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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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12 - Charlotte NC

TM Tour X, 8i 165-170

understand Sub70 is trying to become a major brand in the golf market and looking to provide quality with fraction of the price that the traditional brands demand. 

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Rockford, IL

8 handicap

Maxfli Australian Blades for the last 15 years

I'm looking for a great feeling blades to replace my aging set. I've tried several other clubs, i.e. Titleist, Wilson, Taylor made, etc... and always come back to my Maxfli blades. 

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2.5 handicap in North Carolina 

Taylormade P760- 165yd 8 iron

What I know about sub70 is what I have read and heard on the internet.

Callaway Epic rogue max 65 gr


Srixon Z5 kbs C taper lites

Ping glide 2.0 56deg

Vokey D grind 58deg

Taylormade SpiderX stability shaft


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  1. 12.8 - Scottsdale, AZ
  2. MP-18 Irons, 162yd 8 iron
  3. I have seen some advertisements for them and read about them on MGS which that got me to go look at their website but I have not ever seen anyone with a set or known anyone who has even tried them so I would be very interested to give them a shot.
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1. 18 Handicap  -  Chaska, Minnesota 

2. Callaway X20 Irons. 8 Iron carry distance is about 160 yards.

3. I have never had any experience with Sub 70 before. From a little research however, it looks like they are an interesting company. 

Thomas Harr

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1. 3 Handicap, Sacramento, CA

2. TM RBladez Tour w/KBS Tour C-Taper 120, 8-iron 155 (my MP-60s were my favorite of all time)

3. Sub70 is a premium direct-to-consumer club co. All orders are built to custom specs. Focus is on quality and value. I just helped a friend select a set of 699s to improve his bag.

TM M1Mitsubishi Rayon Diamiana 62x5ct

TM RBZ Stage 2 Tour 3W

TM Rescue 11 4H

TM RBladez Tour, KNS C-Taper 120

Mizuno S5 Blue 50 55 60

Heavy Putter “bullseye” blade

play fast, 70 in 70 minutes is my best.

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  1. 19 handicap - Cincinnati, OH
  2. Wilson F5 FG Tour - 8i 150-155
  3. I know they've popped up in forums and articles as a newer, but well performing direct to consumer company.  Seems to be recommended a decent amount in forums as good/cheaper alternatives to the major brands.
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1. 10 Handicap- Phoenix, AZ

2. Mizuno JPX 919 Forged- 8 iron 165 average

3. Know quite a bit about Sub 70. I’ve followed them for quite a while and demoed the original 699s and the 699 U irons. Ended up purchasing a 699 U 3 iron and love it. 

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My handicap is a verified 9.4 and live in Minden La

Current clubs are PXG 0211.  My 8I (fly) distance is 140.

All I know about the company is what I've read on this site.  The clubs look intriguing and the color is awesome.  I play over 100 rounds per year and would give them a proper go.

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Handicap is 10.  Live in cave Creek, AZ

Currently play the Hogan PTx Pro irons.  Traditional lofting.  8 iron carry is usually about 120-125 yards

Know nothing about Sub70.  but the clubs look gorgeous.  Look very similar to the Hogan Icon irons.  Being a traditionalist in choosing my irons, I would love to test them.

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20 hdcp in Madison, WI

Currently gaming Wilson C300, 135-140

I know a bit about Sub 70.  DTC company out of Illinois.  I've been watching some YouTube reviews which have been nothing but glowing from the quality of the club to how great the customer service has been.  Also, the CEO/President is a great guy and at the forefront of his operation.  I think the DTC concept is tremendous and at the prices major brands are tagging clubs at it will be hard to get new golfers or younger golfers involved in the sport.  Brands like Sub 70 and Ben Hogan products are getting rave reviews both in print and video so offering equal quality for a better price must be putting major brands on notice a bit.  Of course, the minor hurdle DTC brands have to work through is the custom fit but in time that can be achieved.  

Thanks for the opportunity.  DTC will most likely be my next approach when I look to replace my current irons.    

Cobra F9 9 degree -1 Hazardous Smoke Stiff

Cobra Speedzone 3 Wood Tensei Blue Stiff

Cobra F9 3 Hybrid Atmos Stiff

Wilson C300 4-PW,GW

Wilson FG Tour 56* 

Wilson FG Tour Raw 60*

Cleveland Frontline Cero Putter

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+3.2 Houston Texas 

8i 175

sawcyour post on Instagram, would be willing to give detailed feedback on look, feel, design, weight, shape, etc... I’m very particular about my irons and how they set up but I love testing new equipment 

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