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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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  1. 13 handicap, Holly Springs, NC
  2. Currently playing Mizuno MP 32s, and hit the 8 iron 155-160.
  3. I know a bit about Sub 70. I follow them on Instagram, and know a couple of golfers who have demoed and ordered some of their clubs. I love the DTC model and the fact that they're in Illinois. 
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7 Handicap

Ridgewood NJ

8 iron carry 153-155

I have been following Sub70 since spring. Have read about the fitting process and have been impressed with the story and social media feedback. This is timely, as I have been thinking about replacing my trusted MP-32s



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Handicap:  11.5 - Cary , IL

Ping i20 4-UW Green Dot KBS Tour Stiff.  Stock 8 is 150-155 and 160ish if I press, but who knows where it goes then!!

First learned about them here.  I’ve demo’d the 699’s and 839X Driver.  I text Jason frequently (maybe too much!) and have provided detailed feedback as well.  I’ve been waiting for the 699 Pro’s since Jason sent out the teaser months ago.  We both know several people in Sycamore, as I used to work out that way in my sales territory.  I’m about an hour away.  This is great timing!  I love what they do and have told most golfing friends about them and their business model.  I’m ready for new irons this year.  My wedges are only 2.5 yrs old so not quite ready for those yet!


Pat Kaack, Cary, IL


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  1. 8.8 - Vero Beach, Florida
  2. Cleveland TT - 145 yards
  3.  I've never heard of these clubs before

Dennis Webb

If you think about it, life is a terminal disease. Don't forget to have fun.

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1. 7.1, Austin, TX

2. Callaway Rogue Pro Black 5-AW/KBS $-Taper R+, 8 iron distance 147 yards.

3. I have been following Sub 70 for a few months. I know they are a direct to consumer company with strong customer service support from the HQ, and a wide range of iron head styles and fitting options. I play in an area where the soil is rocky and I avoid playing forged heads. I like the durability of cast heads, prefer a reduced offset look at address and want forgiveness as well as trajectory control and some ability to shape shops. Enhanced distance over the player's cavity backs of recent years is also desirable for a 62 year old single digit handicapper. I have been searching reviews of the 699 Pros because on paper they fit the bill for what I want in a set of irons. I have written club reviews for a major golf publication, can give an excellent account of how the heads perform and ,make recommendations for the kind of player that will like them.

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G 410 Plus

Original One

G Hybrid 19 & 22

Rogue Pro Black 5-AW

Glide 2.0 56 WS

Hi-Toe 60

Edel EAS 1.0

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1. 3 handicap in Waycross, Ga

2. 165 yard stock 8 iron. Currently playing p760’s with x100 shafts.

3. Have looked into buying Sub 70 clubs several times because the price is obviously a major draw. Never pulled the trigger. I also do not think the shape of most of their irons fits my eye based on pictures I’ve seen online. 

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11  handicap

Vancouver WA

Mizuno Hot Metals

Very interested in testing these clubs 

I have seen and read about them

Play in SW WA and in the PDX area

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i am a 80 year old USGA handicap 10.1 from tees measuring 6,660 yards at Sawgrass C.C Ponte Vedra Beach,FL

Presently using Callaway MD MP wedges

My current irons are XXI Prime 6-PW

Hit 7 iron 150-155 yards

Have tested many wedge and am a tester for Titlest Golf balls.

I present use Callaway Chrome soft.

Have never heard or tested the wedge mention.

Look forward to everyones comments.

Presently using Callaway Chrome soft LS. Will be testing Titlest ProV-X dash

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13.5 Freehold NJ Currently playing Taylormade Burners.

Hit my 8 iron 145/150

Learned about SUB70 from you guys. I have their Driver and 3 wood already. Was trying to schedule an in person fitting, prior to shutdown.  Since then I have studied the company model and become a fan of the DTC concept. Jason offers a personal touch that doesn't come from other club making companies and that has made me a major fan  Picked or not these clubs are on my watchlist! BTW SUB70 head covers for the woods have lead to several discussions on the tee and more than a few "let me give that a try moments."

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1.  Eight handicap and live in Louisville Kentucky.

2.  Mizuno 919 forged and 8 iron goes 165 yards. 

3. I have the Sub70 stand bag, three wood pro and 48 degree 699 pro wedge. I have considered the 699 pro irons for 3-4 months. Love the company and my entire bag will be Sub70 before long. 

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  1. 8, Oak Forest, IL
  2. Ping G5 Black dot and 150 yds
  3. Have been researching them for awhile now, intrigued at getting fitted real soon, had some friends go and get fitted, they had an amazing experience, nothing but positive things to say about Jason and the company!


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20 - Ohio

Cobra S2 Forged - 185 yards

I heard of Sub70 through the “Most Wanted” articles  on your website. I’ve kept an eye on them ever since. Have been looking at a new option at irons and these have been in contention. 

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On 7/15/2020 at 10:39 PM, GolfSpy STUDque said:


A product with solid value never goes out of style.

Couple that with exceptional customer service, and it's an attractive package for golfers who aren't necessarily looking to take out a second mortgage to purchase some golf equipment.

That's the basic premise of Jason Hiland's company, Sub 70, that leverages a factory-direct model to keep help keep costs low.

What about performance? Well, in 2019, the Sub 70 699 iron model finished sixth in the Players Distance category of Most Wanted testing. That might not sound like much until you consider it finished ahead of Callaway, PING and Titleist. That’s an accolade worthy of some refrigerator space.

For 2020, the 699 Pro iron features a thinner topline, less offset, and a black, Tour PVD finish.


This opportunity is open to right-handed golfers residing in the United States. If interested, reply to this thread with the following information:

  1. Handicap and Location
  2. Current Irons and 8-iron distance
  3. What do you know about Sub70?


1. 11 handicap based in Reading, Berkshire, England.

2. JPX919 forged standard lofts, 2 degrees upright.  kBS shaft tour, c taper lite 110stiff. Golf pride half core crops thin. 8 iron goes 145 - 150 yards.

3 absolutely nothing but always game to learn about new stuff.

Short game shocker and Muzino lover.  

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  1. Handicap and Location - Handicap - 1    Play at Balcones Country Club - Austin, TX
  2. Current Irons and 8-iron distance - Mizuno MP60 - 8 iron (150-155yds)
  3. What do you know about Sub70?  I follow them on Twitter, custom built clubs from the Land of Lincoln, they look really good, I have always played blade irons so they look good to my eye.

I would love to test them as my irons are over 20 years old!

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