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Srixon Q-Star


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Agreed. I really like these tours for the price especially on BOGO. I can actually get them to spin backwards and roll back on the greens and can stick on the greens with some decent length iron shots.

This is exactly what I've found. I moved from a decent 2 piece (Titleist tour soft) to the Q Star Tour, and the difference is amazing. I'll never go back to 2 piece. 

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Mavrik Max 9 degree loft w/ROUGE white X-Stiff 70g

Maverick Max 3W, 5W w/ROUGE white X-Stiff 70g

Mavrik Max 3H, KBS tour prototype 70/80 X-Stiff 80g

Speedblade 4-PW, AW, SW KBS Siff 85g

Ghost Sypder putter

bourbon to be drank neat

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I played the qstar, most of which I bought used for 3 or 4 years mostly in yellow. When the QStar tour was released I bought a box of them and had a really tough time keeping them on the golf course off of the Tee. Not sure I would buy the tours again. My miss with the driver is usually a duck hook and this was a major slice.

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