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Odyssey White Iron 5 - in love w/older style putter

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Recently picked this putter up off the Goodwill auction site for $15.  Have been using a blade style Odyssey and wanted to try the mallet style.  It needed a new grip, so put a Winn DriTac Med grip on it and went out for a round.  There is something about this flatstick that I didn't have with the blade.  The ball comes off much better and accuracy is way improved, with fewer pushes or pulls.  In our recent best ball round, my flatstick was the one that either hitting the center of the cup or having the best leave.  Now I know it comes down to more than the club as it is also about the person doing the swinging, but this putter seems to be the balance I need.  I was thinking about Adam's comment on the most recent NPG episode and how in the "lab" he was the man and it was nowhere what real life is on the course.  It just shows - that experimenting to find that right combo (yes, properly fitted is the major key) is what helps us find that better spot that gives us a better round. 

WITB? :taylormade-small:10.5deg SLDR (R flex),  :taylormade-small:3HL/17 SLDR Series (R flex),:taylormade-small: 5/19 SLDR Series (R flex), :taylormade-small: 4h/22 SLDR Series (R flex), :callaway-small: DIablo graphite shaft irons (5 (R flex), 6-PW (A flex)), :cleveland-small: CBX 50, 54,& 58 wedges - graphite, :odyssey-small: White Iron 5 putter.   

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