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WITB for 2020

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So I finally feel that I have my 2020 bag ready and done so here we go:

Driver Cobra king F9 10.5 

3-wood Titleist 915F

(4h Cobra F9)

4-Pw Cobra Forge tec 

48, 52 wedges Cleveland RTX4 (both bent 2 degrees strong lofted)

56 wedge Cobra Pur

(60 wedge Cleveland RTX4 (bent 2 degrees weak)

Ball Srixon Z-Star XV


I started with 50, 54, 58 wedges but with my new irons the gap from Pw to Gap wedge were too big so I bent all my wedges but since the 58 only have a bounce of 9 that would mean a Sw with 7 bounce so opted for a new 56 and bend my 58 to a 60 instead. The hybrid and 60 degree is both in parenthesis because one of those need to stay in the car to keep it to 14 clubs. I think the hybrid will be the one to go out of the bag, last round I played the 4i went just as far as the 4h. Still a bit more confident with the 4h but with some work and more playtime with the 4i I think I will need the lob wedge more then the hybrid. Picture is from before I bent my wedges so the new 56 is missing.. Will try to get some more pics soon.



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Good looking setup!

Sent from my moto g(7) power using MyGolfSpy mobile app

Driver- Cobra Speedzone 9° default_cobra-small.jpg.bf0039c0fa211a003217e70e184035fa.jpg

Woods- Sub70 Pro 5-Wood   08e84065c69a5a06ed8fec52d91a.jpg.08662cdc8041ba1124fe725b926a5e95.jpg  

Utility- Titleist 718 T-MB 4 Utility  default_titelist-small.jpg.d620943db19c6c6f477d78c3e6dcfb1b.jpg

Irons- Sub70 649 MB Tour 5-PW, 699 Pro 2U  08e84065c69a5a06ed8fec52d91a.jpg.08662cdc8041ba1124fe725b926a5e95.jpg

Wedges- Cleveland Zipcore RTX 52°,56°, 60°  default_cleveland-small.jpg.0615c53919b7f92c3524630e353b33bb.jpg

Putter- Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 default_cameron-small.gif.dd99234f0267bb38c40c23053034a445.gif

Ball- Titleist ProV1x default_titelist-small.jpg.d620943db19c6c6f477d78c3e6dcfb1b.jpg  








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