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Hello! I've only been playing golf for a little while but I'm loving it! Gutted I didn't discover it earlier in life.

I try to play at least once a week, but I love going on golf retreat holidays with my husband!

I'm also definitely a bit obsessed with golf apparel now - being in the UK we have a lot of different weather challenges so I enjoy being able to use different golf clothes when we actually get to go somewhere sunny! My current favourite retailer is Island Green Golf because they actually have a good range of LADIES GOLF WEAR (!!!!!!) which let me tell you, is hard to find!

Hoping to use the this forum to find some good club retailers as I put my collectiont ogether! Still trying to get my head around all of the different clubs and their uses!

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Hello, Everyone I am David, I am tech savvy, and professionally I am working as a marketer, and have been working in the field of writing and marketing for almost 3 years now and while working in such field I have gone through different learning phases and currently operating for bite spicy snacks box and looking forward to start my own brand and services to meet the new heights of achievements.

any kind of suggestions will be more than welcome!

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