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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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  1. Handicap and Location

I’m a 8.8, I live in Austin Texas

  1. Current Irons and 8-iron distance

im currently playing Cobra Single Length Irons- 8 iron distance anywhere from 165-180 (I know it’s a problem lol)

  1. What do you know about Sub70

some of the prettiest looking clubs I’ve been following on Twitter! Looks beautiful! Would love to see how the play!

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Scratch golfer, The Reserve Club, Aiken, SC, 75 years old, currently playing Ping Blueprint irons, 2' flat, power settings, Recoil shafts.

Would love to test and evaluate clubs. Have engineering degree so very familiar with testing and evaluation techniques including documenting actual performance. Consistently hit 8  iron 135 yards with slight cut. Play 2 times a week and practice another 3.

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10 handicap

Callaway Rogue 8 iron 160

Unfamiliar with the company which is the major reason I am applying to be a tester. I am curious to see what the relatively unknown can produce in competition with the current market leaders.



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I am a 7 handicap/ Greenwood, Indiana

I play ping i10s yellow dot 1/2 inch long stiff steel shafts they have been good clubs but I'm ready for an upgrade.

My current 8 iron distance is 175

I recently purchased a 3 hybrid from Sub 70 and love it.  I was in need of something to hit further than my hybrid which had been going about the same distance as my 4 crossover, from ping, but not as consistent and this did just the trick.  I love their direct to consumer model and the fact that you can customize your order on their website.  

Cost is always a factor for me but I also need customized clubs so Sub 70 hits that sweet spot of affordable yet with customization.  I also loved the personal touches of a note and some swag with the purchase of my hybrid.

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image.png.498683147a0a2d450d181bb4a455268a.pngTaylor Made M1 Driver

image.png.aaa73d1ac234f4c7d7d31dddbcf12d62.pngSub 70 3 hybrid

image.jpeg.3c2957b9771bca3f24055ecf0fbba52b.jpegPing Crossover 4 iron

image.jpeg.3c2957b9771bca3f24055ecf0fbba52b.jpegi10 Ping Irons

image.png.8fb712202da2af35d3d1f803e309df58.pngVokey Wedges 52, 56, 60

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1. Handicap - 7.0 from Hoschton, GA.

2. Callaway Apex CF16 w/ KBS Tour V 120x - carry distance 165 - 168

3. Currrently game the Sub 70 699u 19.5 and have been considering switching all irons to Sub 70. Not sure if the 699 or 699 Pro would be the better fit. 

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  1. 7.2, Roseville, CA
  2. Wilson FG V6, 145 
  3. Not much. Seems like a component gig with decent stock. Cool name. 

Reside in Roseville, California


Driver: :srixon-small: ZX-5 MK2 LS. Riptide LX, TX

3-Wood: :taylormade-small: Stealth (15*), Riptide X-Stiff

Hybrid: :ping-small: G400 2H 17 Deg,  Graphite Design Tour AD YSQ, X-stiff

Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX 921 HMP 4-iron, Proj X Lz

:mizuno-small: Pro 225, 5-GW, Nippon Modus 115

Wedge: :titelist-small: SM8 54 deg, 10 bounce, & SM7 58 deg, 8 bounce, DG X100

Wedge: :wilson-small: FG PMP 62 deg, 07 bounce, KBS X-Stiff, 

Flat Stick:  :ping-small: G2 Answer

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Iam a high school teachers and avid golfer. I play on two leagues weekly and golf 4 rounds a week. I would enjoy the opportunity to create a review of this club and incorporate my doing it i to a lesson plan for my classes.

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Hdcp = 6 (Orion Township, MI)

8 iron = 160 yards

New to Sub 70. I’ve been researching some new irons & love the idea of of the direct to consumer model, especially seeing the cost of some of the player models from the OEM’s from the major companies. The reviews I’m seeing from them seem to be really good, especially from a customer service standpoint. When I get to a point of making a serious decision, they will be on the top of my list. 

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Steve Smith here.

Handicap, 8.7 and the three hackers I usually play with out here in Hawaii.

Note: While you maskless mainland marauders (good on those who wear) are subject to a 14 day quarantine on arrival; golf clubs are not.🙂 PS I'd pay for the extra shipping.

7 iron to 150. I'll go low and hard to a back 150 pin with an 8. I use Maltby forged cavity back irons. +0.5 in. 2 up.

Sub 70, your testing has put them on my radar and bookmarks for golf clubs because I'm due for a fitting with some hotter faced clubs that still have the thin lines I like.


Thanks in advance.


Steve Smith

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  1. Handicap and Location: 14, Los Angeles
  2. Current Irons and 8-iron distance: Mizuno MP4, 8 iron distance 160
  3. What do you know about Sub70? Not as much as I would like, however I have read it on this forum. I'm curious how their lower cost irons stack up against "bigger" names.  I would also be interested to see how their feel is in comparison to Mizuno.  I think what they are trying to do is great, providing lower cost player irons that are high quality.

Thank you and hope I get a chance,



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1.) +3 handicap residing in Pittsburgh, PA

2.) currently game the p7-TW irons. My 8 iron flies 162 yards on average. 

3.) I know very little about the company and their products. Have never seen or hit an iron from them.


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1. +1 handicap

2. 8 iron = 170 yards

3. Leader in DTC space. Great value brand for the price. Competes directly with Hogan, but at a slightly lower price point. Keeps prices down through material selection and limited shaft / grip options. Strong performance in MGS objective testing.

Driver: TM SIM (10.5*; Paderson Ballistic Tp D40) 
3w: TM SIM MAX (15*; UST proforce v2 85x) 
3: TM P790 (38.75”, 60.5* lie, DG X100)
4-PW: Callaway Apex MB (6 iron specs 37.75,” 64* lie, KBS $ Taper Black PVD 130x) 
50/55/60: Mizuno S18 (35.25”, 65.5* lie, Nippon Modus 120x) 
Putter: TM Spider X Navy/White

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.9 USGA from Hawaii. Play / practice 5x/week  

Playing Titleist MB718 3-P, project X 6.0 +1”, mid-size grips. Irons a shade strong (1*) and upright (1-2, I can’t remember). 

8 iron 155 (stock 8 that is). 

Sub Zero? Heard about them from you guys and the Gear guys. Browsed the website and almost hit “add to cart” but couldn’t get the specs I wanted right (probably cause I was on an iPhone). 

You see the problem is your standing too close to the ball after you hit it. 

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9 Hdcp, Puyallup Washington

Maltby TE Forged, 8 iron distance 133

I know that Sub70 is a DTC company based out of Sycamore Illinois. Jason Hiland also owns Hurricane golf which I have done business with in the past. The irons had a very good showing in the MSG most wanted last year. 

Driver :taylormade-small: Superfast Burner

3-wood :mizuno-small: ST180

5-wood :titelist-small: 910F

Hybrid :1332069271_TommyArmour: TA1 

Irons Maltby TE Forged 4 - GW

Wedge :titelist-small: SM6 58/06

Putter :taylormade-small: Monte Carlo Rossa AGSI


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Handicap 3

Live in Switzerland


Former scratch golfer playing Apex 19 Pro. Have tested many clubs and am familiar with evaluations. I've also built clubs for 25 plus years. I'd be happy to test. 


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  1. 20 HDCP in Los Angeles, CA
  2. Currently gaming Callaway Mavrik Irons / 8 iron distance is 150 Yards
  3. Based on what I have read online and heard from podcasts, they are a DTC company looking to disrupt the market with top quality clubs at less than major name brand prices. I was looking into a 3W from Sub70 so testing an iron set from them would be a good segway to getting other clubs from sub70 into the bag!

Driver : :taylormade-small: SIM2 Max 9* MC Kuro Kago Silver 60 Stiff

Woods : :benhogan-small: GS53 3 Wood 14* Mitsubish Tensei Blue 73g Regular

Hybrids: sub70logo.png.3c207e4e90c1eeca7b9a917b5fa4b848.png 949X Project X HZRDUS RDX Black 

Irons : sub70logo.png.3c207e4e90c1eeca7b9a917b5fa4b848.png 699 Pro Black 5-AW 1* flat KBS Tour V 90 Stiff Shafts 

Wedges : File:Kirkland Signature logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons 52, 56, 60 

Putter : :taylormade-small:Spider Red

Bag : datrek-brand_1456761019__86876.original.jpg.7c24f9ae71c7730ce29a828226731487.jpg lightweight cart bag | motocaddy.jpg.258c0b46e60c2804fc6b1f64bca0aef3.jpgDry Series Bag

Ball :  :taylormade-small: TP5 PIX (2019) | Screen-Shot-2017-07-20-at-7_24.05-AM-300x118.png.9f1c4cb1d62511ee40a05bd6d5795f97.png ProV1x (2021)

Rangefinder : 836d5c8b9e44880db86abcd3b735255d.w2480_h836.jpg.bcd4050c642957abbdca7453a6cb0469.jpg ULT-X

Pushcart : motocaddy.jpg.258c0b46e60c2804fc6b1f64bca0aef3.jpgM5 GPS DHC Electric Push Cart

SoCal, USA

Right handed HDCP 16.4

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