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Adjusting Toe Hang of a Putter

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Update: I added 2 grams to the toe of my tomcat c cadence tr center shaft putter and couldn’t have rolled the ball any better. Speed was spot on and the ball left the face without chatter (Bermuda greens here in Memphis) and rolled right on line. It might look like a Frankenstein putter but it works! 

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“RTX-4” pin hunter (because I’m a lousy putter) 

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You can bend the shaft to adjust toe hang. Simple 3/8 pipe bender. Flatten the lie by bending it near the putter head, then bend it just above that spot to return the shaft upright again and voila you’ve got toe hang.

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My putter just came back from Ping and it looks better than ever! First couple rolls make it seem like it was 100% the right call!!




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I owned a small boutique putter company and fit numerous golfers from amateurs to a few pros.  

Toe hang is the most mis-understood spec in putters.

First off toe hang can help or hurt you, I think everyone understands that.

However, how it helps or how it hurts is different for every person.  If you are missing right more toe hang could hurt you or it could help you.

How to be a good putter.

1. Read the greens properly

2. Aim your putter properly

3. Return the club to your target line

4. Hit it the desired speed to take the break you see


See it's very simple.   The last three people I helped had the same issue.  The were missing too many putts left, their AIM was pretty good(used lasers and a mirror to determine) yet all three hit some good putts, but their putts were 50% left of center, 35% center and 15% right of center.  Each one of these folks responded to toe hang differently.  One guy went into a putter with almost 6 o'clock toe hang.  His shots went to 20% left of center, 70% center and 10% still right of center.  Another went into a putter with about a 4:30 toe hang and was similar.  The last we are still working on.  We are having trouble finding a putter he can align properly on short and long putts and make a good stroke with.  What he aligns well his stroke cannot return the face back properly often enough to suit me.

Everyone responds to putter shape and how the shaft is attached in a different way as far as aligning as well.  No it is not just about eye dominance, but that can definitely play a factor.  As I have gotten older I can no longer aim a putter with a plumber's neck hosel correctly anymore.  I have tried and tried as the old "anser" style is the most pleasing for me to look down on, but the first thing after learning to read greens properly is to aim your putter on that line.


Want to learn to read greens properly?  Grab a stimpmeter or a similar type of v groove device.  Find a putt, put a tee in the ground, vary the angle of the stimp to get the ball to finish 1' past the hole or however far past you think your proper speed should be.  Once you have that, find the start line at that angle to make the putt go into the center of the hole.   You can use that across a putting green to get better at reading putts with proper speed and re-training your brain.  Chances are you have learned how to read based on your improper stroke and have to retrain yourself for a putter you can aim correctly and return to position correctly more often than not.

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