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T100s/T200 split set -An Unofficial Review (fixed)

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The set up

T100s: 7-48* 

T200: 4,5,6

Project X LZ 6.5 (x-flex) 125g

2* upright

Tour velvet.


T100s (7,8,9,P,G)

I was first drawn to the T100s because these irons look so freaking clean.  I had no intention of buying a set, I just wanted to try and hit a club that I thought was out of my league.

What I found however, was a relatively forgiving and extremely fun to hit set.

To clarify, when I say forgiving, I don't mean your miss hits will be knocking down flags, and I don't mean your chunked shots will still be pin high.

What I DO mean, is that if you catch it a little thin, or a bit on the toe, you're still gonna be in the hole.  You may have to make a long putt or get up and down to save par,  but you'll still be in play.

its forgiving for the type of iron that it is.

what I like most about these irons is the distance control.  The speed feels consistent across the face (gross miss hits not included) and i have yet to have a ball rocket over the green because a particularly "hot" part of the club face.

I was also impressed with how well the club moved through the turf, especially coming from a much wider soled set (jpx 825)

If i had to nitpick the only compliant I have is that the pw and gw are 44 and 48, respecticly.  I would have preferred 45 and 50.  And i know the t100 is close to that, and I know I can bend them, but then we are messing the bounce, yadda yadda yadda.

Final though on the T100s, they feel and look great, and if you are stuck between GI and players iron, I would suggest at the very least giving the T100s a few swings.

T200 (4,5,6)

The decision to use the T200 for the longer irons was a result of having a frank discussion with myself about my own skill level.

The heads are a little bigger, soles wider, and they resist face manipulation a bit more.  Couple that with stronger lofts and a hotter face and they fit the bill for what i need in my longer irons.

Having never gamed the t200 short irons I can only speculate, but I don't know if I'd like the hotter face in my short irons.  I did try the t200 and t100 7 irons back to back, and the extra pop from the T200 is very noticeable. 

The T200 also made painful noise on miss-hits, but its a small price to pay for keeping it in play.


The Combo Set

I am a huge fan of the split set, and am glad I went this route.  There is no reason to have irons in your bag that you don't feel confident with.  For me this meant using longer irons I know will launch high enough and straight enough, and shorter irons that are consistent and predictable.  



I think the T100s and the T200 are solid clubs, and i would recommend trying them if you are in the market for new irons.






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Epic flash 9*+2* HZRDS smoke stiff 60g

T100s/200 combo project x LZ 6.5  125g std length 2* upright 


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Very nice clubs! Being honest with yourself and going this route should help you lower your handicap

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