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Testers Announced (4) ExPutt Putting Simulator

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I'm super curious because I find indoor putting practice can be a repetitive bore. Also I am intrigued by their claim of actually allowing for putting on a slope. How is this possible? Slope and speed control? Allowing for different green speeds? Interesting. Misreading slopes and speed control lead to my three putts. I am also interested in the camera showing if the putter face will be open/closed/square. That is also an area I struggle.


Hendersonville, NC

I practice putting 4-7 days a week, either at the club or with a rollup 15 foot mat in my garage. I also use the Pelz truth board to hone my short putts. Having an indoor putter sim would go a long way towards helping my game, especially in the winter. 

Regrettably I average ~1.5 three putts a round


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Mitch/Eau Claire WI

2-3 times per week at my golf course practice green for 10-20 minutes

One to two 3 putts on average 

Face angle at impact would be awesome to see. Also seeing the distance, distance deviation between putts to the same target, putting path and arc information would be great and motivate me to practice and improve through the data from ExPutt!


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Blase Mancine, Graniteville SC

Never practice putting outside of warming up before a round

Only one or two 3putts a round and it’s usually because I left myself 80ft for the first putt. Way too many 2 putts though. I usually take 30-35 putts a round

I’d be interested in seeing how practicing on the simulator would affect my ability to read speeds on an actual physical green.

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Ryan Jaehne

Pittsburgh PA

Practice Putting 3-4x per week

Average 4-5 3-putts per round

Mostly interested due to how much a normal simulator has helped improve my golf swing and want to see what results a putting simulator could provide 

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This looks awesome. I putt for an hour a day throughout the maine winters.  Definitely not as much in season. But I'd say 30 minutes every other day, outside of winter.  This would revolutionize the way I practice.  You can only do so much putting on a carpet indoors.  This would provide great variability.   Putting is the strong part of my game , and I avg less than 1 3 putt per round.  Hope I get picked!  

Greg Taylor  Hampden, Maine

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Kervin Calderon/ Oviedo Florida 

I practice putting once or twice a week for about 20 minutes, I find that it gets boring for longer than that. 

I usually three put two to three times per round, mostly on severe downhill putts.

I would be interested in this system for two reasons: speed control, specifically downhill, and  how  much time I can practice without getting bored. I am a gamer so I can play for hours, but putting for hours at the range gets old quickly,I tend to move to full shots sooner than I should.

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Joshua - Buford, GA

4 times a week for about 1-2 hours

0-1 three putts

I’ve always thought I was a decent putter but I don’t feel I have great alignment and usually second guess myself. I’m hoping this will help build better alignment and a better stroke to build my confidence 

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23 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

I am a high school golfer who doesn’t practice putting that much. I practice for like 15 minutes a day. I three putt quite often maybe like 9 times a round. I would really like to be a tester of your product so I can play better in matches and tournaments. Thank you!!



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Jim Gisclair

Henderson NV

I practice putting at least four days a week for a minimum of an hour a day  

Currently averaging one three putt every 21 holes based on my numbers for 2020

What interest me most is the interactivity. Also it seems like it would bring to life actual pressure moments that are Otherwise difficult to reproduce while on the practice green. In addition to have feedback as to ball striking and club path on each swing is a great way to dial in the most important And difficult aspect of the game.

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Joel hays  +1 hdcp

denton, tx

practice short game at least 3 times per week   That has mostly been wedge work.  Needing to gear my practice more towards putting   I dont three put often as i gear to eliminate that aspect of my game ....maybe 1once every 2 rounds  


never heard of the EXputt   Me and my 2 highschool golf team sons(low single digit hdcps)  they 3 putt at least 4-5 times per round   

i’m interested in working with something like exputt to increase 10-15ft and >10ft make percentage   



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*Miguel/ Phoenix, AZ
*I practice once every week for about 15 minutes. 
*Average 4 three putts a round
*I am most interested in putter path and face angle analysis. 

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Name: Abner Garcia. Houston, TX. 

How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long?

Typically, I spend about 30 minutes trying to figure out green speeds. Lag putting, my putting is my downfall of my game right now. I just can figure it out.

How many 3 putts do you average per round?   15

What interests you most aboutExputt from what you have seen or read?

Getting my putting strokes down, I’m tired of losing money to my buddies all because of my bad putting. I can’t ever get the reads on the speeds or slopes right. I’m excited to have a training aid that takes into account, speed, weather and slope. It would be a pleasure to be able to review this amazing and futuristic product. 

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Jake Minneapolis,MN

I try to practice 1–3 times a week. I have a putting mat at home. But before I purchased that, never more than once a week for about 20-30 minutes at a time  

1.5  3 putts 

From what I understand it’s essentially a putting simulator. I’d love the feedback from it and since it’s not a putting mat where you see the ball go in the same hole non stop my gut tells me that it would increase your feels while putting. I’ve scene them on a couple golf instructors I follow on Instagram. It looks like a fun new and effective way to practice in your home. 

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Adam Flowers/Minneapolis, Minnesota

I practice putting before rounds and after driving range sessions. On average, I'd say I practice around 1.5 hours a week.

According to Arccos, I average 7.4 three-putts per round.

The most intriguing thing about ExPutt to me is there is finally a relatively affordable home simulator that can be used inside an apartment! I recently moved into an apartment with no yard and not enough room for an extended putting mat, so this seems like the perfect solution for those living in small spaces.

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Josh Cropp Chattanooga,TN

In a normal season 1-2 hours a week putting practice. This season I’m not practicing putting much. I have twins under a month old and a two year old. 

Arccos stats say I three putt 8.1% of the time, so 1-2 times per round with 35.5 average putts per round.

I am actively in the market for a putting practice mat. The Exputt is an exciting product because I can practice putts of varying lengths. I can fit a 12 foot mat in my hallway, but I would like more. My average approach is around 60 feet. This product would allow me to practice in a more realistic way to an actual round.

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William Wallis - Hamden, CT

Daily.  30 minutes each day.

Average 2 three-putts per round.

I am interested in Exputt as I am an instructor and am always looking for the best tool to teach and feel that putting has been overlooked when it comes to using technology in advancing the game... 

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Recently started playing golf a year ago and love it. While my handicap went from 37 to 24 quickly, I’m still averaging quite a few 3 putts per round, 6-8 on average. I have a gold simulator at  him and love the game, but that simulator is awful for putting and would love to try this out. My name is Dennis and I’m in the Bay Area California. I try and practice putting and chipping 4-5 days a week right now with the weather being so nice.

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David/ Mt. Juliet, TN

20 mins or so each week prior to weekly round and when I can in the office on breaks using Putt Out trainer.

Unfortunately, probably 7 or so 3 putts a round.

Most interested in a practice system that can give instant feedback as well in statistical analysis.

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