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Trip to Bandon looking at getting a caddie


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Headed to Bandon for a long weekend in August.  I was looking at getting a caddie for the three rounds.  The caddie fee is $100 plus tip.  Just curious what other have given for a tip?  Never really done anything like this and so I just really don't know and don't want to look like a jurk.  

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Putter: Ping Anser 2 Sigma, PXG Bat Attack

Ball:Snell MTB Yellow, Titleist AVX Yellow

Bag: Ping Hoofer

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I've been twice and had same caddie for all four rounds. I tipped $100 after 4th round. Not sure if $25/round is normal, cheap or a lot but that is what I did. 

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:ping-small:          G425 22 (Raijin 2.0 85x)

:srixon-small:            ZX7 5-9 (KBS C Taper S)

:titleist-small:            Vokey SM9 45 10 F (KBS 610)

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 :titleist-small:           Vokey SM9 55 08 M (KBS 610)

 :titleist-small:           Vokey SM9 59 04 T (KBS 610)

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If it's a single bag, I generally tip $75 each round, if it' a double bag, usually $50.    That may be on the high side for some, but it's not an expense I have every week, maybe only 2 to 3 times a year, so I consider it part of the experience.   And out of probably 50 plus rounds with caddies, I can only recall lone time where I felt I "overtipped"


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:titelist-small: TSi1 20 Aldila Ascent Shafts R

:titelist-small: T350 5-GW SteelFiber I80 

:titelist-small: SM8 48F/54/58 D Grinds 

:scotty-cameron-1: Select 5.5 Flowback 35" 

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It's been 10 years since my wife and I played Bandon.  Wow!  Can't believe it's been that long; I need to go back.

The caddie fee was the same whether a caddie carried one or two bags, so we opted to have our own caddie for the experience.  I think I tipped $50 each, but it was a long time ago; maybe prices are different now.

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Basic fee has really gone up since last time I played there, which has been well over a decade.  It was (suggested) $25-50 + tip.  He double carried and we gave him $100 total.


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Hybrids: :callaway-small: Rogue ST Max 5H (23*)--Tensai Blue 55g R shaft

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Putter: L.A.B. DF 2.1 -- BGT Stability shaft

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I do about 50-75 depending on how personable he/she is. 

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3 Wood:  :titelist-small: 917 w/ Diamana Whiteboard stiff

5 Wood : :callaway-small: Epic Flash 18* Hzdrs Smoke stiff

4 Hybrid: image.png.cf6ab25979c6727ff31e6cc6f719636c.png TSi3 Hzdrs Smoke X flex

     Irons:  :callaway-small: 5-7  Apex forged 19 w/ Modus 120 X

                         9-A Apex Pro 19 w/ Modus 120 X

Wedges:  :callaway-small: MD5 52&56 Jaws Dynamic Gold wedge flex

    Putter: :titelist-small: Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5 34"

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I definitely vary my tips based on the quality of the experience the caddie provides. My experience at Bandon is dated at this point, but we are planning to correct that error next February. The caddies at Bandon are pros, and expect to be compensated appropriately. BUT, there is definitely a range in terms of the quality of service they offer, and sometimes they just have an off day. Some see an old guy and seem to figure this is just bag haul. Be very clear about what you want from them. I'm not usually assertive enough, so I have to bear some of the blame for less stellar days.

One day at Bandon I had a guy who thought he should be reading every putt for me. He was really into the line, but didn't have anything to say about pace. I can see the lines, but pace is more subtle there than most places I've played because of the undulations and length of putts you get. Of course, I have played there only in the winter, and I suspect the pace is more consistent in the summer. I finally told him I could see the line and he didn't give me anything on the greens after that, even though I asked. The other thing he wasn't very helpful with were carry distances for fairway bunkers, which is critical at Bandon. There are a lot more fairway bunkers just waiting to suck your ball in than anywhere else I have played. I know my carry distances with my clubs if I hit them right. He couldn't tell me the carry distances. He'd just say "It's a six iron". That wasn't a very good day, and he got tipped accordingly. It probably pissed him off. I should have told the folks in the shop why I tipped him as I did, but didn't want to cause problems.

The next day I asked for a different caddie, and this guy gave me shot lines and distances without having to request them. He also was very good reading the undulations and pace of the greens. Within three holes we were totally synched up. It was a great day. I was probably overly generous, but it was such a contrast from the previous day. I think I tipped him $60 or $70, but that was over10 years ago.

FWIW, the son of a neighbor caddied for me at Chambers Bay and was head and shoulders above any caddie I have had at Bandon. But then we had played together and he knew my personality as well as my golf game. He probably saved me 6 to 8 shots each time he caddied for me.

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