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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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1. Handicap 20, Seattle, WA

2. Ping Anser Forged - 8 Iron Distance 160 yards

3. I do not know much about them besides they are a Direct to Consumer club company and they have been recognized numerous times for quality and performance. From what I have seen there products look Hella Awesome. 

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I'm a 15 and I currently play with Calloway XR irons. 

I'm in South Pittsburg, TN and a member at Sweetens Cove. 8 iron goes about 135 to 140. 

As for sub70, I really did not know much about them until about a week ago. Someone at the course was talking about the product and quality. 

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Handicap: 1.8

Current irons: Mizuno MP-60/67 combo, 8-iron distance: 158

I don’t know know much about Sub70, but am interested based on the praise I’ve seen in this forum and success I’ve had with other direct-to-consumer brands I’ve worked with. 

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1 handicap 3.2, Massachusetts 

2 currently play Taylormade R9 TP C stamp 3-P 

3 I've heard of sub70 through MGS and did some research after that but haven't tried them or investigated more yet. But as can be seen by my current set, I don't switch easily but always like to test new clubs 

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1. 7 handicap, Detroit, MI area

2. 1st gen Titleist AP2s, 8-iron 150 yds

3. I learned about Sub70 in the iron reviews from MGS and was pleasantly surprised by their solid rating. I always look for great value in my golf game/gear so this automatically puts Sub70 on my radar (loved finding Decathlon from MGS). Iron play is important to me since I don’t usually use a hybrid/5W.

I was very intrigued by the DTC model as Ben Hogan has seen a surge in attention. These Player distance irons really appeal to me: I’m brand-agnostic and like a classic-looking top line with less offset. The black finish is just icing on the cake!🤤

If chosen, I’m really excited to share photos, feedback and reviews of these clubs!

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1. I’m an 18 handicap living in Westchester County, NY.

2. Taylormade RSi 1 irons. 8 iron plays 175 to 180. 

3. Not much outside of what I’ve read on this forum, but I love the idea of making quality golf products available to the masses. It’s the only way to grow the game.

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1. 2hdcp playing out of Chicago.

2. Callaway apex mb's. 8 goes 165

3. Not a whole lot. Seen there gear at the Chicago golf show. Thought they only made woods. Irons look silky.

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I am 4 handicap from  Queens, New York.

I have Titleist AP1 irons, my 8 iron carries 147.

I know Sub70 has a cool classic design and good forgiveness and distance. 

Sounds like most people need that including me.


Driver:  Taylormade  SLDR Fujikura XLR8 61 S RH.   

3 Wood: TaylorMade RBZ 3W

Hybrid: Ping G400 3 Hyb 19 degree S

Irons: Titleist 710 AP1 5-PW Aerotek Steelfiber i110 cw S RH standard lie 

Wedges: 50 Callaway MD 4, 54 Vokey SM5, 58 Callaway Forged

Putters: Ping Grayhawk Putter

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  1. Handicap and Location:    0.1 Index, Charlotte, NC
  2. Current Irons and 8-iron distance:  I game New Level 902 Irons.  8 Iron distance is 160
  3. What do you know about Sub70?:  I've heard Sub 70 makes solid clubs that are direct to consumer.  Completely intriguing, solid reputation, and the black color of the irons looks badass.   
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15 - Buffalo Ny

8 iron - 130 yards

I heard about Sub70 through Instagram and am looking to improve my iron game so very interested in testing new products!!

I’m a Phys Ed and Health Teacher. I have dropped about 20 shots per game in the last few months with practice and teaching myself. Looking to get my handicap down to 10!

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  1. 12 Wyoming, MN
  2. Cobra Forged One 165
  3. I have tried the standard 699 and really enjoyed them. My only feedback was less offset and a thinner top-line and now these have come out! Would love to test these!

Driver: Cobra F6

3 wood: Cobra F8

2 Iron: Cobra One Length Utility

4-9 irons: Cobra Forged One Length

Wedges: 46/50 Cleveland CBX 54/60 Cobra King Forged

Putter: Cleveland Frontline Cero

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1.) Handicap 6: Fort Wayne, IN

2.) 716 AP2, 175yrd 8i

3.) I have heard a little bit about the company the last few months via forums like this. I've been in the market for the last few months for new irons and looked online at these several times. Just didn't pull the trigger due to not having the ability to put a club in my hand or anyone I know having experience with them. I do love the DTC approach as clubs are just getting rediculous expensive, and playing 3-4 rounds a week plus range daily, I can burn out a face in no time and can't afford new clubs every year. I have read up on Jason's story and approach to the market and think this is a great business model. I love black clubs and these look absolutely stunning and would love to get my hands on a set. Also love a great midwest success story and support my area!

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2 handicap, 55 years old and Minneapolis, MN

currently playing Mizuno MP-20 - 8 iron distance - 153 to 155 carry, 158 to 162 total

haven't generally been focused on how far it goes but rather exactly how far each club goes!

Heard about the launch of the irons - would likely be a bit more forgiving than the MP-20s

and I believe I'd be able to give relevant and timely feedback.

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1. Jackson, MI with a 15.6 Handicap

2. Current Irons: Mizuno MP-62 Forged. 8-Iron distance is 155-160 yards.

3. I’m not familiar with Sub70, but I am interested in learning about the company and I would love to give these irons a try. I recently created an instagram to do be able to test equipment and help others learn the game of golf. I hope to hear from you soon. 


Blake Ryan Golf


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