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Testers ANNOUNCED! SkyCaddie LX5 Watch

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Bob Jerabek

Hampstead, NC 

I have never used a watch but a lot of my golf friends do.

i currently use a Bushnell Tour laser rangefinder.  It is starting to get beat up and I am looking to get a replacement and this watch may fit me perfectly.

Edited by Bob Jerabek

Driver Mavrik Subzero set to 9.5. 
Rougue 4 wood 16.5

Titleist 818 hybrid 21

Callaway Apex pro black dot 4 through P

Callaway Jaws 50/10,, MD 4 56/10, and Titlest SM 6 60/12

SC Futura 5.5

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Rob H, Richmond, VA


Use laser for yardage

Callaway Mavrik  - Driver and 3 Wood

Taylor Made P790 irons

Ping Glide forged wedges

Bettinardi putter

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Michael - San Diego,ca

i have previously Used I-phone based application such as golflogix and Golfnow as well as the voice caddie for a round or two.

my current method of determining yardage is the TecTecTec Vpro500 range finder. I find the solution of pulling out it out for every shot tedious and would love to explore and deduce the body mounted gps that provides target ranges and compare it viability vs laser range finders.

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BG Matyas

Carlsbad, CA 92011

Using Arccos Caddie + Garmin Vivoactive 3 with golf + Leupold Laser Gx4i2

Like the Arccos graphics, hate the quick battery drain/hassle with phone and impossible to use for scoring. Garmin is good for quick distances and scoring, but weak on graphics/course info. Laser is great on distance, but trouble locking on most of time. Have them all in the bag, use Garmin for scoring and quick distance, Arccos till battery dies (10-13 holes), laser typically from 100 yd in and dbl checking distance against the Garmin or golf cart GPS (when available).  Playing partners think I'm nuts dealing with all the technology...but then again, they are always asking for distances. lol


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:callaway-small: Epic Max driver & 3 wood

:taylormade-small: Sim 3 & 4 Hybrid :callaway-small: Razr 5 hybrid

:taylormade-small: P790 irons

:taylormade-small: 56 & 60 wedges

"as seen on TV" 64* wedge

:taylormade-small: Spyder X putter & 3 other :odyssey-small: putters

 Fan of Skytrak  & :Arccos:




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I am on my third GPS watch and have some very strong opinions on what separates a good watch (Garmin) from a crap one (Golf Buddy). Here are some things I would test:

Accuracy to front middle back vs. laser range finder (just bough Precision pro from your recommendation!)

Ease of use in starting, loading coarse and wear during play.

ease of movement from hole to hole. Noticed this when using above mentioned WTX watch. Pull up cart next to tee going back (maybe 2 or 3 holes ahead) watch moves to that hole but then when you walk over to your 30 yd pitch shot refuses to move back to your hole.

How well it interfaces with phone app for keeping score and stats (putts, penalties etc.)

How easy it is to change settings

Battery life.


In short - I know a crap watch from a good watch.


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Mike Stover - Washington, MI

I've began using strictly Garmin golf watches since the original S1 in 2012.

I currently use the Garmin S60 for golf, running and as my daily watch since 2018.


#1 Ranked bear wrestler 1988-1990 & 91

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Tom Page

Sacramento, CA

I currently use a Bushnell laser rangefinder and a Garmin G8 Approach GPS

I play 2-3 times a week all year round; I track shot distance religiously with my current gear, plus I write clearly.  I donate financially to MGS once a year.

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Johnnny Satty- San Diego California. I play Torrey Pines at least once a week

Yes I currently use a bushnell 4 as well as a golf shot + AR APP . I have owned and used a sky caddy sg4, a golf buddy wt6 watch, a bushnell excel watch  and a Harmon approach s10 watch

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1) Mark Schoen, North Carolina

2) Yes, Golfshot app

3) currently using mix of laser range finder and pacing sprinkler heads

TM M5 D 9*

TM M5 3W 15*

TM M6 3H 19*

Srixon 585/785

Vokey SM7 50*, 54*, 58*

SC Santa Fe Teryllium

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  1. Adam Alberghine long island, ny
  2. Yes i have used garmin s2 and garmin s60 
  3. garmin s60

callaway rogue pw-4, +1/2 long 1/2 flat...stiff flex. Sm6 50*06, sm5 56*14, sm5 60*07...taylormade gapr lo 3 stiff set to about a 2 iron loft.

im currently in the market for a driver stiff flex

right habded

long island, Ny

roughly 27 handicap





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