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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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I'm a 12 handicapper  from Saint Petersburg, Florida

8i - 155-160 yds

I am playing old irons Cleveland Vas 792 iron 3- pw they were my father's clubs he passed away 5 years ago and it's all I have left of him. 

I've never heard about this company but I'm in desperate need of some new irons I just can't fork out  the ridiculous amount of money that they want for new irons I love everything about this game and I'll do anything just about to play it I would love to test designs especially if they're a little more forgiving. Hey anything to help right? 

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Typo and forgot my 8i distance

5-pw Cleveland Vas 792 irons, 50°Ben Hogan wedge, Nike Victory 56° sand wedge,  Adams v tech 3 hybrid, bombtech grenade 5w, tm burner 3w and Tm R-15 driver senior flex shaft and Ping Anser 3 putter. 

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Well this is awesome!! I love seeing the "little" guys step up and offer their clubs for testing. This should be fun 😁

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In my :cobra-small: Ultralight Stand Bag:

Driver:    :cobra-small: King F9 9° - LH - Atmos Blue TS 6 Stiff
Woods:   :cobra-small: King F9 - LH - 3/4 Wood - Atmos Blue 7 Reg
               :srixon-small: Z U85 2 Iron
Irons:     :titelist-small: T200 4 Iron AMT White S300
  :titelist-small: T100S - LH - 3-48* - AMT White S300
Wedges: :cleveland-small:     RTX Zipcore - LH - 52° 56° 60° - True Temper Spinner Wedge shafts
Putter:    :rife-putters-1: Barbados Island 2
Ball:        :titelist-small: Pro V1x

Tracked By: :Arccos:

Follow me on Twitter @ham12_hampton and on Instagram @Nunfa0 


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5 index in Henderson, Las Vegas area. 

Callaway apex 19 irons, 8 I 150-155 yds. 

I have heard great things about this company. Excited to demo this set and hopefully put them in play. 

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1. 11.6 handicap living in Lawton, OK (but about to move, yay Army)


2. Currently gaming Mizuno JPX 919 Forged. 8 iron distance is 165


3. I heard about them while I was shopping for my current irons, u fortunately they weren’t one of the models available when I went to get my fitting for my Mizunos. 

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9 handicap living in Southern Colorado

current clubs are pxg 0311 and 8 iron distance is 160

I have been in their website multiple times in the last few months. I’ve been thinking about purchasing the 699 pros. 

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HCIndex 5.8

Honma TR20p 5-pw

Sub70 is a pure players company.  Can help the beginner thru accomplished golfer. Looked at there irons before. Improvement will warrant a try for sure 

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Greetings from Carmel, Indiana. My handicap is currently 16. 

Gaming Titleist T200s (9-4i) and Cleveland CBX wedges (46, 50, 56, 60). My 8i distance is 150-160.

First time I heard about Sub 70 was reading an article on MGS back in February. I was intrigued and followed them on Instagram, but don’t know much about them beyond that.  I do love their origin story though.

Little bit about me- I’m an English teacher, picked up my first golf club two years ago, got serious about a year ago, and want to be a scratch golfer within five years. I started keeping stats on my game a couple months ago using Golflogix after joining a golf club. I live on a course with full access to the range and a Foresight unit. I’d love to learn more about these clubs AND my game.

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  1. 1.3 handicap in Oceanside, Ca (left handed)
  2. Current irons Titleist 714MB.  8 iron distance 156-165 yards
  3.  I know nothing about Sub 70 golf. 
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  • Titleist TS2 9.5 - HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 70g
  • Titleist 917Fd 3 Wood 13.5 - Speeder VC 8.2 Tour Spec
  • Titleist 816 H2 19* Hybrid - Speeder HB Tour Spec
  • Titeist 714 MB Irons - KBS Tour V X Stiff
  • Vokey SM6 60* K Grind
  • Vokey SM6 56* M Grind
  • Vokey SM4 52*
  • TaylorMade Spyder Tour
  • TaylorMade TP5x Ball


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1. 3.3 Marion, IA

2. Ping i500. 167

3. I learned about Sub70 from MGS. Currently game one of their raw milled wedges.  Have been wanting to get my hands on their irons.  Super interested in how the 699 Pro W, 9, 8, 7 play.

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10 Handicap, Boulder, CO

Current irons Callaway Apex Forged with Fujikura MCI 100-s Composite Graphite-Steel shafts;  8-iron distance: 145-150 yards

I really know just about nothing concerning Sub 70---just that it's a boutique brand.

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  1. Handicap and Location : 9 handicap. Herriman Utah USA 
  2. Current Irons and 8-iron distance : current irons are callaway x18 pro series. I hit my 8 iron 165 yards. 
  3. What do you know about Sub70? I just learned about this company. I love the goal to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. I would love to learn more about the company and help promote it in the industry.  
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  1. I'm a 3.1 handicap in Nashville, TN
  2. I play the Titleist T100 irons, and I hit my 8 iron around 160 yards
  3. I know they are a direct to consumer company but that is about it. I have read great reviews though!

:ping-small: G425 LST 9* (Mitsubishi Diamana PD 50X)

:mizuno-small: STZ 15.5* (Graphite Design ADDI 7X)

:callaway-small: X-Forged Utility 18* (Project X IO 115, 6.5)

:srixon-small: ZX7 4-PW (Nippon Modus 120X)

:titelist-small: SM8 50* F Grind; 8* Bounce (Project X LZ 6.0 120)

:titelist-small: SM8 54* F Grind; 10* Bounce (Project X LZ 6.0 120)

:titelist-small: SM8 58* M Grind; 8* Bounce (Project X LZ 6.0 120)

:odyssey-small: Stroke Lab Triple Track Ten S Putter

:taylormade-small: TP5X

"Practice like you've never won. Play like you've never lost."

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11.5 Handicap per GHIN live in San Diego bear Glorious Torrey Pines


8 iron goes 105 yards per Arccos but I can get it to 145 on a good day

 I only know what I’ve reas on MGO. They are a direct to consumer brand that has a fierce following and they did well on the last tests.

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