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Fujikura 2.0 vs Riptide CB


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Does anyone have any idea about the spin differences between these shafts?


I bought a new PXG 0811x Gen 2 and ordered it with Riptide CB 60 and I had a PXG adapter put on a Fujikura 2.0 60 I had from my old driver. I have a neutral angle of attack, medium transition, SS 108. The riptide definitely feels like it has more play in the shaft. At the driving range they launch almost identically.


I know get fit, get on a launch monitor. I might get on a launch monitor at some point, but until then I was curious if anyone had any thoughts.



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Driver:  PXG Proto X
3 Wood: PXG 0341x GEN2
17* Hybrid: PXG 0317x GEN2
3 Iron: Mizuno MP18 Fli Hi 
4-6 Irons: Mizuno MP18 SC MMC
7-PW Irons: Mizuno MP18 SC
Wedges 51* and 56*: Ping Glide 2.0
Putter: PXG Spitfire GEN2


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