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Testers Announced (4) ExPutt Putting Simulator

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Very intriguing. I have a putting lab/studio converted in my garage to practice with. Would love to add this to the fold.

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Andrew / Cleveland OH

Practice putting 2 hours a week mostly rolling them inside the house. 

Average (3) 3 putts a round. 

I have been interested in the exputt since March. Interested because it seems to be a instant feedback tool. I have been a part of the Facebook group since April and it's interesting to see scores owners post, so it seems to have a competitive aspect that should want to get you to compete against yourself over and over. 

What I would find interesting is how it really correlates to the course. Especially can it really improve lag putting. I believe the mat is only 10ft long but cam simulate 50ft putts. Second there is a stimp setting and can one conceptionlize from the program to the course. 

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Jack, Morristown, New Jersey

I have a Putt Out in my office with a second putter set to the exact same specs as my gamer (same brand, model, length, grip and bent to the same lie angle and loft) and putt every time I’m on a conference call - so between 20-70 mins per day. My carpet rolls at a consistent 10 on the stump meter, so it’s very realistic. I also putt for about 20 mins before every round to dial in speed.

According to Arccos, I average 1.2 three outs per round  

It would be super fun to have a home to practice and play with my sons - they are 7 and 9 and just getting into the game. While getting them to the driving range or chipping in the back yard is no problem, convincing them to invest time in putting is tough. Hopefully this will give us a fun way to get over that hurdle. 

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Jim/Groves, TX

I usually practice putting 3 times per week, 30 minutes per session

I don't 3 putt often, maybe 1 per round. That said, I don't make enough putts. I could sure use some help overall

The feedback and the amount of data really interests me

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James/New York City, New York

Practice putting 3-5 times a week for about 1/2 hour. 1-2 three putts. Like all the bells and whistles of the system as I am currently practicing a lot at home due to Covid. I like the slopes and the analytics of the system to give me more information on my putting stoke as I am considering an online putting lesson.

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few times a week on my putting mat indoors for about :30

3Putts per round - 2/3

I would really like to see how it works for a lefty (me) ... a 9 year old golfer (my son) and a noob female golfer (my wife).  Will it encourage us all to practice more? Is it accurate or realistic enough to help? Is it fun enough for a kid to engage with it? 

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Danny, Bakersfield, CA

How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? 1 hour per week

How many 3 putts do you average per round? 1

What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? ability to quality practice indoors away from heat

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Phil Johnson 

Londonderry, New Hampshire

I practice putting 2-3 hours per week, usually 30-40 minutes in the morning several days per week.

I average 1 3 putt per round

What interests me most is the ability to see the club face and path.  I would be excited to work with the system on a daily basis, because my path and face would tighten to within a single degree, and help me make more putts.

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Kenny leech Boca Raton FL 

Practice putting twice a week

average 3 putt less than once a round

always looking for new ways to practice and get better! The new technology looks very interesting and a great way to help people during Covid times 


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Derek Henshaw/Buffalo, NY

Practice Putting in this region happens two very distinctly different ways for cold and warm months.  In the winter it is indoors in the living room on carpet (since hardwoods, tile and linoleum don't provide anything that approximate a green) into a glass or over a button.  The same happens when I travel as a putter and 3 pack of balls turns any hotel room into a practice "green" something my wife is always amused at me for doing.  In the warmer months it is usually fit into the routine of heading to the course with enough time for a putting warm up to get a feel for green speed that day, or when I don't have time for 9 holes I will hit the putting green for as much as an hour.

Average for 3 putts is maybe one for 9 holes and 2 for 18 holes unless I'm just having a bad day.  I've been working on a putting routine to settle out whatever it is that contributes to a bad day.  Lately with chipping practice I have been solidly 2 putting though sometimes that is from a good distance.

The Exputt looks like the putter's dream come true, real putting and not the never-good-enough because it is totally a different game when playing WGT or any other virtual simulator for putting. This game uses the putter and gives as much information as those ball launch monitors except where my love of golf began, on the green with a putter in my hand.  Most of my off season putting mileage is done on carpets into whatever target I can find without getting yelled at.  It is compact and unlike using a launch monitor, ceiling height and more delicate room contents are of no concern with Exputt.  The interactive pad takes this to a new level too, no constantly moving away from the focus of the ball and the putting surface to touch a computer keyboard, mouse or screen, it does it all right there with the head of the putter, hands can stay where they are most comfortable, on the putter grip.  This needs to work right and become a best seller to drop prices to where the average dad can hope to get it for Fathers Day from his not too well to do family.  Really interested in seeing this review done well for MGS and the manufacturer.

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I will be the prefect candidate for testing as I know the the group who brought the product to this country from Korea. I have tested the product already and know the ins and outs and have access to information most would not have



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Chris, Claremont CA

4 times a week for 30 minutes.  Mostly indoors since LA county has closed practice greens since March.  

2.3 three putts per round for the last 15 rounds.  

Mostly interested in the distance control aspect.  Path data is a big bonus.  And I"m a lefty.  Not many equipment tests open to us. 

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Rich/Witchita, Ks

Usually once to Twice a month at the course. I also use a glass cup at home. I average 3 to 4 a round. 

I just got out of practice. 10 to15 footputts drive me crazy. 

This is a great  opportunity to get real feedback what I am going wrong.. 

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Rob Frye

Indianapolis, IN

I practice abouy 30 minutes per day. But thats just picking up the putter and grooving my stroke. 

I average 4ea 3 putts/round. 

I appreciate the way Exputt connects to my current technology. It doesn't require a whole room of grap to hook up. And at 400 smacks, it's not crazy expensive. Intrigued to say the least. 

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This is exactly what I’m looking for to improve my putting. My Arccos data shows my 3 putt percentage and 1 putt percentage varies between putters that I use. I practice a few times a week with a Putt-Out trainer and mat. This year I started using an armlock putter and I go back and forth between it and a blade. I have better distance control and feel with the blade but the Arccos data shows I’m a better putter with the Armlock. I have a 16% 3 putt rate with the blade and a 20% 1 putt rate vs a 10% 3 putt rate and 16% 1 putt rate with the Armlock. A way to practice with feedback would help me decide which putter I should be using.

Thanks for the opportunity,


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Hi fellow golfers

interested  if fun and simple and effective I practice 1/2 times a week outside only. Love to improve. 3 putts are common. average first putt is 20 feet. Second putts are half a cup off. Reading our new greens is difficult. I need quality diagnosis and plan   Senior golfer  hdcp 21 on slope 133 course  greens are 007  first year in play  





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Jon Passer / mcgregor mn

In the summer I practice about an hour a week and in the winter I would say only about 30 minutes a week and that is just on the carpet. 

The fact that you can make this a fun interactive practice option is great. I have 3 boys and they hate to practice the short game. I think this would be great for them. 

Taylor made Sim driver

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Cary Taylor / Palm Harbor, Florida

How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long?  2 - 3 times per week 10 - 15  each. 

How many 3 putts do you average per round?  10

What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read?

Being able to practice long putts indoors, work in improving my lag putting to reduce extra putts and have fun practicing. 


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Lucas - Edgar, WI

i practice putting about 3-4 times a week. About 20-30 mins depending on if I’m practicing before a round or at home. 

I might have 1 3-putt every 2 rounds or so


having an opportunity to get actual feedback on how the ball is coming off of the face. I struggle most with attack angle, so I’m not always getting a consistent roll off of the face. 

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