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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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8 handicap from Brookfield, IL

Snake eyes 600c 170 yards

I have heard of this company from forums and became interested because it is a local company.  Next time I am looking to upgrade my irons and wedges I will definitely give this company a look



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On 7/15/2020 at 5:39 PM, GolfSpy STUDque said:
  1. 4 Handicap, Shelby Township MI
  2. Taylormade rsi TP, 155 8 iron distance 
  3. High quality products at DTC prices. Definitely want Sub 70s as my next iron set just unsure of which model I want. Would be a blessing to get to test these. 



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1.  I am a 6 hdcp. in central Ohio.

2.  I currently have a fitted set of Wilson  C300 Forged.  8-iron distance is 155-160.

3.  I heard about Sub 70 through MGS.  Last year I ordered a driving iron because $99 was cheap enough to take a chance on a new company.  I ordered it to what I felt my specs should be.  The next day I called them and they took the time to ask about my swing.  (speed, tendencies, spin rates)  We adjusted the build to an X-stiff.  This is now my favorite club.  I have since purchased the wedges. 

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  1. 6.1 index living in NJ
  2. I currently play a Mizuno MP18 composite set. MP18 (PW-8i), MP18 SC (7i - 5i), and an MP18 MMC for the 4iron. I currently carry my 8 iron 187 approximately.
  3. Absolutely nothing but I have always been a fan of kinda fringe irons like National Custom Works.
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Indianapolis, IN

ping 410 150yd 8 iron

15 handicap

Followed them on twitter for a while. They were in the running instead of the pings but I was able to take the pings home and put them on the sky track. Couldn’t get a demo at the tim from sub70. Still interested to see how the compare. Also looking towards their hybrids soon


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  1. Handicap and Location - Katy, Texas 
  2. Current Irons and 8-iron distance - Titleist 712 AP1, 130 yds.
  3. What do you know about Sub70? - I do not know anyone who plays it, and I  have not seen their clubs: I have only read a little of their promotional material. 


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1) +.8 Omaha, Nebraska 

2) Srixon Z965 8 iron - 165 yds

3) I’ve been following sub 70 on all social media accounts and recently got a friend to buy a set of the 699 irons from you (Trevor Meader) and he absolutely loves the performance and look of the irons! 

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1. HCP 17 from Corona CA

2. Adam's Idea CB1 forged, 8-Iron 125 yds 

3. Heard about them first on one of your reviews,  did a little research and visited their website.  I believe they're from Illinois,  a startup that's offering a full lineup at a "Direct to Consumer" price.   I was a lower handicap that recently lost a lot of distance and I was looking at these clubs to see if it could help reset my game.  They have a very clean website with a ton of options, 4-AW is going for a very respectable price especially when you consider their built to your specs.  My irons have always been 2nd hand so it would be interesting to play with a set built for me. Thanks for the consideration!


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1. 8.4 Portland Oregon. 
2. 163

3. They are a dtc online retailer focused on customer service and providing the best quality possible at value pricing.  They focus more on the player side of the irons market. 

1W - M6 9*

3W - M4

2i - P790 UDI

4-PW - P790

MD 50*

SM8 54*

Hightoe 60*


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Handicap 11.0 from Southern California

Callaway Apex 16 irons

8 iron 145 yds

Only knowledge Sub70, is that pop here at MyGolfSpy as a quality alternative in some of the ratings on site. 

I'm a graphic designer & illustrator who loves to golf, cycle and workout.

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  1. Handicap 5.6, Greenville, SC
  2. Current Irons are Callaway Epic Forged,  8-iron distance is 150 yards.
  3. What do you know about Sub70? I know about them through MGS. I read with interest about the 2019 Best value hybrid Sub70 939x. I know that they are a direct to consumer manufacturer to keep cost low and value high. I would be excited to try the Sub70 699 Pro Irons.
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1. My true handicap is hovering around 12 and am located in Lebanon, Oregon

2. I play with an older Nike set CPRs I believe. 8 iron is averaging 145 this summer

3. I’ve been itching to try Sub 70 out since I’ve been following them on twitter. Love the business model and the price. I’m hoping for a new set and been considering the sub 70s to be that replacement.

I’m mainly using the same bag for past 5 years minus new wedges

Taylor Made R1 Driver

Nike Squared 3 wood

2i and 4i Cleveland Hybrids

Nike Irons 5-GW 

56 Taylor Made Wedge

60 Callaway Mack Daddy




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  1. 8 handicap from Charlotte, NC 
  2. Taylormade R7 - 165 yards 
  3. I have seen the good reviews, especially in regards to the customer service. I have reviewed their website and products a number of times. I have considered demoing some of their irons, but haven’t pulled the trigger. 
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  1. 14 hdcp - Reno NV 
  2. Callaway Apex Pro - 8-iron distance = 168 yards
  3. What do you know about Sub70? Not much other than seeing them on your most wanted lists. Would love to test these and see how they compare and they look pretty sweet as well.

Thanks for all you guys do.


Driver: Taylormade M5 - Accra TZ5 - 8*

3 Wood: Taylormade Sim TI Rocket

Hybrid: Mizuno CLK 19*

Irons: Miura TC-201 - Dynamic Gold Tour X100

Wedges: Mizuno T20 (50*), Callaway MD4 (54*/58*)

Putter: Evnroll ER1.2 Tourblade

Right Handed Golfer: 13 Index

Reno, NV

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10.1 handicap from Eagleville, PA

Ping i200s 5i - UW; 8i 160 carry

I have heard of sub 70 through this page and I’m fairly sure they’re a newer company, but other than that I know very little 

Driver: Ping G400 

Woods: Cobra Speedzone 3w & 5w

Irons: Ping i200

Wedges: Cleveland CBX 2 GW, RTX Zipcore 56* & 60*

Putter: Axis 1 Rose B

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