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Testers Announced (4) ExPutt Putting Simulator

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This would be an excellent training aid for me, since I’m not that great of a putter. I would be able to document improvements along the way. 

Matthew Taylor living in Richmond, VA

Practice 2/3 times a week for around 20 minutes each day. Would be able to practice more if I had the correct gadgets for home use. 

I average 2 3 putts per round. Only thing that has gotten that number down is my wedge and short iron game has improved. 

I miss a lot of “easy” putts that I need to make in order to be a better player. Hope I’m successful and can trial the product. 🏌🏽‍♂️

Currently Playing P790; PW-4 & 2i

a) Stiff, standard length and lie 

b) XStiff, 9.5

c) RH

d) Richmond, VA

e) 6.1

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Jose/ Odenton, MD

15 minutes a day every other day

How many 3 putts do you average per round?

2-3...I'm terrible at putting 🤦‍♂️

i like that you can putt with different speeds and breaks and it doesn't take up the entire room.



What's In This Lefty's Bag?

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Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 5W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Hybrid: :titelist-small: 816H2 19°

Irons: :titelist-small: 2021 T200's 4-GW AMT RED shafts Regular Flex

Wedge: :cleveland-small: Tour Satin RTX 4 Wedges in 52° and 56° 2 Dot

Putter: :nevercompromise-small: Gray Matter TDP 2.2 32.75"

Bag: :1590477705_SunMountain: Three 5

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Andrew Quinton 

Chicago, IL

Practice 3x a week for an hour

average 3x 3 putts a round  

the tech intrigues me!!!

Driver - :ping-small: G400 Max 9* Project X HZRDUS Green 6.0 60g

3 Wood - :callaway-small: Epic Flash Subzero 15* Project X HZRDUS T1100 6.0 65g

5 Wood - :ping-small: G 19* GD Tour ADDI 8X Black

Irons - :taylormade-small: 2017 P790s 4-AW Project X 6.0

Wedges - :nike-small:Engage 55* T.I. Grind, 60* Engage Dual Sole. DG Spinner Shafts

Putter - :cameron-small: Buttonback Newport 2 w/Stability Shaft 34”

Ball - :titelist-small: AVX and Still have Some original K-Sigs

Bag -:nike-small:Air Hybrid 14 Way Standbag. best bag ever! 

Laser- Bushnell V4

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Jim / Appleton, WI

There are no good putting practice areas close to here.  I drive to a course to practice putting 1x most weeks and sometimes 2x per week for 45 minutes over lunch. And then practice for 15 - 30 minutes prior to my league round on Thur night and 15  to 30 minutes prior to skins game on Saturday mornings.  But those short sessions are really more for speed than technique/practice - a few uphill, a few down hill, and a few each side.  If I had this at home I would be stroking some almost every day.

I switched my stance/alignment this year and have been putting much better and would like to say 3 or 4 3 putts/rd but when I keep stats and count it is closer to 3 or 4 a side!  If I lost most of those I would break 80 every time unless I am having a really bad day with the driver.  Granted the greens at our course are fairly tough - large, firm, and sloped from back to front.  Make's 'em moderately receptive to a wedge but anything long above the hole and 3 putt is in play. If I could get to 2 or 3  3 putts in a round I would be very happy.

I like the instant feedback of putter swing / face angle, being able to practice multiple distances and speeds which mats don't really do,  the challenge mode looks cool, and once it is a little a safer for friends to hang out at the house it would be fun to do some play/challenge things.

Golfer in Summer, Curler in Winter

TM M5 Tensei Red Stiff

TM RBZ 3 wood

Wilson Fybred - next on the chopping block

Callaway Apex 4 - P

Vokey 52, 56, 60

Odyssey 2 Ball with Black Line

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Kole - Bend, Oregon

Before each round to get the feel of the greens for 5-10 minutes. 

1 maybe 2 three putts per round average 33.2 putts

Im curious to learn about distance and feel of the break. I walk off my distances and don’t use a standard way of reading my putts, just use feel. So I wonder if it would be useful for my style. 

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University Place, Washington 

I try to roll 100 putts a night on days that I can not make it to the course.

I average 1 to 2 three putts a round.

What interests me about this is that this is the first real opportunity to practice your putting on a simulator. This is the most important due to that being where ober half of your strokes come from traditionally.

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Jeff/Manteca, CA

It used to be about every 2 weeks for 20-30 minutes, but now all the practice greens are shut down.

I'm on a downward trend, but still usually 3.

This is the first I've heard of it, but I'm on board for any putting help.

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Hey MyGolfSpy Team,

My name is RC Renberg and I am based in Houston, TX.

I see your posts for testing applications all the time but have never applied, but really feel that this one could help me a lot. 

I am a 2 handicap golfer but really only get to play on the weekends because I work 70+ hours a week. Recently I have purchased a Varispeed putting trainer and use it about 30 minutes a night when I get home from work. My main problem right now is I have having trouble sinking 10-15 foot putts when I need a clutch par save or when I should be making a routine birdie. While the Varispeed putting trainer is good, it is pretty static and gives me no putting analytics. I usually may have 1 and on a bad day 2 3 putts a round.

The Exputt machine would help me have distance control for all different distances of putts rather than what I can currently have capability for. In addition to that, it would make my nights a lot more enjoyable rather than just putting on the same small length of fake grass every night. Another is this tool would help me see if my stroke is messed up on those 10-15 ft length putts or if I just need to improve my distance control.


Thanks for your consideration!

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Man, this looks really cool! Excited to see what the testers think!

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Right Handed

Driver: 9° :cobra-small: Speedzone (HZRDUS Smoke Green 70g X-Stiff shaft)

2 Hybrid: 18° :tour-edge: Exotics EXS Pro (Evenflow Black 6.5) (2020 MGS Official Review here)

3/Driving Iron: 18° :Hogan: UiHi Iron (MMT Utility TX 105g shaft)

Irons: 4-GW :titelist-small: T100 irons (Nippon Modus 120 X-Stiff shafts) (2021 MGS Official Review here)

Wedges: 54° & 58° post-76102-0-38507100-1525284411_thumb.jpg TSW Forged (Dynamic Gold S300)

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER2B (2019 MGS Official Review here)

Ball: MAXFLI Tour X

Bag: :ping-small: Hoofer Lite

WITB thread here

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Very cool concept.  I am very interested in being a tester.  I am a college golf coach in Southern California.  Typically 1-2 three putts per round.  I practice 3-4 days a week for 25-45 minutes.  Having a set up like this for my players was my main reason for wanting to test the product.  We use Trackman 4 and Blast currently but the simulator set up would be something intriguing to test. I am able to have 2 dozen other competitive players test it out as well.


John Wurzer

Claremont, CA

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Name/City State

Lou VanKirk / Springfield, TN

How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long?

I practice once a week at home on carpet for about 10 minutes and before my morning Sunday round for about 5 minutes.

How many 3 putts do you average per round?

I would be guessing but I would say 10 out of 18 holes are 3 putts for me

What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read?

Being able to hook to my TV after the kids go to bed and get good feed back on what i am doing correct and incorrect. It would also drive me to practice more often.

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Ben Pellegrini

Ludlow Massachusetts 

I putt at home every night.  At least an hour each night with a mirror and with the Puttout cup.  I play 2 times a week and practice lag putting before every round.

i average about one three putt per round.

i love the idea of having more insight into my putting game.  I’ve used the iping 2.0 app at home and really enjoy seeing the data and it definitely helped my stroke. I’ve seen reviews and I’d be super interested to have the ability to have a simulator at home that would give me more data to help me score better.  Currently playing off a 4 and am grinding hard to bring that down.



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Michael Maddalena

Pinehurst, NC

i practice my putting indoors almost daily for about 15-30min on my homemade putting carpet indoors.

i 3 putt about 2x per round. It is one of the weakest parts of my game. 

the thing I am most excited about for the Exputt is the ability to practice my lag putting at home at night. Being the father of 4 boys it is hard to find time to practice during the daylight hours as I am usually at a sports function. This would allow me to spend those 30 min nightly addressing my weakness will allow me to drop my handicap that has been stuck from 6-8 to 3-5 where I have been trying to get it for years. 

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I practice putting about 3x week for about 30 minutes.

I average about 6-7 3-putts per round.

I don’t have too much time to practice putting while I’m on the course especially since covid happened. But hitting the ball into a Puttout feels very easy at times and then while I’m on the course it doesn’t help much. I need a real putting trainer like the ExPutt to help me with my speed and putter movements so I can break into hitting singles! 

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Martin Grey Gottlieb/Los Angeles, CA

Practice Putting every day for about 20 minutes.

Averaging 1.2 3 jacks per round.

Love the science applied with Exputt. Recently put in a small synthetic putting green in yard during Covid lockdown and would love to pair the Exputt info with practical outdoor application. Also started to restore, build putters (another Covid activity) to determine how science plus feel can be applied to putting stroke. Have 3D printed one putter design with multiple movable weights and would love to see that perform under Exputt microscope. Being able to see the arc of my swing and impact point can only help with putter builds and understanding what type of putter(heel shafted, center shaft, mallet, blade, etc) is best for my particular swing arc. I can't imagine what it would it would be like to instantly get feedback on a particular putter paired with my particular swing. Invaluable. Sign me up please!

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Trevor/Santa Barbara, CA

Practice 2-3x a week 30min-1hr on an indoor mat with elevated cup.

Too many.. maybe 3-5 depending on the greens.

I’m interested in getting more data driven feedback on putting which ExPutt looks to provide. I’ve made some great progress with my other clubs getting data centric feedback at a golf simulator and Top Tracer range.

Ping G irons + Taylormade Burner driver/woods and mom’s old putter. Kaizen.

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Tiffany Thomson/California

practice putting 2-3 times a week on perfect practice putting mat

average 5-6 3 putts per round depending on the course im am playing on

Not very confident with putts outside of seven feet. Would like to know if I am striking the ball correctly with my putter or am I coming through with the face open and or closed. Would like to shave more strokes off my rounds by putting better and more confident. 

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David Spinks Frisco, Texas

I practice for 30-45 minutes on the practice green before each round.  

10 3 putts a round.

I've been looking for a home putting practice setup that doesn't break the bank, but is also quality.  I've spent some money on some products that have not been of high quality and is too flawed to justify keeping around.  This is absolutely intriguing.  

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Erik Winter, Las Cruces,NM. I practice daily indoors on my Wellputt mat and 3-4 times a week at the range green for a total time of ~3 hours a week. Average 1.9 putts per hole per SwingU and, although I don’t have it tracked I’d say I 3 jack it on average about once per round. I’m interested in the distance training, as I struggle from outside 20 feet with my miss resulting in a 5+ foot comebacker. Recently changed putters after 20+ years with my Newport as my pace control was just garbage. As a lefty living outside a major golf market, I’m usually buying equipment to try it out and would love some data to analyze my choice!

Cobra F9 9*, PX Hzrdus Black 6.5, 44 inches.

Cobra F8 @ 13.5, I've tried a bunch, currently a rando stock stiff flex shaft.

Cobra King utility 3, KBS C Taper Lite X flex

Ping i500 4-pw retro spec lofts, KBS C Taper Lite x Flex

Callaway MD4 52, 56, 60

EvnRoll ER2, 33.5

"When it matters, hit it hard."

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