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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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+1.8. San Antonio TX

Mizuno Mp4  8 iron 170 carry

Sub70 came up in my feed and I have been atarting to research them as I am looking to replace my irons

Taylor Made M5 w/ graphite design Tour AD IZ 6X tip 1”

Taylor Made M5 3W w/ Tour AD IZ 7X tip 1”

Mizuno MP4 4-9 Nippon Pro Modus 120X hard step 1 

Vokey SM7 46, 50, 54, 60

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1) Handicap 18 - Queens, NY

2) Mavrik Pro, 140yd with 8-iron

3) Found out about Sub70 thru Mygolfspy.com. From what I heard they make quality direct to consumer clubs at good pricing by eliminating the middle man. Also heard they have great customer service.

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Handicap - 2  Birmingham, AL

PXG 0311 - 145 yds

I heard about Sub70 late last year and started following them on instagram.  Their products look amazing and I’m curious to see if they perform as well as they look.  

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  1. 7.1 handicap - Boston Massachusetts 
  2. Playing  Taylormade P790s / 8i - 165
  3. So far what I know about Sub70 is that they are looking to make a mark in the DTC space which I like and respect because that seems like an honest approach to golf, getting more people involved without the headache of dropping 1k on a set of irons. I also appreciate your company’s outlook on delivering clubs that are well made without all the noise. I love supporting new businesses and giving underdogs a chance. The path less traveled! The reason why I took the time to do this an not other company’s is because the mission seems right and the reviews have been good, but more importantly the customer service seems fair and honest which you can’t put a price on. Look forward to having a possible opportunity to test! Also I play about 3-4 days a week! 
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  1. GHIN 8.3  locates in Madison, AL 
  2. Nike VR forged Pro Combos. 8 iron = 165
  3. I read a bit about their wedges last year. Forum chatter has my opinion that they are good clubs but I’ve never seen them in person. 

Driver: Taylormade M3 440cc 9* 45.25" Diamana D+ 70 x-flex

3w - Taylormade RBZ stage 2 tour 14.5* Fujikura 70 s-flex std length

Hybrid - Mizuno JPX 850 s-flex std length. 

Irons: Nike VR Forged Pro Combo 4-PW. Project X 6.5 flighted shafts ⅜" gapping. 39.25" 5 iron 2* upright

Wedges- Titlist Vokey SM6 51*, 55*, 59* 2* upright

Putter - Machine M10 adjuster, no sight line. 35.5"

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1) I am a 28yr old male, 7 handicap in Ann Arbor, MI
2) I currently play 2014 Callaway  Apex Pro- KBS Tour-V 110 shafts. 8 iron 155 carry. 
3) Sub70 is a Custom club manufacturer in the DTC market. They are proud to provide excellent customer service to back up an outstanding product. I have been in the market to replace my irons in the near future and Sub70 entered my radar first through this forum and the NPG podcast. I am I am intrigued by the potential value Sub70 could provide for me when I go to purchase my new irons. I have not been able to swing one yet and that is my biggest hesitation to buying them, but I have have seen their 60 day money back guarantee which has me extremely close to pulling the trigger on them. Would love to have an opportunity to test and review these clubs! 

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  1. 8 HC, Omaha, NE
  2. MIZUNO MP58, 157yd 8i
  3. Sub70 is a DTC brand making affordable clubs that perform right up there with the big dogs!

Mizuno MP58 4-PW (std. specs)

Titleist 910D3 (9* stiff)


Omaha, NE

10 HC

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1. 5 Okc 

2. Cobra Amp Cell Pro 8i (39 deg) 158

3.  They are a direct to consumer manufacturer that are trying to streamline their fitting process via an online portal, while also being able to offer affordable and quality clubs for all playing abilities. 

Cobra SZ Driver 

Cobra F9+ 3-wood

TaylorMade UDI 2-iron

Cobra Amp Cell Pro Irons (4-PW)

Cleveland RTX Wedges (52, 56, 60)

Odyssey 2 ball ten triple track putter

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1.West Hartford Connecticut I am about a 12.5 handicap. Started the year at 15 going down fast. 

2. Taylormade speedblades. Currently hitting about 155-160 with my 8 iron. 

3. I have never seen this company and would love to try them out. 

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1. 5.1 Ohio

2. Callaway Prototype X 8i distance -165

3. I’ve heard of them through this forum and have done a little peeking into them. I’m very detailed and passionate about progressing the game. Without a doubt, I would be able to provide great feedback. 

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  1. Handicap and Location - 6.5 and Chicago, IL
  2. Current Irons and 8-iron distance - 150 yards
  3. What do you know about Sub70? - An up and coming DTC company that has gained popularity with their hybrids and fairway woods.  Being a Chicago resident and close to their office in Sycamore I was able to demo a Utility iron.  I'd welcome the opportunity to try a full set of irons.  The black finish looks awesome.  
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1. 0.7 Handicap, South Jordan, UT

2. Currently play P-7 Miura MC-501, 6-3 Miura CB-2008. I hit my 8 iron 165-170 Yards

3. This tester program is the first time I’ve heard of Sub70. After doing some research, I am very excited to give some of their clubs a thorough testing. Reading through some of the reviews for this company gets me very excited for the future, even if I’m not selected. Sub70 will definitely be at the top of my list on my next iron refresh.

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5 hdcp Neenah, WI

mizuno jpx 900 hot metal

8 iron distance:170yds

I was introduced to sub 70 around a year and a half ago when a member at the club I worked at bought a set of clubs from them. He knows the owner well and I sat and talked with him about the clubs for a while. The price for the quality of the clubs was intriguing to say the least. I have been looking at getting a wedge from them but I would be ecstatic if I was able to test a set of irons from them as well!

M4 Driver, cobra Ltd 3 wood, p790 2 iron, 4-GW jpx 900 hot metal irons, mixing jpx 52*, mg Taylormade 58*, and Indy ghost Taylormade putter.

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down to a 5 in Hendersonville NC. Just joined a club so I am making my wife mad by always being at he course or the range

I play Titleist 712 Mb irons. I also use the Titleist 2 iron 718 T-mb driving iron. 

I hit my 8 168yds

Due to your articles I have been doing a ton of research on Sub 70 irons. I am in the market for a new set by the end of the year and have been reading all the articles, following instagram, and watching vids on youtube. I am a little scared as I really want to get fitted perfectly for this next set (see, I listen to you guys). Therefore I will be hitting up Golf Galaxy an hours away so I can do the fitting as perfectly as possible


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