better controlling distance with either a fully milled face, or Evnroll grooves. Not sure if it's one or both, but my distance control has been solid the past few rounds. My putter collection might thin out very soon

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I have been lately using an Odyssey TT #10 and experiencing much more consistency with my putting. But I have multiple putters that I can and would use. To be honest, I base my decision off the kind/condition of the greens at the course I am about to play. For example, I am most comfortable with a semi-mallet putter on bermuda greens (fast or slow) as most putts will be straighter, have less severe breaks vs the bent grass greens where the ball breaks much harder and faster some times. For bent grass, well conditioned/faster greens I play one of my blade style putters as I can shape the putts (play the breaks) a little better. I play with friends that are complete opposite but thats my approach. 

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I fou d the same problem this year. Earlier in the year I was very consistent and productive with my TM spider tour, although greens were much slower in the spring. I find myself currently struggling with close distance putts within 5 feet but excelling with distances above 5 feet. Switching back to my Scotty Cameron Newport 2 and also my 2 ball odyssey has paid off in the short term. Needless to say I’m in the same boat 

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