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Testers ANNOUNCED! SkyCaddie LX5 Watch

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Some of golfers' favorite words: "It's in the hole!" "Split the fairway!" "You're dancing!" "It's dry." (OK, that last one isn't the best news, but if you're in tho

TESTERS ANNOUNCED! We've got TEN forum members who are going to see if the SkyCaddie LX5 GPS watch is going to be the best tool for them to hear "Pin high" just a little more often! @AGut

Thanks @GolfSpy MPR! Looking forward to giving this puppy a review from a rangefinder stan!  Also, I have a Pebble Beach Trip coming in August, so pray that COVID doesn't cancel that trip so i ca

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Mike - Cleveland, OH

I currently use the Garmin Approach S20 watch.

I also have the Bushnell V3 Jolt rangefinder that I use on most occasions.  I sometimes prefer to wear the watch rather than have to pull out the rangefinder on every shot.  Sometimes on shots where I'm not in the normal play area on a hole (way left/right) I pull out the rangefinder to compare.  I don't really need the precision of the rangefinder on each shot, 1-8 yard change isn't going to really affect my club choice to know exact distance to pin.  I also don't always trust the rangefinder when there are trees or other objects you may be hitting that are behind the hole, I think the watch is better in those scenarios.  The nice part of the rangefinder is that I don't have to update it when a course may make changes, where one of the courses I play regularly changed in the past 2 years and the Garmin watch doesn't have the holes laid out.  Never tried to update it.  I also just need a battery and that lasts a long time.  Having to charge a watch in addition to all the other electronics is a pain.

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Dan Hawley, Minneapolis MN

The Hole19 free phone app is all I have used.

I typically either annoy my range-finder-owning friends into gunning me the distance or bend over and squint at my phone (Hole19) to try and see the distance in the sun glare. 

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18 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:

There’s some irony when contemplating the market for watches in 2020.

Specifically, it’s a situation where the original purpose of the item is no longer a defining selling point.

Remember when the primary, if not the only, purpose of a watch was to keep time? Me neither.

It’s a reasonable assumption that time is anything but of the essence; golfers are far more interested in all of the golf-related stuff that this piece of wearable technology does.

The SkyCaddie LX5 GPS watch is built around the architecture of the SX500which was named the “Best Handheld GPS” in MyGolfSpy’s annual Most Wanted testing.

It offers an abundance of bundled golf technology, and did I mention it also tells time. Ain’t that something?




This review opportunity is open to members residing in the United States. If you'd like to be considered, please reply to this thread with the following information:

  1. Name and Location
  2. Have you ever used a GPS device or watch? Which one(s)?
  3. Current method of determining yardage

Bobby Johnson

South Harrison, NJ

i have not used a watch before

Bushnell range finder

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1. Jake Freiburger - Stillwater, OK

2. Garmin vivioactive and the SwingU iPhone app to determine yardage.

3. I mainly use my garmin vivioactive if it is a course I am familiar with but I will use swingu for courses I’ve never played. 

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James Boyce - Southern Utah

Yes - Iphone - Golf shot paid version, Iwatch with said app. Bushnell Phantom (borrowed for a month) Ion 2 GPS watch (borrowed for 2 weeks)

I don't like the band on my iwatch for golf, and haven't bought a better one yet, so I use my Iphone for yardage as well as my Nikon Cool shot 20GII

Right Handed, My Bag:   M2 Driver 9 Degree Stiff shaft (2017);    RBZ Black 3W Ventus Stiff;   F7 3 Hybrid;   4-9 Iron Sub 70 699 Pro's standard length +2 lie stiff S300's;   48 Degree Sub 70 KBS Tour stiff shaft;    Bombtech 52/56/60 stock stiff shafts;   Evenroll Tour Stroke Putter 34 Inch  Gravity Grip;   Snell MTB.  I live in Southern Utah, 17 Handicap.


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