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Mini Review: Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0

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Thanks to the MGS email on Saturday with a list of last-minute Father's Day deals, I purchased myself a gift in blue-gray. They arrived Monday and I wore them in league last night.


For reference, my last two pairs of shoes have been Puma Titan varieties, most recently, Titan Tour Ignite Disc that I bought nearly two years ago.


I have fairly narrow feet and have always loved the comfort/fit of Pumas, but the Adidas might be the most comfortable golf shoes I've worn. There is definitely more room in the toe box of the Adidas, but in no way do they feel like my foot is moving around as the heel cup and extra support in the form of the stripes holds my foot secure.

From a stability/grip perspective, these shoes are more stable and grippy than the Pumas (granted, I've been long overdue for replacing the pikes), especially considering how wet the course was after the amount of rain we've had recently.

I can see why the Adidas are perennial winners of #MostWanted - the combination of comfort, grip, and stability is unbeatable, in my mind. Consider me a convert, although I can't bring myself to pay full price. To me, $200 is too high of a price point for golf shoes. I guess I'm getting cheap in my old age, but $100 - $120 is about what I'm willing to spend, so picking these up for $90 was a great deal.

It seemed odd having to actually ties shoes, though - I'm a fan of the BOA disc.

Strangely, even though I played crappy golf last night, I found myself walking with a DJ-like swagger. Who knew the shoes were responsible for the way he saunters down the fairway?


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I have the exact same color of those... they are fantastic

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I have Black Tour 360 Boost and they look classy and feel amazing. It’s my third pair. But a couple months ago I bought the code chaos and they are quite trippy despite them being Spikeless. Super comfortable. Certainly a different style and look but it sort of has opened my thoughts to e more athletic looking shoes which I once was against. 


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Posted (edited)

I have been wearing my pair of these for maybe 13-14 rounds and 8ish range sessions.  They at least 2 rounds walking to break all the way in, some heel blisters, then they were good.

However, at the end of my last round, I realized two thing.  

1.) One of the shoelace grommets came out of the plastic stripe.  I was able to get it back in, but there is no back piece so it won't stay for long. Leading me to believe it broke during a round and flew off or never existed.

2.) I have also encountered a phenomena that I have never come across with golf shoes.  I wore a hole in my left big toe of my sock.  I will keep the image to myself, since I doubt anyone wants to see it.  But I can assure you that these socks have been worn less than 20 times, as I only wear them for golf (they are FJ with an American flag on the heel). These socks are actually thicker than a normal sock for more cushion, which I like, but also why I was so surprised when I wore a hole through them.  I do not wear holes through socks, I will get rid of them if I ever get close. 

Overall it is a very stable and well fitting shoe, but I am considering sending an email to adidas to see what they think about the grommet and hole creation.  I bought these this spring at the golf show in Cleveland so they are not old shoes. Considering adding a pair of FJ Pro SLs because my family all wears them and they swear by them. 

Broken Shoe.jpg

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