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NPG Episode 42: Should The Golf Ball Be Rolled Back?

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2 minutes ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

Is distance really limited by the rules? 

Bryson added distance by improving speed and optimizing launch conditions to match the speed under the current rules. DJ and other pros have picked up speed thru improved ball speed while their drivers and ball still fall within the rules.

Matt from TXG had better distance with sim over m5 and both drivers fall in the rules.

Ball speed is limited under a specific testing regimen.  COR of driver heads is limited.  Those are both intended to limit the distance that equipment alone can provide.   But absolute distance is not limited, as that depends on factors that are completely beyond regulation, including a players physical attributes, swing techniques, club optimization, course conditions, etc.  The Ruling Bodies have long had a role in regulating equipment, and will continue to do so, but they cannot regulate all of those other factors.

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Here is the data. It is way more balanced than you would think. In fact it is more balanced than my game at my home club.  Going to make a rambling of a post.  First rolling back the ball 20

My position will always be the same: do whatever you want, PGA, but the USGA and R&A don’t need to get silly and rollback the amateur. What the top 1% can do with a ball has ZERO correlation to th

I'm beginning to think so... at least for the tours.  I just watched DeChambeau grab a 3w on a 329 yard hole because the driver is too much.  He comes up about 10 yards short of the front of green.  T

6 hours ago, Middler said:

OK, then what’s your alternative since this is a thread on dealing with the distance question?

Hope you are having a good day.  Some of the greatest pros in golf feel that the USGA and the R&A should use flight restricted golf balls.  Restricting the distance of the golf ball had been done before so a precedent has been set. An example being  a golf ball can't be a smaller diameter than The Rules of golf specify.  Dunlap made a ball that was smaller and bore through the wind that the pros used to play.  Softball is a sport that uses flight restricted balls.  To many home runs.  If flight restricted softballs are not used It would mean bigger fields would be needed so that more hit balls will be in play.

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I ended up mucking about with a Callaway Magma. I was quite interested in how it performed against a Supersoft.

I wonder if the way around all the IP but to still maintain the one set of rules, reduce distance... increase the minimum ball size.

Easier to hit, but increased size therefore increase wind resistance so cant hit as far, and increase spin (???), but Bridgestone can still use all their patents.

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