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Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoes!

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I picked up a pair of the Code Chaos a few weeks ago and they are probably the best spikeless shoes I have ever worn in regards to grip in wet conditions. They are definitely comfy but the Adidas S2G are way more comfortable IMO but they aren't waterproof.  When I switch between the two I have noticed tired feet after wearing the Code Chaos.  Maybe I just need to break them in a bit but it is noticeable.  



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7 hours ago, Pjholden said:

I am pretty much a FJ loyalist and wear a Wide in all of the different styles I own; DryJoys, ProSL, DNA, etc. I purchased a pair of the Code Chaos in the same flavor as the OP in part because of the style and also the MGS reviews. I find them to fit tight on my feet. I typically walk and I have worn them once or twice while walking thinking they would loosen up which they really haven't. My feet are pretty sore after walking 18, after riding for 18 they don't seem to bother me too much. That being said if I can find them in Wide and in the color I want, I would definitely buy another pair. I find the traction to be better than any spikeless shoe that I have have and the look is one of my favorite. I still believe the FJ styles, for me, are the most comfortable walking shoe out of the box. 

Thanks for the info. I don't like too much of a sneaker look, but these caught my eye.

Like you, still a FJ fan due to wide sizes, might jump into the New Balance brand next year, but they have too few styles/colors I like 

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Any longer term reviews after a few months? Still no slippage issue?

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1 hour ago, LeftyMatt89 said:

Any longer term reviews after a few months? Still no slippage issue?

I started this thread shortly after buying. I bought my (white/green) CodeChaos shoes in June and I’ve worn them 1-3 times/week ever since. One foot slipped ONCE teeing off, and that’s it. It’s winter now and I’m still playing 2-3 times/week - every course I play has muddy areas this time of year, but my shoes have never let me down.

The comfort, stability and traction of my CodeChaos have been so good I just bought another pair in grey/black. Where I was strictly riding carts pre-Covid, I am walking more often than riding now - the CodeChaos are much easier to walk in than my spikes. My only problem now is what to do with my two pairs or FJ spikes (Contours & DryJoys)?


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