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I recently purchased some Maltby M-Series+ wedges via the GolfWorks website, and since I asked for some feedback from my fellow members I figured I would write up an unofficial review for your reading enjoyment (or not).  I have had them now for 13 full rounds, and I think that is plenty of usage to forge an opinion on them.  This review is not an attempt to discredit or promote GolfWorks, Roger Maltby or anyone that uses these golf clubs – I just want to put and honest-to-goodness review out there for public consumption.

For these purchases, you can buy the components and put the clubs together yourself or you can have them put the clubs together for you – either way, you select the head, shaft and grip from a nice list of options. 

I am a 4-5 handicapper with a pretty decent wedge game from 30-100 yards.  I use my coach’s TrackMan system to gauge exactly how far I hit each club with a variety of swings; full swings and then I use the “clock system” for less than full shots so I have an 8:00 – 4:00 swing, and 9-3, 10-2 and 11-1. I hit about 15 shots with each club and then take an average (and yes…..I write it down, put it in a spreadsheet, print it, laminate it and then carry it in my golf bag).  I digress.

I chose the 54* Tour Grind, and the 58* Mid Grind.  The reason I went with the Mid Grind on the 58* was because I tend to need a little help in the area of forgiveness with that club, so I rolled the dice on that decision.  I also selected the DG 115 S300 wedge shaft option for both as I need a little help getting more spin and figured that less weight would help me in that.

For the price and the quality of product….tough beat it.  All tolled and shipped I paid $179, which for me is a great deal. 

It took me a few sessions and rounds to gauge the less than full shots, but I was confident that after about 4 rounds I had it.  On the full shots….I have no idea where the ball is going.  Normally, I hit my previous (MD4) 54* full swing at 97 yards.  The Maltby 54* has gone anywhere from 82 yards to 95 yards.  I have used the same golf ball (Pro V1) since I purchased them, and I cannot figure out for the life of me why I don’t get consistent results.  So, long story short, I don’t really use it for full shots anymore.  I now use my GW from my JPX-900 Forged set for those shots starting about 95 yards and up to that full swing of 116 yards.  (Side note – I’m getting pretty good at flighting that club to the proper yardages!!)

Around the greens for chip shots, I have struggled to find why some shots check and some shots roll out.  I have the same set up for all my chip shots, and the only thing I usually vary is the angle of attack going into the ball; formerly with the MD4s, if my attack angle was steep I could use that as my chip shot with check on it and if my angle of attack was more shallow (i.e., almost like a putting stroke) I would get a little more rollout with it.  So, I am very sure to say that I have enough work with both shots – with the M-Series wedges there is no consistency and this for me is DEEPLY concerning. 

On a more positive note, I will say that with my less than full shots (clock system swings) I am very happy with them.  I have gauged them almost to the number and I get a consistent ball flight and spin rate for the shot at hand.  If I put a good swing on it with a good tempo, I can count on the yardage to be spot on with a really nice amount of check.  Also on a positive note, out of greenside bunkers I feel like they have a very good amount of spin and I feel very confident with them from those shots.

We all know that no two swings are equal, and that no two swings from us weekenders are mirror-images of one another.  But it is reasonable to expect certain results from our equipment based on hundreds if not thousands of repetitions.  That said, I do not think I would make this purchase again when the time comes for me to get new wedges.  It was a fun (and relatively low-cost) experiment to give some business to a smaller operation – and I won’t rule that out for the next wedge purchase (I’m talking to you, Sub70 and New Level!)

I hope this has been helpful, if not somewhat educational of a review if you are thinking about the Maltby M-Series wedges as an addition to your golf bag.  

Keep it in the fairway!

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Irons:  :mizuno-small: JPX-900, Proj X LZ 6.0

Wedges:  :titelist-small: SM7, 54*/S; :callaway-small: MD4, 58*/S

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Nice write up!  I have seen your yardage sheet, I may need to do this too.  I have seen some players actually write a few yardages on their irons as well in sharpie.  Wish I had access to a trackman like you do!  Great job once again!

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Great review.  Just stumbled across it.  Have you figured anything out with spin on your chip shots?

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Have you considered maybe the shafts could have something to do with the inconsistencies?

The only reason I bring that up is that I too was considering the DG 115 wedge shafts when I was putting my TSWs together. I have the DG 105's in my Maltby TS-1's so I figured I'd at least research the 115s. Well what I found was that there didn't seem to be a ton of positive reviews on the 115's. In fact I think that most of the negative reviews noted similar inconsistencies with various wedge heads.

Given the high praise and tremendous success of the M+ and the number of not so great reviews for the 115s, I'd definitely not rule out the idea of trying another shaft before shelving the wedges.

the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..

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post-76102-0-38507100-1525284411_thumb.jpg  TSW 50/6 + 56/12 Wedge 
:odyssey-small: O-Works #7 / Lamkin Sink Fit 




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Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I did an unofficial review on these last year:

Interesting about the distance control. I cannot say that I had the same issue, but I did not have the DG 115s in them, either.

I really liked the look, feel and durability of these wedges, just wished they were able to be bent more easily. I had the mid-grind on my 54 and the wide grind on the 60. I found I really liked both for basic chip shots around the green, and the mid grind was good for full and partial shots from anywhere. The biggest gripe I had with them is that they were not terribly useful out of the sand. I would have much preferred the tour grind for that.

Great wedges at the price!

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54°, 58°:
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Soooo.....my quick trigger finger caused me to switch out.  I tried and tried and worked with the wedges but I just didn't feel like they were suited for me.  Like I said, (relatively) cheap enough of an experiment, and fun to boot but at the end of the day - for me - it just didn't work.  I am leaning on what asztu324 said about the 115s as the shafts, but I wasnt interested in swapping out so I went the SM7 for the 54* and MD4 for the 58*.  Honestly, having much better luck with them!!

Driver:  :callaway-small: XR16 10.5* (set to 9.5*), MRC KuroKage TiNi Black, S-flex

3 wood:  :ping-small: G410, Alta 65 S-flex

Hybrids:  :ping-small: G400 19* & 22*, Alta CB 70 S-flex

Irons:  :mizuno-small: JPX-900, Proj X LZ 6.0

Wedges:  :titelist-small: SM7, 54*/S; :callaway-small: MD4, 58*/S

Putter:  :odyssey-small: White Hot Pro Black 2.0 #1

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