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Testers ANNOUNCED! Tour Edge Hybrid EXS Pro Hybrid

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To change a hybrid is very difficult, I have tried several but always always gone back to my gamer (Adams LSP 18 - matrix altus 90g S). For me is very important how the club set up view and versatility. Exotics is a very solid brand that I would love to test


Andres / Florida


Adams LSP 18 - matrix altus 90g S

club set up view and versatility

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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Tour Edge has made some of the most highly-regarded woods in the industry for a while now, so when they release a special edition club like the EXS Pro line, they should

Testers ANNOUNCED! The testers are: @ncwoz @The 19th Hole @Zen Snake @zrumble Full announcement here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/38954-testers-wanted-4-

Jake from State Farm… I mean Texas 7.5 Handicap Gaming the G30 22* and G400 19* Hitting that 215-225 shot consistently is the most important thing my hybrid needs to do.

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Hello Spies,

I’m Brandon Brooks from northern Maryland

My handicap, while unofficial, is around a 15

My current hybrid is the Cobra King F7, which I love.

In a hybrid, my most important thing is its ability to do what a long iron may not be able to do - tough lies, occasional bump and runs from the collar, you know, be a “rescue” club!

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First Name / State of Residence:   Chris - Maine

Handicap:  12

Current Hybrid in Play: TM M3

What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid:  Ability to hit of the tee and control ball flight(high/low). Also get through rough easily.

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Jeremy / NC


Current Hybrid in Play (None)

What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid? (Never played one but after seeing this post I would be interested into seeing where it fits in my game) 


Tell your grandkids about this shot! 

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Kurt, South Dakota

5 Handicap

Callaway XR 3

Control is most important to me. Position off the tee is important where I play.

Ping G400 8.5*

Callaway XR 4w 16.5*

Callaway XR 3H 19*

Mizuno MP18 SC 4-pw

Vokey SM6 50*,54*,58*

Taylormade Copper Spider mid

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  • Drew / Northern California 
  • 4.2 handicap 
  • I had an older Mizuno CLK FliHI but took it out of the bag in favor of an older Henry Griffith 2i I had due to the hook tendency of the hybrid mentioned in the article. 
  • I would be looking to fill the gap between my irons and driver. Would like to replace my 3 wood with a hybrid due to the ability to shape the ball left and right better and ease of hitting it out of the rough compared to 3 wood. Also, the ability to play knockdown shots is easier with hybrids due to the closer resemblance to an iron face compared to 3 wood. Would likely be a common tee off club. Looking for a yardage of around 240-260. 
Driver: :taylormade-small: M5 9.5* head set to 8* loft 3*open, weights set slightly lower Launch and fade bias
3 wood: :taylormade-small: M1 13.5* Head set open w/ Fade bias weights. 
Irons: :ping-small: I-Blades PW-3i, 2* up standard length.
Wedges: :ping-small:Glide 1.0 TS 60*, :ping-small: Glide 2.0 56 ES, :titelist-small:Vokey 52* 
Putter: :ping-small: Sigma G Kushin .
Ball: Various: :titelist-small: AVX, :bridgestone-small: B X, and currently testing the Vice Pro + Neon just for fun
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Zach / Palmdale, CA

Currently I’m a 5 handicap with no hybrid currently in play. If I’m going to game a hybrid then I need it to fill a gap in my game.  What I want most is a low, flat ball flight, that I can put in the gap between my 4 iron and 5 wood. I also would like it to fight my tendency to over-draw my irons when I slow down. 

I haven’t found a hybrid that meets those specs for me yet. A lot just don’t fit my eye, with a ton of offset, and a large, tall profile. 

Stats: 5'4", Male, R-Handed, Moderate Tempo, Driver SS 106mph

Driver: Ping i25, S-flex PWR 65 shaft
3w/5w: Callaway X-Hot, S-flex Fubuki shafts
3i: FOURTEEN FH-1000, DG X100
4i-PW: Mizuno MP-4, DG S300
Wedges: Titleist SM7
56* Wedge: Callaway Jaws w/ 12* of bounce

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I have hybrids in my set, Cobra 3, Adams 4,5,6, that I really like. I have had them for five years, I was wondering if any of the other products have improvement in feel, flight and looks that could pry me loose from my hybrids. Thanks for your consideration.

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Willie  North Carolina

Handicap 25

Current hybrids:  Switch between Taylormade SLDR S 4h (22*) and Tour Edge Geomax Bazooka 3h(19*) and 4h(22")

Love the many conditions you can use a hybrid and how well they let you hit.  One of the most predictable and accurate clubs in the bag

Edited by Willie T

WITB? TM 10.5deg SLDR,  TM 17HL SLDR S, TM 22/4h SLDR S, Callaway DIablo graphite shaft irons (5-PW), Cleveland CBX 50 & 58 wedges - graphite, Odyssey White Iron 5 putter.   

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Rob here in sunny N.J.

8.1 Index

Currently play Srixon H65 hybrids that my bad miss is a HOOK

I need to find a hybrid that is HARD to Hook


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Rob from Ohio

11.5 handicap

Currently play Titleist 818H1

The ability to hit a consistently straight high shot.  I hit it far enough I'm not worried about distance, however I'm inconsistent with contact on face so forgiveness is key for repeatable distance. And like many others minimizing the crazy hard hook would be great!!

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Jordan/ MI


Current Hybrid- TaylorMade Rocketball

What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid- Launch 

Driver- Cobra F9 Speedback 9° default_cobra-small.jpg.634f41dc1b8ea120e1aae121bd8f10ef.jpg

Woods- Sub70 Pro 5-Wood   08e84065c69a5a06ed8fec52d91a.jpg.08662cdc8041ba1124fe725b926a5e95.jpg

Utility- Titleist 718 T-MB 4 Utility  default_titelist-small.jpg.d620943db19c6c6f477d78c3e6dcfb1b.jpg

Irons- Sub70 699 5-GW  08e84065c69a5a06ed8fec52d91a.jpg.08662cdc8041ba1124fe725b926a5e95.jpg

Wedges- Sub70 Forged Black 54° 58°  08e84065c69a5a06ed8fec52d91a.jpg.08662cdc8041ba1124fe725b926a5e95.jpg

Putter- PING Heppler Tomcat 14 34"  default_ping-small.jpg.69d8e0343843830069d58004a5aeb3e8.jpg

Ball- Titleist ProV1x ( High Number) default_titelist-small.jpg.d620943db19c6c6f477d78c3e6dcfb1b.jpg  Snell MTB-X (High Number) snell.png.b6a3039f6a1d861464f6a8e8b7f6a838.png






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First Name / State of Residence: Badhri/ Nevada

Handicap 19

Current Hybrid in Play - Tailor-made RocketBladez Black

What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid

Loft,  Distance

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First Name / State of Residence: Mike, Wisconsin

Handicap: 3.0

Current Hybrid in Play: Srixon U85 18 degree (Utility Iron)

What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid: Fairways. 

Driver: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, 9* (adjusted to 10*), Accra TZ6 75 (American Flag), M5 Flex

Fairway: TaylorMade SIM, 15*, Accra FX 2.0 300F, M5 Flex

Driving Iron: Srixon U85 2 iron, Fujikura Pro 2.0 8 HB, S Flex

Irons: 4-6: Mizuno JPX-919 Forged, 7-PW: Mizuno JPX-919 Tour, all with Nippon Pro Modus 120 S Flex

Wedges: Mizuno T-20 Blue Ion 50.07, 56.10, 60.06

Putter: EvnRoll ER5B 35" with Gravity Grip

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Nate, Michigan


No hybrid currently in play

I'd be looking for a hybrid to consistently hit 230ish, stable ball flight, that can be a reliable fairway finder.

Right Handed

Driver (9.5°): :taylormade-small: R9 SupterTri (Fujikura MotoreF1 65 Stiff shaft)

FW (15°): :callaway-logo-1: X2 Hot (Aldila Tour Green 75 Tx Stiff shaft)

Hybrid (18°): :tour-edge: Exotics EXS Pro (Evenflow Black 6.5) (2020 MGS Official Review here)

Irons (PW-3) :ping-small: Eye 2's

Wedges (52° & 60°): :callaway-logo-1: Mack Daddy 2's

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER2B (2019 MGS Official Review here)

Ball: :Snell: MTB-Black OR MAXFLI Tour

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Doug.        Newyork.                                       Handicap 12.                                                  Taylor made aero burner.                             What i looking for is forgiveness

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