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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

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1. 6.1 and New Orleans, LA

2. Miura CB-1008 and 8 iron distance is 160 yards

3. I know they are direct to consumer and can customize. Pricing makes them appealing but still a lot of money for a company that might not have the technology of the major manufacturers. Would like compare to see for myself. 

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A 16 handicap from Winter Park, Florida 

I currently have Cobra AMP irons and hit my 8i 150

I didn’t know much about Sub 70 until seeing their products on Instagram a couple of months ago. After clicking to see more and seeing the price of their clubs for how nice they look I had to google reviews. I would love to be able to review and test their clubs myself while my classes are pushed online this semester. I have lots of free time on my hands and would love to spend it reviewing these irons. 

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  1. 3 HC & Baltimore, MD
  2. Taylormade 760s, 1 degree flat, modus 130 T xstiff staff & 170
  3. Honestly not much. All I have ever known or hit are the big names clubs. It has always intrigue me to try out an up and coming brand. If you can get the same quality and performance for a more affordable price, I’ll be your biggest advocate!  
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1) 4-6 handicap.... haven’t been able to play a lot last Few years  but will Be able to upcoming ..... central Illinois 

2) mizuno mp-57 ... they have been my favorite but willing to try others :)... 8 iron 160 yards


3) I don’t know a lot... heard good things ..good customer service from what I’ve been told and seem to make a quality product 

thanks Logan

Outside left??

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  1. I reside in Fresno, California and my handicap hovers right at 10.  
  2. I currently play the 2020 Cobra Forged Tec irons and hit my 153 yards according to my Arccos app.
  3. I do not know that much about Sub70, but I think I heard that the owner is very responsive and their customer service is top notch.  I'd love to learn more about the DTC company.

Thanks for the chance!

Driver- G410 plus 9°

Fairway- Ping G410 LST 14.5°

Hybrid- 818 H2 19°

Irons- 4-PW 718 AP3

Wedges- Vokey SM7 48°  54°  58°

Putter- Taylormade Spider X

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13, Baltimore Maryland

Bridgestone j15, 8 iron: 150-160

have researches their clubs after seeing them on Instagram. Don’t know much other than the looks and price. 

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On 7/15/2020 at 5:39 PM, GolfSpy STUDque said:


A product with solid value never goes out of style.

Couple that with exceptional customer service, and it's an attractive package for golfers who aren't necessarily looking to take out a second mortgage to purchase some golf equipment.

That's the basic premise of Jason Hiland's company, Sub 70, that leverages a factory-direct model to keep help keep costs low.

What about performance? Well, in 2019, the Sub 70 699 iron model finished sixth in the Players Distance category of Most Wanted testing. That might not sound like much until you consider it finished ahead of Callaway, PING and Titleist. That’s an accolade worthy of some refrigerator space.

For 2020, the 699 Pro iron features a thinner topline, less offset, and a black, Tour PVD finish.


This opportunity is open to right-handed golfers residing in the United States. If interested, reply to this thread with the following information:

  1. Handicap and Location
  2. Current Irons and 8-iron distance
  3. What do you know about Sub70?


1. +0.5, Cincinnati, OH

2. Taylormade P790 (2019), KBS 130x 

166 yards carry distance (113-116 mphs swing speed with driver)

3. I don't know much, but I do know that my strengths are analytical approaches to the things I do because of my engineering degree and background. Even more so for the passion I have for the game of golf.  In my recent quest to find new irons I landed on my current set after trying dozens and dozens of combinations on trackman to land on the right one for me. Not knowing Sub70 is out there, this opportunity has me extremely intrigued to put them in play. 

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1. 28 Handicap NIantic, CT

2. Still playing with the only set I’ve ever owned...Mizuno Shadow HT irons. 8 iron distance is 130 yds

3. I came across Sub 70 earlier today while looking for the best irons on the market. I finally decided it’s time to replace my set and Sub 70 clearly has the design and technology to rival the top brands. There are so many GI irons with club heads that look like small woods, but Jason is packing the same power into a smaller club head with greater feel. The forums had nothing but praise for the 699 irons and customer service. Whether I get selected or not, I’ll be buying my boys their next set from Sub 70 and will start referring all my golf buddies too.

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  1. 10.8 - Chicago. 
  2. Taylormade M2 - 155yds w/8.
  3. What do you know about Sub70? Zip, nada, nothing. :-)

Rounds per year: 80-90. 

Handicap: 11.6

In my Bag:

Driver - Taylormade SLDR (Adjusted 1/2 to the draw side and 8* loft)

Fairway Woods: 3 & 5 Taylormade SLDR

Irons 4-AW: Taylormade M2 (2016)

Wedges: Volkey SM6 56* and SM7 60*


Balls: ProVx - preferred, Calloway Chrome second.


Holes in one: None  ;)

Albatross: ONE!  :D

Eagles: Many


Favorite golf slogan: It's a target game, not a distance game. 

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1.  7 handicap, San Mateo, CA.

2.  Titleist 962 3i-Pw; carry 8i 155.  Excellent clubs, but wearing them out, so I've been planning on upgrading to mixed set of hollow-head & MB clubs soon.

3.  Sub70 clubs were already on my list, and only moresoe after reviewing so highly on MGS.


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1. 4 handicap, Indianapolis,IN.

2. Titleist AP3,   8 iron distance is 175

3. Other than being a golf club company I don't know a whole lot about Sub 70, but would definitely be interested in trying out their clubs as a tester and will do some research about the clubs and company. The clubs do look nice at first glance so would look forward to being a tester for sure to see how they perform. 


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1. 8.4 Handicap out of Syracuse NY

2. Mizuno MP-63 irons - True Temper S300 stiff shafts

3. I don't know much about them but I have seen that their irons fall into the 450-600 dollar price point, a really good deal that I think can catch a lot of peoples' eyes if they can get the word out there!

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Driver:default_taylormade-small.jpg.7261af28af5ff1c291b0cc05a9d9285e.jpg 2017 M1 
3w:default_mizuno-small.jpg.53d0e81fbaf5c93bffca28dc6fe15a88.jpg  GT 180 15 degree 
5W: default_cleveland-small.jpg.2a5a328012300c4d34355e56e5490ae4.jpg  Launcher 19 degree
4-PW: default_mizuno-small.jpg.53d0e81fbaf5c93bffca28dc6fe15a88.jpg MP-63 w/ TT S300
Wedges: default_titelist-small.jpg.920d52649433e5fee234ad27e55c0091.jpg Vokey SM7 52F, 56M, 60M
Putter: default_cleveland-small.jpg.2a5a328012300c4d34355e56e5490ae4.jpg HB SOFT 11s
Ball:default_srixon-small.jpg.9b0fc8a90c9d2064823de4fef895a1bf.jpg Z-Star


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65 pages of first time applicants! 

I know a little about Sub70 you could say... Its gunna be hard to pick just two from a thousand apps..

Nice to see Sub70 get into the review game with these clubs, they look awesome. Should change their name to #p790Killahs

:callaway-small: MavriK Sub Zero 9* on EvenFlow RipTide 6.0 50g

:cobra-small: Speedzone 3-wood on Tensi blue S

:cobra-small: F8 5/6 wood on Aldila NxT GEN MLT R

:Hogan: Combo iron set -8,9,per Icon 5,6,7 PtxPro 4-UiHi on Recoil 780 ES f4 Stiff shafts (best clubs ever)

:benhogan-small: Equalizer 50°, 54°, 60° wedges on Recoil 780 f4

:edel-golf-1: E.A.S. #4   (“Fang” or “Adele”)

:titelist-small: ProV1x

:callaway-small: .Org 14 cart bag

Adidas Tour 360 shoes



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1. 3 Handicap, live in Dallas, TX

2. 716 AP2 irons, 8 Iron Distance 170

3. I  know nothing about sub 70

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Forgot to include irons I'm playing
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Chad, Mount Joy, PA

8.7 handicap, 8-iron carry is 150 yards.

Mizuno MP-18 SCs

I know that Sub70 is a direct to consumer company and from reviews I have read are creating quality products while cutting out the middle-man retailer.

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pxg-share.jpg.18ae2d351a16d2f8abe5a114aa3de19e.jpg  PXG 0811x Proto 9.* driver, UST Mamiya Proforce V2 Black 6F4 shaft

download.png.70f309c82ad44a20c4a21dd4294734cf.png Mizuno ST190 3 wood, Graphite Design Tour AD GT-8S shaft

Titleist-logo.jpg.63777a705ffaa0cfdb022091d981ecaa.jpg Titleist TS2 19* hybrid, Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 80g 6.0 shaft

download.png.70f309c82ad44a20c4a21dd4294734cf.png  Mizuno MP18 SC 3i-PW, KBS Tour 120 stiff shafts

2138902261_download(1).png.0e0a650bda5b8e1a6fe2a4edb16a8902.png Titleist Vokey SM7 F grind 50*-08* wedge flex

2138902261_download(1).png.0e0a650bda5b8e1a6fe2a4edb16a8902.png Titleist Vokey SM7 S grind 54*-10* wedge flex

download.png.1fd1ce2a1cf3374da6a94cb2be24d55c.png Scotty Cameron Futura 5w

srixon.png.a2032b0f711ea5613d687757a5449e64.png Z-Star XV balls

unnamed.jpg.b462311d1bccd433919659e8932db7ea.jpg Ping C-4 Hoofer stand bag

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1. Index 8.2 - Cumming, GA - Club is in Roswell, GA

2. Titleist AP2 718 - 140 yards

3. Found out about them on-line through MyGolfSpy.  Did their on-line fitting.  Currently trying a set of Bridgestone irons and having an iron fitting at the PGA Superstore. The shafts that came in the Bridgestone's are Project X LZ 6.0's that are a bit too stiff for me.  Looking at replacing the shafts. 

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6.0 handicap in San Diego

Currently using Cobra King Forged CBs. 8 iron is my 160 club

I have never hit anything from Sub 70, but I have read about most of their clubs here and on other forums. They have built a great reputation for service, and it certainly seems like the clubs they produce live up to or exceed their value proposition. I am loving my CBs, but a "pro" version of a power distance iron, if executed correctly, is exactly what I would want to game to get additional help in my longer irons without sacrificing topline or offset. Combine that with paying ~half price compared to the big players' offerings AND supporting an independent small business? Seems like a no-brainer.

Driver:  :titelist-small: TSi 3 10* w/ Graphite Design AD IZ 7X 

Fairway: :titelist-small: TSi 2 15* w/ Graphite Design AD IX 7X

Hybrid: :titelist-small: TSi2* 17* w/ Atmos Blue 85x  

Utility: :ping-small: i500 3i (19*) w/ MMT 125tx

Irons: :cobra-small: Forged Tec Black 4i, King Forged CB 5-GW w/ KBS $ Taper 130

Wedges:  :vokey-small: SM7 54 S, 58 M w/ Modus 125

Putter:  :cameron-small:  California Hollywood 34" Circle H

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