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Testers Announced (4) ExPutt Putting Simulator

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Thomas Louisville, KY

I normally practice putting for about 30 minutes 2-3 times per week but since I can't golf with a cracked rib right now that has gone up to 4-5 times per week. 

I average 2-3 3 putts per round

What interests me most about this is how much it can help you learn about your putting stroke and improve based on knowing speed, face angle, etc to help with distance control and accuracy. Also like that it is easy to transport so I could take it with me on work trips.

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Ryan/Austin, TX

I average less than 1 3 putt per round. 

I typically practice putting 30 minutes to 2 hours a day if not more (basically until my girlfriend is about to hit me with my putter). 
I currently use several putting training aids but none of them give me any actual data. It’s up to me to determine my impact angle, arch/swing path, etc. I would give this the most detailed review because I’m so passionate about improving my game. To be able to get feedback on your path and impact angle is a complete game changer. This enables the masses to practice like the pros. Impact angle is one of the main reasons armatures have miss hits. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a putter if you’re hitting it thin. It’s like they always say “drive for show, putt for dough” and I believe any golfer that uses a practice aid like this will easily shave 5 strokes off a round. It’s those pesky 4-7 footers that can really make a difference in your game. I’d love to review this practice aid and am excited to see all of the reviews! 

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Brock Allard / Cary, NC

I practice putting just about every day throughout the day since lockdown.   Probably an hour a day in lockdown, 30 minutes per day prior to lockdown.

About 8 on 18, which is why I would live this opportunity 

Mist if my practice is on a standard putting mat, so no variation which is why I struggle on the course reading greens.  The ExPutt features allowing for various slopes or speeds are the most interesting for me.

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My putting game isn’t great. I’m about a 15 handicap. 

Kirk From Augusta, GA

Normally only practice putting for about 10 mins before a round. But I just got a new Scotty Cameron this week and have been putting around in the house a lot. 

I would say I average 2-3 3 putts a round. 

Exputt seems like a cool tool to help putt indoors. My putting game can use some work and I’m looking for a tool to assist with that. 

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Richard / Grand Prairie, TX

I practice putting 3-5 times per week indoors for 30 minutes to an hour.

I might average 2-3 3-putts per round.

The two things that interest me most about the Exputt are the ability to simulate various distances and the putting analysis data. 

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Ben Auer 

Cheyenne Wyoming 

I practice putting for over an hour everyday. 
I average less than one three putt a round 

Living in Wyoming I don’t get to practice on the course year round. During the winter I consistently hit balls indoors and practice putting, however my small flat section of artificial green easily cuts my practice time for putting to 20 min tops. I think that this product would be beneficial to someone like myself because it allows a player to receive detailed feedback from the comfort of their home. Also, I have putt on a trackman once before and I was intrigued by all the data that was given. I would be honored to test this product and write a thorough review. 

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John Weidner / Columbus, OH

6-7 days a week, 20-30 minutes 

I 3 putt 2.8% of the time (per Arccos) but I feel like I’m always putting from the fringe.  If you include the fringe I bet I 3 jack 4 Or 5 times per round.

Ive actually never heard of it but the promise of getting better excites me.

Coach W


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Matt / Alpharetta, GA

A minimum of three times a week, 20 to 30 minutes per session.

~1 three putt a round.

Long distance control is my biggest issue. The ability to simulate longer putts, at home, with immediate feedback is very appealing. Have been close to purchasing. Would love the opportunity to put to the test and report on my experience.



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Brandon Beavercreek Ohio 

1ish 3 putt per round 

I practice putting everyday. I have a perfect practice and a Wellputt. Minimum of ten minutes. I hit putts all throughout the day instead of a big block of time. 
What intrigues me: data, learning, playing a game with my fiancé, winter practice. 
Thanks! Brandon 


Brandon Johnson, MBA
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Kasey/ Pittsburg KS

Practice putting 2-4 hours per week.

Average 2-5 3 putts per round.

What interests me is the immediate feedback of this simulation. Most at home putter training offer little to no feedback and is hard to translate to on the course. 

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Mike Vogel Springboro OH

Rarely practice other than a few putts prior to my round starting. I might putt at home, but my mat isn’t great. 

My putts for 18 holes usually breakdown like this:

4 - 1 putts

10 - 2 putts

4 - 3 putts

There is very little deviation from this pattern. 
My biggest takeaway is portability, as I travel for work. I could easily do this from my hotel room or even at home when taking breaks from work. The ability to get feedback on length of stroke in relation to distance is great too!

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17 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (4)

Is it possible for practice to be fun? Is it possible for a training to make you want to spend extended time “practicing”? Can an affordable putting simulator offer you realistic feedback on your golf game? We mean affordable as in cheaper than some of the current drivers on the market now.

Got you're attention yet?  Well Read on for a very rare opportunity!

XPutt Testing Pic 1.png

ExPutt is an at home indoor putting simulator that offers golfers the ability to practice on a high-quality simulator that until now could only be found in a professional setting.  Does it do all the things mentioned earlier?  We are going to let four of you tell the MyGolfSpy community.

Xputt Testing Pic 3.png


More Pics and Video Here


How to Apply

In a post below in this thread--DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST--provide the following information.

This testing is open to US Residents Only

Name/City State

How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long?

How many 3 putts do you average per round?

What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read?


We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week, so check back and see if you've been selected!


Buffalo, New York

I practice putting I’d say every other day for about an hour.I average about 33% 3 putts. I think being able to visualize a putt after contact would help my readings on the greens so much! I would love to try it!! 

I’m a Phys Ed and Health Teacher. I have dropped about 20 shots per game in the last few months with practice and teaching myself. Looking to get my handicap down to 10!

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Zachary Smith - Nashville, TN

Three to Four times a week in my living room. I use a 12ft putting mat.

Once or twice, it depends on where my approach shot ends up. 

The visual abilities to practices putting is amazing. It gives another level to practicing Putting you can’t find elsewhere.


It it Straight, 

Zach Smith

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Hays, Kansas

Honestly, I practice putting every time I go out and play. However, it is always during my round. It is not that I don’t WANT to practice putting, it is more along the lines of either not having time outside my home or just finding it boring when I am on the putting green before a round.


i probably average 4-5 three putts a round. Now that is if I am on the green in 2. If I am able to pitch on from 30 yards and in, it is a 1-2 putt. BUT, there are no guarantees! 

Everything with this has interesting me. Mostly the convenience of it being in my home. It’s ability to show my putter face at impact And the impact angle that I am finishing with because that is a HUGE problem I have. 

With a 15 month daughter and 2 month old son I DO NOT have time to practice putting. That means I have to add another 30 minutes to my round of golf, which I already feel horrible leaving my wife with the kids, just cannot be done. If I can be chosen and have this simulator at my home, it will not only help me with my putting..IN A FUN WAY..but also give me the chance to help with the children when my wife is having trouble! 

Thank you for the consideration! - Colby

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Calvin - College Station TX

practice maybe once a week for about 30 minutes

How many 3 putts? Normally about 2

1. It seems like EXPUTT makes putting practice a bit more enjoyable. Generally speaking, putting practice is pretty boring (to me at least). 
2. Practicing putting at home is an ideal set up for me as my home course is now further away from my home and work! Regular putting matts don’t really seem to help my game as much bc they don’t simulate real world putting IMO

so pick me 😁😁



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Isaac/Fairfield CT

I usually practice every day for about 30-45 minutes 

About 1 or 2 times I will three putt but I can usually sink it within a stroke or two

I hate putting practicing, but yet I still do it. I don’t have much to work with so I think it is cool that it gives you the tools to help you be a better putter. 

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Justin/Opelika, AL

3 times per week after hitting a bag of balls.

(2-3) 3 putts per round

i am interested in how it reads long putts and being able to read the club face seems like a great way to improve the putting stroke.

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