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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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1 hdcp. 

I want to try these irons for a number of reasons. 1) I want to support an up and coming company like this. 2) I want to see if less expensive irons can hold up. 3) I like to try different equipment. 

I currently play the first generation p790s

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1. Handicap 2.8, Omaha, NE

2. Taylormade P790 - 8 iron 175 yds.

3. I know Danny Woodhead, and if he's using the irons they must be good.  I don't know a lot about them, but I've visited their website.  Like their marketing strategy, and it looks like they offer a very good product, so I'd like to try them.

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  1. ~14 live in NJ (nyc metro) currently in Kiawah
  2. titleist 695MBs; 155ish
  3. Their online “fitting tool” somehow nailed my specs on the head (-1/2”; 2* flat) where no other has come close (you’re standard off the rack, bro!). The clubs look like a bespoke suit should. After reading about Subs on reddit golf posts and listening to WRXs Knudson, I’m completely in on these clubs. Hoping to be able to demo them soon. 
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1. 8 handicap in Reno, NV

2. Mizuno MP-25's 165 yard 8 iron

3. All I know is that they are a DTC brand. I play Vice balls and am a huge fan of the whole DTC marketplace and ideal.

Ping G410 plus stiff 

Mizuno ST190 3 wood

Taylormade M6 rescue 3 hybrid

Mizuno MP-25 irons

Taylormade milled grind in 52*, 60*

Taylormade HiToe 56*

Scotty Cameron Newport 3 

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1. 1.7 handicap. Denver, CO

2. Mizuno MP-18 wedge 47*. Mizuno MP-4 9-7. Mizuno MP-64 6-4. Mizuno MP-20 hmb 3 iron. Rifle 7.0 blanks built to spec. 

Stock 8 iron 190.

3. I only know what I read on the forum. I don't care about brand or hype. It's all about how the club performs, looks, and feels. 

Thanks for the opportunity!

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Forgot to post my distance.
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7.3, Arlington, Virginia

Titleist AP2, Project X 5.5 Shaft, 8 iron 160

What I have seen on the website.  Direct to Customer Brand, have represented one before as an ambassador, hoping these are better!

German Caddie

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The Cape Club resort, Cape Cod, 9.9 index.

Mizuno JPX 900, 8 iron 140

Have been playing golf for more than 60 years, still trying to get it right.  Have lost about 10% distance in the last few years.  Love the feel of Mizuno irons but would love to regain some distance.

Neil Policow

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7 - Philadelphia, PA

Titleist 718 AP3

 8 iron is 160 yard

Everything i have read about them has been pretty much through the forum and site along with researching the Sub 70 site. Really interested in their clubs though.

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1. 3 Handicap in Boston, MA

2. My current irons are 2017 M2 irons and I hit my 8-iron about 145 yds.

3. I personally have never heard about Sub 70 until a few days ago when they were mentioned in a giveaway a few days ago. I think Sub 70 has a very cool model as many companies are now charging a fortune. I want to get a new set, however being a college student makes it much harder to get access to newest clubs. I would love to have the chance to test these clubs.

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I am a 0 handicap Living in Sacramento CA

I currently play the Mizuno MP 25 4-6 and MP 5 7-PW. 

My 8-iron goes 171 yards 


I hadn’t hear of this club brand Until I received this email and am interested in learning more. 

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  1. 8.1 GHIN, Honolulu, HI
  2. Currently gaming a 5-AW set of P790s. I carry the 8 iron an average of 167 yards.
  3. I've read a few things about SUB 70 but without a dealer in the islands, I've been unable to see or try any of the company's offerings. I have the greatest respect for a small company taking on "the giants".
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Love the look of these irons the black PVD is so bad.  Definitely would like to give them try here in Virginia.

Handicap is 3.7

Current irons are 0211 PXG

8 iron distance is 145

Haven't got that much info on Sub 70 equipment.  Have seen some info on Mygolfspy.

Callaway Epic Flash 9.0 degrees

Callaway Marvik 4 wood

Callaway Epic 7 wood

Cobra Fly Z 5 hybrid

Taylormade Rocketbladez tour 5-PW

Ben Hogan Equalizer black 52,56,60

Burke putter

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1. O hdcp. Montgomery, IL

2. Srixon Z Forged steelfiber i110. 8i 162

3. Local company that I've wanted to try ever since I played with Tommy Armour III and he had a brand new set of the cavity backs. Clubs looked great. I've heard great things about Jason at Sub 70.


Honestly, probably go over there for a fitting this year anyways.

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1. 13 Handicap. Stow, MA

2. Callaway X24 Hot, 165-yd 8 iron

3. Honestly not a ton. I think I’ve seen one player with the 639 Cavityback set in the bag at my home course and I was curious about the company. Dude said he was into them quite a bit. I like that more companies like Ben Hogan and Sub 70 are challenging the business model of the golf equipment world, so I’m very interested to see how these direct to consumer companies feel in hand and on course, as opposed to just hearing about them.

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