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Approach to Improving Putting?

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I always read the putt, line up my ball, set the putter in line w the ball, then set myself up to the putter. The second line on the putter is a final bit of feedback to make sure I’ve set my upper body up over the putter correctly, ie - that my head is in the right place. Once my head is set I pull the trigger (which for me is give the handle a tiny forward press, pause, then rock the shoulders).

My problem wasn’t setting my feet up too close or too far away, I have a tendency to slouch sometimes, which pushes my eyes out past the line. Being able to get my head (the top of the pendulum if you will) in the right place with much more consistency is one of the biggest reasons I think I benefitted from the new putter. Without that feedback I didn’t realize how inconsistent my upper body was. Pin striping is low tech, but it shows the fitter knew what he was doing on the equipment side to try to fix my busted fundamentals.

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