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Pyramid Putter


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Has anyone picked up one of the Pyramid Putters?  I've watched the "made for television" infomercials and wonder if it's worth the hype?

The website claims it will save you up to 9 strokes a round!  Hah!! Seems VERY unlikely.  Sure wish they would've been tested as part of this year's "Most Wanted" putters.

Hey MyGolfSpy - here's another myth buster opportunity for you!!

-- P.J.



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On 7/12/2020 at 9:26 PM, Peejer said:

Has anyone picked up one of the Pyramid Putters?  I've watched the "made for television" infomercials and wonder if it's worth the hype?

Honestly, it just kind of looks like a budget version of Evnroll's tech. I think even the Ping inserts have something similar now.

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To me it looks like an attempt at semi-circular grooves of the Yes! putter but without violating any of their patents.

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I would love to this Pyramid putter, a Bobby Grace (HSM insert), Enroll putter and Ping grooved putter get tested by a robot first (say 5, 10 and 20 foot putts). The robot hits heel/center/toe. Record the results. Which one is best? 

Then have the human test part and compare results regarding accuracy. I won't pretend to know how to properly apply the human data results to the robot data but I am sure smart people can. I mean if the technology is proven by the robot I guess theoretically the human can benefit? What would the data suggest?

Probably other grooved/insert brands that should be included but the ones I listed immediately come to mind for me. I just want to see which one is the most accurate from both the robot and humans. Call it a "insert-groove" truth putt test 😀

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I broke down and bought the blade.  I have an old Scotty Art of Putting blade without any alignment lines and I figured it looked close enough but with alignment aides to it to give it a try.  First the bad news.  The fit and finish on this is pretty disappointing.  The head looks cast and the paint and paint fill remind me of a Walmart putter.  It also has a strange grip which feels like foam and has an opposite taper with the lower portion of the grip larger than the butt.  

The good news is that it puts a really good roll on the ball.  I have just practiced with it, but there is little bouncing and the ball seems to go where I am aiming it.  Deliberate heel and toe hits do seem to maintain distance and perhaps a bit a correction.  Alignment aides are useful, except for a very slight paint blemish.

Before I try it in a real round of golf, I'll need to get rid of the grip.  I have real mixed feelings about the club so far.  Part of me feels ripped off and stupid for buying an infomercial club.  On the other hand  it does align well and the roll is nice.  In the end, I'd putt with a "Hello Kitty" pink plastic putter, if it helped me make for 4 foot putts.  We'll see.  

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I bought the mallet version. The first couple of months of the pandemic I managed to buy pretty much anything golf-related I saw on Instagram. I agree with Nevin. The finish is disappointing, but it really does roll the ball nicely. Virtually no slide or bounce. I had no complaints about the putter at all. I only took it out of my bag because I had it for a couple of months and I have a really bad habit of buying new putters and then justifying the purchase by using the new putter for, well... a couple of months. I have a problem.

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Bought the Pyramid Mallet putter. My thoughts, first impression it felt funny. The putter head was too light, not good feel for pendulum putting stroke. Putter head is very small, about 1/2 inch shorter than current putter, so it didn’t feel very forgiving. I agree with previous posts, putter head looks like cheap cast and painted  like something from Walmart. Performance, ball did get a nice roll off club face and gearing effect did seem to effect off center putts, but due to poor feel, distance control was very inconsistent. Overall, I feel this putter is a good idea, just poorly designed and manufactured. NOW A WARNING, money back guarantee was a joke, they made me pay return shipping cost and deducted their shipping cost off money returned to me. Not a very complete money back guarantee, but I am sure they have had quite a few returns. 
My Advice: Don’t Buy




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