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Testers Announced (4) ExPutt Putting Simulator

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Andrew C / Centreville, VA

Typically practice 2/3 times a week about half an hour at a time.

Average 2 ish 3 putts per round. Sucks! usually a GIR just far from the pin. First lag putt is no good.

As a stats person, I am particularly interested to see my putter path and how it relates to impact angle. Also would like to see if I am adding any extra loft at delivery which may impact my speed control on those long putts. I have a lined carpet in my basement that I practice on, and putting down the line typically is my strong point. But distance control is something us weekend golfers don't get to practice as much. 


Thanks guys for the opportunity!




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Mitchell / Rockledge FL

I’m a mini tour golfer so I practice putting for about an hour to and hour and a half per day. 

I average about 1 three putt per round. Some days 0 and some 2. But mostly just 1 a round. 

The aspect that I think Is the best about this putting sim is that you can use it inside. I’m in Florida so during the summer an hour of putting is brutal and most people would want to skip it. To be able to work on this aspect of my game at home would be incredible and would only encourage more time to be spent on putting which is the most important practice you can do. 

Also being from Florida I would like to see how this sim is able to show grain and it’s effects on the ball as a sim. 

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Name/City State: Derek - Volo, Illinois
How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? Usually hit at least 25 putts a day on my birdieball green at home and at least twice a week outside on a real green.
How many 3 putts do you average per round? Less than 1. Very rare for me.
What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? I love the different modes available...and the hint key! Gives you a lot of options, compared to just having a straight putt every time.

Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk

Driver:  :ping-small: G400 (8*) with Diamana Kai'li X-stiff

Fairway:   :ping-small: G400 (14.5*) with Diamana Kai'li X-stiff

Irons: :ping-small: Crossover 3 iron (19*) with TT Dynamic Gold 120 S400 shaft

            :titelist-small: AP3 (4/5) and AP2 (6-PW) with TT Dynamic Gold 120 S400 shafts

Wedges: Scor 50*, 54*, and 58* with TT Dynamic Gold 120 S400 shafts

Putter:  :cameron-small: Pro Platinum Newport 2 Midslant

Handicap: 3

Location: Illinois...until i can get my wife to move to a warmer climate

Right Handed: Although sometimes I wonder if left handed would suit me better :blink:

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Jack Weber, Calabash, NC

Practice 2-3 times per week, about one hour each session.

Average 2-3 3-putts per round.

I’m most interested in keeping my club path and face angle square at impact to limit misses on short putts. 

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Derek - Omaha, NE

Practice 3-4x per week via PuttOut Training Mat (10-20 min) and 2-3x per week (15-45 min) via traditional putting green.

Via Shotscope: One three putt every 55 holes in 2020.

Currently use the SkyPro swing analyzer to provide feedback and help groove my putting stroke.   Enjoy using technology to help improve and learn more about my game.  Would much rather use a product like Exputt to work on a greater variety of putts while getting stroke and ball feedback every time I putt.  Additionally see a nice benefit of not needing to recalibrate and charge the Skypro.   

Like to find fun ways to get my children more interested in practicing golf.  This looks like a great mechanism to help them interactively learn how to be a better putter without having to leave home.  Great for rainy days and cold winters we have in Nebraska  If it has a putting competition feature, I know they would really enjoy that.  


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Tyler Corum 

Athens, AL

20 minutes a day

2-3 3 putts a round.  

My scoring lives and dies but good putting days so I would love to have a putting aid that might help me with my consistency.

Driver- Ping G410

3 wood- Ping G400 Max

18 degree hybrid- Ping G410

21 degree hybrid- Titleist 585h

5-PW- TaylorMade P770s

50, 54, 58- TaylorMade HiToe 

Putter- Scotty Futura 6m, PXG Brandon, TM Spider S

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Sean/Mandan, North Dakota

I practice putting at least 5 days a week from 45-90 minutes a session.

I average no more than 1 three putt a round.

The ability to have real time feedback on how I rolled the ball or how my stroke was excites me. I use to sideswipe at the ball a lot during my putting stroke, (and still do sometimes) which caused inaccurate rolls and made the ball wobble, so I would love to see how my stroke and ball roll look and how I can potentially fix either if I have issues. Also the ability to practice indoors in a very cold place such as North Dakota could really help amateurs or striving pros to keep there putting stroke in check in the offseason for an affordable price.

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Matt/ Coldwater, OH

i have constructed a 15x15 green in my basement so I will practice almost daily, 10-20 minutes normally.


I average 1-2 3 putts per round. As a 7 handicap I see room to improve my putting 32.6 per round, feel like I can get down to about 30 per round and perhaps Exputt could assist with that.


thanks matt

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Zack Coleman Sacramento California 

practice before the round for 20 mins and 30-1 hour each time I go to the range which is about once a week

4-6 3 putts per round could be even more depending on the course

love the ability to practice at home and get feedback and anything to make it more fun is extremely interesting to me

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Johnny / Jamestown, NC

I practice putting everyday for at least an hour.

I average .6 three putts per round

I’m most interested in being able to gain real feedback while at home, and being able to practice when the weather is bad, or when its dark outside.


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Nate King - Tampa, FL

I try to stop by my course once a week and practice my short game for an hour and a half each week aside from pre-round putting on days I play.  Of that hour and a half, more than half of it is normally putting as I truly enjoy putting and playing games with myself trying to make or 2-putt a certain amount of putts from different places.  If I was able to get meaningful practice at home however, I think this would change to practicing for an hour or so 4 or 5 days a week.  The only reason I don't have a full blown simulator at my house is because I don't have high enough ceilings anywhere, which obviously isn't a problem with this putting simulator.

I average less than one 3-putt per round.  If I am playing at my normal handful of courses I rotate between, I would say I have a 3-putt every 3 rounds, give or take.  This might be a little more often if I am playing a course where I am less familiar with the greens of course.

As I mentioned above, i have always wanted to put a simulator in my house, I  simply don't have the space however.  I would love to take the time I am normally wasting scrolling through social media late at night and use it to actually improve my golf game, but aside from putting on the living room rug I don't have the ability to do that.  The ExPutt seems like the perfect solution.  I love the compact design and low price and as someone who actually enjoys practicing my putting more than banging balls, which I think is pretty rare, I think I would get a ton of use out of the ExPutt.

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Denver, Colorado

Usually practice 1 day a week for about 30 min. Need to do more.

How many 3 putts do you average per round? 2

I love technology and would love to try anything that gets me excited to practice more.

TSi3 10 degree KBS Tour Driven

818 H2 21 degree 

CB 716 (4-P)

52, 54, 58 Vokeys

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Awesome! I’ve been eyeing this for a couple of months now. Would love to test. 

Victor / Austin, Tx.

I practice 1-2 days a week for about 30 minutes.  At home I use a Well Putt matt and I get to the range putting green once a week for about 30 minutes as well. 

I would say I three-putt 2-3 times per round     

I’m most interested in the simulation aspect indoors. We are about to hit 100 degrees daily for the next 2-3 months and it would be a great help!

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Whittier, California 

i practice putting about 4-5 times a week

i average out about 3-4 , 3 putts a round 

I’m interested because I would like to have a tool that would allow me to make my way to having no 3 putts and having less 2 putts 

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Cheyenne Jaurequi, Placerville Ca

 practice putting daily and 1-2 hours a session 

1 3 putt per round is my average

what really interests me about the Ex Putt is the portability factor as I have a mini tour (Alpha Golf Tour)that I own and operate in California and I could use this at my events for a putting competition.. and also when I’m on the road competing the unit can be taken and used in a hotel room.. Because as you know the key to practice is not quantity but quality and grooving that stroke requires a consistent surface so having this unit which would provide consistent roll and then feedback on speed direction E.T.C would help anyone looking to improve their putting game...

Thanks Cheyenne 


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Brian Wright

Buffalo, New York

I practice putting with a mirror, indoor green, and at the course about 1 hour per week.

I average 3 3-putts per round.
What interests me most are being able to see the graphics of what my club face is doing on release ( I use a straight-back, straight-thru method), and accurate distance feedback.

This looks like a great aid.




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Sam Rodriguez/San Juan, PR

 2 hours x week

ave 2 x round

 how it would train my speeds and tempo

:ping-small: G400 10.5 | :ping-small: 5-PW, Black Dot | :ping-small: G400 4h & G410 3h

:cleveland-small: 50, 54, 58 RTX 4  | :cameron-small: TERYLLIUM T22FASTBACK 1.5 | :titelist-small: PRO v1




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Ryan Columbia , SC

Typically practice every day at the “office” on a putting matt with the PuttOUT and eyeline golf mirror, usually only 15 mins or so.  Make the PuttOUT, make 6 - 6 footers, 4 - 4 footers, 3 - 3 footers.  

I average less than one 3 putts per round

I have a GC2 with TGC, works well, would love to practice putting the same way.

:callaway-small: Rogue 9° Tour AD-DI 7S , XR Pro 16° PX LZ 6.0 

:cobra-small: King F7 19° Fuji Pro 75H

:ping-small: i25 5-W DG S300 White Dot

:callaway-small: MD3 50°, 54°, 58° DG S400 3 UP

:odyssey-small: Stroke Lab Double Wide 35'


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