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Urgent Wedge Help!

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So with my terrible luck I seem to have lost my 54 Vokey that I bought last year :( and now with my 1st tournament of the summer approaching I gotta act fast with what to do. My other 2 wedges are 58 and 60 Vokey but they're quite old, one being 4 years old and the other 5. So my question to you guys' is... should I just buy another 54 vokey? Or maybe even look into replacing the old ones with a new set of wedges? And if I replace them should I stick with vokey? maybe go to mizuno? callaway? Please Mygolfspy help me! :P


Stats about me for more decision helping:


Handicap - 7

height - 6'3"

swing speed - >110

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I'm cycling between 2 wedges, one is more than twenty years old and the other is a couple of years old. They both work for me because I've gotten to knowing how they work and when I hold them my hands know what to do.





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See the thread about new wedge concept and give Eidolon a try!




Driver-Wishon 715CLC- AXE5 A shaft tipeed 1/2"
Fairway -Sonartec SS-02 17*-SS Series Penley Regular shaft
Hybrid-21 & 25 degree Trident DSW Hybrid-UST Irod regular shaft
(2009 version)
Irons- 5-PW-Wilson Staff Progressive Forged-TT Release sensicore R(5&6 soft stepped,-7,8 and 9 normal and PW hard stepped)
Wedges-52-Wilson Staff JP II BeCu(Bent from 54*) TT Release R   hard stepped

               56-Wilson Sandy Andy BeCu-TT Release R tipped same as 8 iron

                60-Wilson Harmonized BeCu-(shaft same as 56*)
Putter-Nickent Tour Prototype Milled #1-35.5"-5* loft-74*Lie

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I would suggest the true forge of Mizuno's and the new shafts have put this wedges at the top in the mygolfspy reviews!!! And I don't know where titliest stands with the new groove rule. The next big question is what ball you use. As always try to get on a launch monitor and see which club gives you the best spin/distance.

Whats in the bag:


Titleist 910D2 10.5 Graphite Design Y7-S

Adams 1600 proto 14.5 Graphite Design AD DJ

Titleist 910F 17 Ust Tour Black

Titleist 910H 22 Diamana Kali

Adams Idea Pro A12 4-9 KBS C Taper

Titleist Vokey SM4 46 degree w/ DG Spinner

Mizuno MP R12 50-54-58 DG spinner

Ping Redwood ZB

Ball Nike 20XI-X

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