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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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  1. 8.1, Houston, TX
  2. Callaway X2 hot, 140-145
  3. nothing at all

right now...

Taylormade M6 10.5* driver, 15* 3 wood, 18* 5 wood with Fujikura Speeder 757 Tour Spec Stiff shafts

Taylormade M1 5 wood adjusted to play at 21.5* as a 7 wood

Taylormade M6 3 hybrid

Callaway X2 Hot irons 4-AW

Cleveland RTX 54* and 58* wedges

Odyssey White Hot #7 putter

14 of those make the bag depending on course, set up, weather, etc...

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1. 16 handicap in Springfield, VA.

2. Currently gaming the Ping i500s. 8 iron is going 140-145, and I’ve been working to get it to 150.

3. I’ve heard of them somewhere before (not sure where) and I remember being intrigued by them. I always love trying new things in golf, especially from smaller brands. I’d love to get a chance to test these out!

Taylormade M2 Driver (2017) - Some random 3W my dad had laying around - Callaway Steelhead III 7W - Ping i500 4-U - Random 56* wedge my dad had laying around - RAM putter 

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1. +3.5 - Bethalto, Illinois

2. I currently game 2018 Callaway X forged irons and my 8 iron distance is 185. 

3. I have heard of Sub70 through you guys and know that their brand is a DTC. I have heard that their customer service is exceptional and always there to help when needed. I know that these irons have been reviewed really well also and seen them from others when you guys talk about them. 

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  1. 15- Monroe, WA
  2. Cobra F8- 8 iron distance 155
  3. They are a DTC company that produces high Quality Clubs at a fraction of the cost of the OEM's. Their wedges have been raved about for a while now. With their irons gaining a following also.. 


Follow me on twitter @GolfCrazyWA and on Instagram @GolfcrazyWA



Cobra Ultralite Cart Bag 

Cobra F8+ Driver Hzrdus Red 65g shaft

Cobra F8+ 3wd Hzrdus Red 65g shaft

Cobra 3 hybrid Rogue Pro 75g Shaft

Cobra 4 hybrid Rogue Pro 75g Shaft

Cobra F8 irons 5-GW KBS tour 90 stiff shafts

Cobra King Black Wedge 54* 

Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge 58*

Snake Eyes Viper Putter.

Ball: Taylormade TP-5X



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  1. 15 handicap living in Chicago, IL
  2. I currently use Titleist 710 AP2, and current 8 iron (which is 39*) goes ~150
  3. What do you know about Sub70? Direct to consumer golf clubs in Sycamore, IL. Met Jason and had a quick chat with him at the Chicago Golf Show and actually had a few swings w/ the 699 Pros.  Loved the feeling and forgiveness of the clubs! They have excellent customer service, and a good social media presence. Had a quick interaction with the team via Instagram and then email regarding the 699 Pros and trying to get a couple demo clubs. The team was quick and kind!  I also keep up w/ the company on instagram, as well as reading posts that pop up on Reddit. 
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1. Hcp: 7.9  Westwood, MA

2. Current irons: PXG Gen1 0311T Darkness finish, 8 iron - 160 yds

3. Know Sub70 is a DTC club manufacturer that offers beautiful looking clubs with excellent customer service.  Access to the founder is not something one comes across frequently in the golf business.  The black PVD finish is absolutely drool-worthy.  

Thank you for the consideration. 

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1.  I'm currently a 9 handicap living in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

2.  My current irons are the Sub 70 699's (4 through Gap Wedge) and my stock 8 iron distance is 155 yards.  I ordered these clubs last year, before the 699 Pro's were released.

3.  I'm familiar with the Sub 70 company, and I like my 699 irons, but I'm also very interested in the 699 Pro's - which have slightly less offset and a thinner top line.  The black color of the 699 Pro's looks great on their website, and I've never owned any irons with that type of finish.   So far, I have been very satisfied with my clubs and the overall experience of ordering and the customer service that I received as a customer of Sub 70.  I have also purchased a few accessories from Hurricane Golf, which is related to Sub 70, I believe.

Driver: Callaway Epic

3 wood: Taylormade M2 HL

5 wood:  Taylormade M2

Hybrid:  M4  22 degree

Irons: Sub 70 699  5 through AW

Wedges:  Taylormade  Milled Grind 54 & 58 degree

Putter:  Odyssey Stroke Lab #7

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1. Handicap: 16. Location: Barrington, IL
2. Current Irons: Callaway XR Pro Series. 8-iron distance: 155 yds
3. DTC company with a reputation of quality and good customer service. I would love to give these clubs a shot and see how they stack up against the larger OEMs. 

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8 handicap - Denton, TX

Currently do not have any clubs due to them being stolen. I had Taylormade burner blades. 8 iron - 175-180. 

I actually never heard of the company prior to this forum. 

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Ken Beckett

Handicap: 5    Sedalia, Mo

Current Irons: Bridgestone J15 Driving Forged

8 Iron : 170yds 

The extent of my knowledge of this product is: I have seen them discussed on this forum, and one or two others. So, limited. They are gorgeous looking clubs!!!

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  1. Handicap and Location:  12.8 Handicap Index.  Alexandria, VA
  2. Current Irons and 8-iron distance:  TaylorMade R9 with ProjectX shafts.  165 yrds
  3. What do you know about Sub70? I know nothing about Sub70 other than the promo.  Would love to learn more as I support golf innovation and new companies.
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1) 12 handicap from the DeKalb, IL area

2) Currently using Callaway Apex 19 irons, which are only about a month old. I was previously using Ping S59's. I'm hitting the new 8 iron 158-166 yards.

3) Although I'm less than 5 miles and about 10 minutes away from Sub 70, I know very little about the company and have never been to the store or warehouse. A couple of weeks ago, I was matched with a group of 3 guys while golfing. One of the guys admired my new clubs and made the comment that he could have put together a similar bag for me for a fraction of the cost. I scoffed and got ready for a heated argument. Long story short, the 3 guys were all Sub 70 employees. The one who I almost argued with ended up being an awesome dude. We talked for the rest of the round about Sub 70, and he encouraged me to look up their reviews on this website. The reason I tell this story is to add context to my application. Although I won't buy new irons any time soon, I think it would be AWESOME to review Sub 70 irons similar to mine and give them an honest review and comparison. After the test, I can tell me 3 newest golf buddies all about it!

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  1. 4 Handicap, located in Oklahoma City, OK.
  2. Current Irons are Cobra King Forged TEC, 8-iron distance averages 165.
  3. I learned about Sub 70 earlier this year during the MyGolfSpy testing results, and have explored their website and offerings since to familiarize with the company. Definitely a brand on my list to consider for the next iron set.
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1. 5.5 Handicap living in Idaho for Covid (normally Colorado). 

2. Ping i200s, 160 yds with 8 iron. 

3. I know Sub 70 is an up and coming direct to consumer club brand who make silky smooth looking irons and also have great Twitter content. Thanks for the opportunity. 🏌⛳

  • Driver: Ping G400, 9 degree, stiff Alta CB 65. 
  • 3W: Ping G30 - 14.5 degrees, stiff.
  • 3H:  Ping G400 - 19 degrees, stiff.
  • 4I: Ping G400 Crossover, stiff. 
  • 5-PW: Ping i200, black dot, True Temper Dynamic Gold S300
  • Wedges: Ping Glide 2.0, red dot, 50, 54, 58 degrees. 
  • Putter: Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 (2019)


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Hey guys, 

handicap : 9 

location: Pittsburg ca 

my current irons: sub70 639 cb’s with kbs $- taper shafts. I hit my 8- iron between 135-140. 

I have recently purchased my irons 3-4 months ago. I loved the direct to consumer model and took a leap with the stats I know from past fittings. The customer service is beyond top notch and the product they offer is money. I debated for a long time between the 699 and the 639 cb so I would love to be able to compare. 

thank you! 

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