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You should see me after having a burrito bowl form chipotle... I’m not hungry again until morning. Hahaha

You’d think I’d be skinnier...

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Seems to me there's not a whole lot to disagree on here.  

I think we can all agree that Bryson's likely got some professional help that's not going to have him bulk and simultaneously pulverize his arteries or do anything overtly unhealthy.  I think we can also all agree that the snapshot of a daily diet likely is just that, a snapshot and not representative of what he eats every day of the week, or for the week in aggregate.

At the end of the day, if you want to bulk up, you need a calorie surplus.  If you want to cut down, you need a calorie deficit.  How much to eat to accomplish either goal is a function of your own metabolic rate, activity level, and a host of other factors.  And you inevitably need to eat the right foods to accomplish either in a safe and healthy manner.  Anybody would be foolish to "eat like Bryson" without paying attention to these factors. 


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i have a buddy that is a sports/fitness model. Dude is absolutely jacked. He eats poptarts covered in marshmallow fluff everyday for breakfast. Chad Ocho-cinco Johnson is well known for eating McDonalds every day of his life. I'm sure there's longer term effects in play, but in the short term it doesnt matter what kind of food you throw down there when you are working out so hard. As long as you are hitting calorie numbers, and macro numbers, then its irrelevant. 

as far as advertising the diet, for most people this kind of diet is a job that actually costs you a ton of money. So you either need to be extremely committed and disciplined, or it needs to be your job and provide income. 

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Bryson's diet, I've heard of it, but I've never thought about following it. The shake diet is costly. I still think you can build muscle mass without these shakes. I was suffering from extra pounds. I'm a woman, and I tend to have a beautiful and sexy body, and unfortunately, I couldn't lose weight. How many diets have I tried? None of them worked for me. I was skeptical about the pills, but I read on www.healthcanal.com/life-style-fitness/leanbean-reviews about Leanbean that sportswomen drink such medications, and I decided to buy them too. How strange it would be, but it helped me burn fat, and I'm thrilled. Now I keep fit and go to the gym regularly.

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Don’t forget about the big plate of “crow” Bryson ate last week with a Keopka cupcake for desert.

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