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Testers ANNOUNCED! Wilson D7 Forged Irons

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Syracuse, New York

Handicap: 14

Taylormade rs1

Cobra Speedzone Driver

Taylormade 2.0 3 wood

Cleveland Launcer Turbo HD irons(on order)

Odyssey O-Works #1 putter

Any golf ball in my bag


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On 7/30/2020 at 4:03 PM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (5)

Some will say you can’t effectively combine the characteristics of a distance golf club with the sexiness of a forged players club. Wilson golf says, not only will it do that, but it’ll be a top performer in the newish Player’s Distance iron category.

Enter the Wilson D7 Forged iron. Introduced earlier this year, and this week named the Most Wanted Players Distance iron of 2020. How good is it? What makes it better than the 12 other irons it went up against. We are going to let five of you tell the MyGolfSpy community, all about this Most Wanted winner.


How To Apply

We’re looking for five golfers who are motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to providing a thorough review the Wilson D7 Forged irons and sharing your thoughts and grades on the irons with the forum community.

 Want to find out if this category iron can help you gain some yards and retain that sweet forged feeling?

Testing is open to golfers in the US. Here's how to apply.  In a post below list the following:

First Name/City State

Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score

Current Iron Model Played

We'll be picking the testers next week, so check back and see if you have been selected.




Alfonso Du Toit, NY, Queens 14H, forged Maltby PTM irons G-5, new TSW Maltby forged 52&56, very very nice,  ping G410D, TM R11 4 W, g410h 3H, g400 4H, SCottyredX2, best combo on the planet - With Snell new mtb-X........Bethpage all day long!!! Some club’s last forever! Still play my Wilson squash and tennis rackets!!!!

Two steps forwards one step back!

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