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Changing Ballflight w/ Adjustable Club

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So if I'm trying to change my ball flight slightly is there a general rule as to which has more of an effect between lie angle or face angle?  Say I want to take a little more of the right side of the course away would I be better off adjusting the club more upright or increasing loft (thus closing the face angle)?  

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I posed similar question a while ago and got pretty good answers. Link to the thread: 

My advice would be that if you want to see noticable change in ball flight don't focus on single setting but deal with the problem with combining advantageous settings. If you want to eliminate or reduce right miss combine upright lie with higher loft (which usually slightly closes the face plus higher spin stabilizes the ball and slightly softens the curve), if possible adjust movable weight to the heel side of the driver, perhaps try different profile of the shaft to get some more forward deflection of the club head and closing of the face this way.

Please note that if you are severely out-to-in and struggle with face control those settings won't do much for you and you have to address the swing flaws. I speak from personal experience. Hope this helps. 



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Where the face points at contact will be where the ball starts. It’s relationship to path will determine the amount of curve. Dynamic loft, spin loft, etc will determine the launch characteristics 

all of it combined will determine what the ball does in the air

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