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Zen Snake

TGW tour deluxe 14-way stand bag

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Ok I cant seem to find anything on this bag in the MGS world, anyone have any info(experience) on it, looks like a knockoff of the Titleist 14-way hybrid.




 :ping-small:G410 LST 7* W/ UST V2 84-gram S-shaft

 :ping-small:G400 Strength 3 wood 12* W/ UST V2 94-gram S-shaft

 :ping-small:G400 Hybrid 19* W/ Graphite Design Tour AD-105 S-shaft

:srixon-small: Z585 4-PW MODUS Tour S-105 / May switch out to S400's in the future

 :cleveland-small:CBX FULL FACE 56* & 60* & Smart Sole 4 G/W 50*

 :cleveland-small:Cleveland Classic Collection HB 2 Black Pearl putter

:Snell:MTB-X Yellow

:titelist-small: Bag





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So if the dividers are full length like it says on the website ( https://www.tgw.com/tgw-tour-deluxe-14-way-stand-bag ) for that price, it sounds really nice. Regarding 14 way tops, I look at the design, this one almost looks like the Sun Mountain 14 way top dividers. Maybe they(SM) make these for TGW? You probably could call the customer service number and ask more detailed questions. Regardless, it looks like a great opportunity. Good luck. 

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I have purchased TGW-brand tour umbrella and tour glove, both with great results, so I think their branded items are strong. 

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