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My WITB & New On Course Strategy

Grit Golf

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I posted a WITB a few weeks ago, since then, I fired a lifetime low round. My putter was fire that round, the rest of my game was average for me, but what I did really well (I think) was apply a new game plan, or philosophy to my game.

Here's my new philosophy, working from the green back:

  1. Get the putter FIRING:
    • I got fit. It was expensive (between the fitting and the putter it was the most expensive "section" of my bag, and I didn't even go super premium), but has already made a huge difference.
    • Start the ball on the darn line. This was a revelation for me from the forum, using homemade putting gates (and maybe exputt in the future?) are making a big difference.
    • Be fearless. I was watching vintage Tiger, and in his prime he was fearless with putter in hand. My distance control has always been awesome, so I just need to get it on the green, and trust the putter.
  2. AIM for the MIDDLE of the green:
    • I don't fire at pins any more. Unless I'm on the fringe, or putting from the fairway, I try to get the ball to stop in the fattest part of the green and trust the putter.
    • I play the middle of the green number now. I use the arccos app and always try to match the carry yardage for my under 150yd shots to the middle of the green number.
    • I think about under 150 yards as a "wedge" shot. I swapped in new irons with a focus on left to right dispersion, I play "better player" clubs through 6i and fire 80% effort shots to stick greens.
  3. Set up approach shots INTELLIGENTLY:
    • Weigh risk and reward. If I'm over 150 yards, I'm not automatically firing at the green if a bad miss could kill me (water, certain bunkers, woods, etc).
    • Set up to "happy" numbers. I stick way more greens on 40-60 yard wedge shots from the fairway with my aim for the middle philosophy, I set up to these numbers if I can't safely attack a 150+ approach.
    • More head covers. I have 6 head covers in the bag including putter. I was more accurate left to right with one length long irons, but I control carry distance a thousand times better with hybrids and woods. It's more important for me (right now) to have a tolerable left to right dispersion but absolutely nail my carry distance for this part of the bag because I use it mainly for setting up approaches, not sticking greens. I have an iron shaft in my 5 hybrid for long par 3's that shoots dead straight laser beams.
  4. Keep the driver AUTOMATIC:
    • Max forgiveness driver head. I'm playing a max forgiveness driver (according to MGS labs/testing), and it's made a difference.
    • Finding fairways, not hitting bombs. I'm using an 80% swing with the only swing thought of relax. I even went down a flex from my previous gamer to match the easygoing swing.


PUTTER: Ping Oslo Vault (stealth) // 35" factory double bend with Ping PP60 Grip

WEDGES: Cleveland RTX4 // 56, 52 & 48 // Factory S400 Tour Issue with GP TV

IRONS/"SLIGHTLY LONGER WEDGES": Callaway XR PRO // PW -> 6i // TT DG AMT X100 (feels exactly like my wedge shafts)

HYBRIDS: Callaway X Hot Hybrid // 25* 5h // TT DG AMT X100 @ 38" (4i shaft)

Adams Tight Lies 2.0 // 22* 4h // UST Axivcore Black 100g Regular Flex @ 39" (tipped)

WOODS: Cobra LTD Fairway // 16* & 19* // UST Axivcore Black 79g Regular Flex both @ 41" (tipped)

DRIVER: PXG 0811xf Gen 2 // 9.0 std hosel // UST Axivcore Blue 59g Regular Flex @ 44" (tipped)


I'm pretty darn sure I'm going to break 80 with this set-up, despite how blasphemous it looks! So many head covers!




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“He’s a Cinderella story. A former assistant groundskeeper about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac… It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!” — Carl Spackler

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I love the ''keep-your-ego-in-check'' golf setup and explanation of the golf course strategy. It reminds me of Youtuber Golfsidekick. I hope to see that Broke 80 badge real soon.

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Driver: :titelist-small: TS3, 9,5°, Fujikura Ventus Blue 6S (currently testing with Hzrdus Yellow 5.5 60g @47'' -8g head weight)

Fairway::taylormade-small: SIM 19°, set at 17°, Diamana FW Limited 75S

Hybrid:  :cobra-small: F7 3-4 Hybrid (20,5°), Fujikura Pro 75hR, 

Irons: :srixon-small: Z565 4-6, Z765 7-8 , Z965 9-PW, Nippon Modus 105S,

Wedges: :cleveland-small: RTX-3, 50°, Nippon Modus 105S, 56°, 62°, Nippon Modus 115 Wedge

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER5, 34'', Gravity Grip



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Dang where'd you dig up those Axivcores?!  Used the love the green in my 3W!!!  Always thought of it as 95% of a Whiteboard for 35% of the money.

I did the same thing as you re: D/3W flex, and I'm actually hitting those clubs further now (better contact/more relaxed tempo?)  Go figure.

PXG 0811 X/70S Ahina
Cobra F9 Tour/80S Diamana B
Mizuno MP18 FliHi (3) MMC (4-P)/Tensei White X
Maltby M Tour 50&58/KBS 610 125S+
Evnroll ER2.2
Snell MTBX

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Sounds very sensible.  What were you trying to do previously with your irons and iron shots?   Do you feel you've traded something off by using these irons?  

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Sounds like a plan. I generally try to have a full shot in to the green and depending on the risk factor quite often go for the pin. I look at what dangers there are, short or long right and left like bunkers, false fronts, back sides etc plus how spin will impact the result and then determine is it worth it. On our course simply being on the green in regulation does not mean Par. The greens are small and are quite nasty so being in the right spot is also really important.

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Callaway Epic Flash 9 Degree

Callaway Epic Flash 3 wood 15 Degree

Callaway Epic Hybrid 18 Degree

Callaway Steelhead Pro 4-AW Irons

Cleveland 54 Degree Wedge Steel Shaft

Recoil Graphite Shafts in all Callaway Clubs

Callaway Big Bertha Putter - Preferred

Preferred ball - Seed 001

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