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Phone-Based Swing Video Apps

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Just relaying what I've found.

I compared 3 Apps: SwingProfile, Hudl Technique Golf, and V1 Golf.

After a week of messing around, I picked (and upgraded for $) the SwingProfile app.  It automatically records swing (set it on your mount or on a chair, hit record button, and it films just the swing sequence). It also draws basic setup lines automatically and allows you to compare two or more swings. You can download pro swings or record them on the TV/Computer for more comparison purposes.  I really like the ability to see my swing in slow motion and dissect what is going on.  I still take lessons, but the ease of getting instant feedback from the app is definitely a plus.  I paid for an annual subscription which gives me 240 fps recording ability and cloud storage.  You can share videos via the app with your pro or find a pro.  Super happy with the app...

Only drawback is that the app does not work on a computer... that would be nice to see swing comparisons on a monitor. If you have an iPad, you're way ahead of the game.  You can send video to yourself or others, but the line drawing functions are not there.

Hudl app is nice but no automated features.

V1 Golf is too complicated. 

Cobra Driver

Callaway Mavrik 3 wood

Honma TR20P Irons

Vokey Wedges


Arccos System

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