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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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  1. Todd Williams Kenbridge, VA
  2. JPX EZ  145-150yds
  3. Up and coming Direct to Consumer clubs.   Been following them on social media for a while.  Their clubs look awesome and i see nothing but positive reviews and comments.  woudl love to to give them a go.


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6.8, Homewood, IL

Mizuno MP-69, 150yds

These guys are local to me. I've always wanted to check out their facility. I've never hit their clubs yet but heard great things. Follow them on IG

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13 handicap Stevenson ranch, California 

I have taylormade Rocketbalz irons hit an 8 iron 138 yards.

And I dont know anything about the company. But would like to give you a honest through review of the club. 

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13.6 handicap from Howell, MI

Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons, and my 8 iron goes ~150. 

All I know about the company is that they are DTC, and I’ve heard some positive reviews, but I have minimal additional knowledge. I’m probably going to spend the next few hours reading up on them.

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- 5.8 Index at the TPC course in Charlotte, North Carolina

- current gamers are Mizunon MP20 with the KBS S+ black shafts (also occasionally rotate in the raw Adams IDEA MB's/Mizuno MP15's/Hogan Apex FTX all with X100 soft stepped) 

- stock 8 iron is 160 carry 

- I know Sub 70 is an AMERICAN dtc company and much like my favorite fairway wood company Tour Edge- they are making waves against the big marketing budget OEMS !!

- What you should know:   I am the guy who rarely plays the new "fashionable driver" that everybody else must have.  I am the guy who cares more about the shaft in my woods (x flex matrix black tie) than the bling.  You should also know half my club has offered to buy my irons!


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I am an 9 hdcp living in Sun City, AZ.

I currently play the PGX 0211 irons with reg flex graphite shafts.  Love to try the gorgeous looking Sub 70 irons.  Play 5  days per week.

Never been picked as a Club Tester, but would love to test and write a comprhensive review.

8 Iron Carry 145 Yards


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Handicap: 11~

Current Irons: Nike Vapor Pro Combo

8-Iron Distance: 155~

What I know about Sub70: I know they are a DTC brand that have become popular with a number of forum members. I've also heard great things about Sub70's customer service. I've looked at a variety of their clubs, but have never demoed or purchased any.

Driver: :mizuno-small: ST190 9.5* Fujikura Atmos Blue 5S
Fairway Wood: :mizuno-small: ST190 15* Fujikura Atmos Blue 6S
Hybrid: :mizuno-small: CLK 17* Fujikura Speeder EVO HB
Irons: :bridgestone-small: J40 CB (3-PW) Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
Wedges: :bridgestone-small: Tour B XW-1 54* & 58* Nippon Modus 3 105
Putter: :cleveland-small: Huntington Beach SOFT Premier 4 34"
Bag: :titleist-small: Players 5 Stand Bag
Ball: Maxfli Tour

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1) 4.6, Southeast Middle Tennessee  And a Southwest Florida. 2) PING G410, 8 iron 140-145.  3) I’ve read a little bit about the company, customer direct, etc. I’ve played PRO V golf balls in the past, but have been won over by the VICE golf balls. I state that only to show I’m open for change, as long as There is no sacrifice on performance. Cost is a factor, too. Why pay twice the cost if there’s a product just as good for half the cost?  I’d welcome the opportunity. I play and enjoy banging Golf balls on the range, too. 

Edited by Dale Gannon

PING G410s LST 9.0 driver with Tensei orange 60g shaft, 3 wood, hybrid 22 degrees, irons 6-U, 64, 56 and 52 degree lob wedges, putter. 4.6 handicap. 

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Handicap 16

Titleist 714 AP1 - 8 iron 165 yrds

I don't know a lot about Sub70 since DTC companies do not market in the pro shops, online, or at big time retailers (in Illinois).  I would be very interested to learn more and test a company that isn't a big time marketing beast.  How do normal golfers like myself even get to hear about these "unknown" companies in the industry (besides follow MyGolfSpy).

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  • Driver:  :titelist-small: TSi3 Mitsubishi AV Raw White 65g Stiff
  • 3 Wood:  :cobra-small: King F9 Speedback Hzrdus Smoke X-Stiff
  • Hybrid:  :titelist-small: 816H2 3H
  • Irons:  :Sub70: 699 Combo: 4 & 5 699, 6-AW 699 Pros S300 Stiff
  • Wedges:  :Sub70: 286 Forged 54 & 58
  • Putter: :odyssey-small: Tank 7
  • Ball:  :srixon-small: Z-Star
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mid-handicapper. I hit a 7 iron 150 and my driver 250. Im working on improving my ballstriking skills and have worn out old Ben Hogan Apex Edge Irons. Today I put a 200 yard 2 iron shot 18 inches from the whole to register a birdie. 🙂

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Handicap 13, Blaine MN

Callaway Apex CF16, 8 iron 145 yards

I first learned about Sub70 when reading the MGS most wanted players distance irons results.  Have since continued to look into them.  This set is definitely of interest as a potential replacement for my Apex irons, but haven’t yet replaced them since I hit them quite well.  I recently visited PXG for an iron set fitting but nothing was performing as good as my current gamers.  This would definitely be an interesting test.


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Im an 18 handicapper from Denver, Colorado.

Current iron set are Maxfli Blue Max (by Taylormade)

My 8 iron is between 135-145 yards.

I have recently discovered Sub70 within the last month or so and have since done a lot of research and am very impressed with Jasons honesty about the companies ideas.  As stated in my current iron set I am a fan of a quality built club at a good value which is much of the reason I picked up (and love) my tour edge fairway wood. I have actually been in contact back in fourth with Jason about trying out the 699 utility iron but might not even need one after all. My clubs are 15 years old now and the lofts are nowhere near as strong as they are today so may not need a replacement for a hybrid after all but instead need to replace my irons. I took break from golf due to an injury but have been back heavily into the last several years and it’s time for a new set but all the choices and marketing lingo has had me eyeballing these clubs. My fiancé works at a golf course so I play it 3 times a week and know it very well, it’s a tight course where you find yourself hitting every type of shot in every type of lie. For that reason and the fact that I need to see and feel the technological leap in clubs the last decade id be a perfect candidate. I have a constant game and a consistent platform to play these on. I’d love to hit these sticks and give my no bs, unbiased opinion because I am all for putting the little guy in the ring with the big boys and hoping he’s as good if not better. Especially at that value and with those looks!

Count me in!



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23 Handicap Mt. Vernon, NY

Callaway FT Iron so long overdue for an upgrade. I can hit my 8 iron about 140-145. 

I have followed sub70 online and have been considering getting my first fitting ever to try out their clubs as my first real set since picking up golf 4 years ago. 

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5.3 Index

Mizuno 919 forged

8 iron - 155 yards

recently heard of these...friend of mine has them and loves them. His are a little more offset and I prefer a thinner top and less offset. Have been looking to try as I tried another friends PXG's and they felt similar with similar results at fractions of the cost as we all know. I am a believer in DTC brands and that most club companies are just marketing machines. I have there boys all about brand names and would love to show them its quality clubs and hard work that make the player, not expensive hyped clubs.

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  1. Handicap 25.  Nashville, TN 
  2. Taylormade Aeroburner.  140 yard.
  3. As my golf skills get better 😅 I am looking for a new iron set.  I found Sub 70 and did some research.  Also saw Youtube videos (interview, factory tour, etc.).  What I saw was impressive.  They are emerging golf club company located in IL.  I am from Chicago!
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