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New Balance 574 Green Golf Review


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First- sorry for the front page of empty reviews. I tried posting from mobile and it did not cooperate. 

I was in search of a comfortable, spike less, waterproof golf shoe to wear while walking early morning rounds. I had heard good things about the New balance 574 so I thought I would give them a go. So far I've  played 2 rounds and had one range session 

The range session went very well. it was warm and dry out. I hit about a hundred balls. I took some hard full driver swings and didn't have any slippage. My base felt stable and the shoes were very comfortable. 

The two rounds were both played early in the morning. There was lots of dew on the ground for the front 9. The conditions were pretty damp over all. The NB574's are as good as any spike less shoe I've worn for on course traction and stability. I took some max effort driver swings on the course and only had one small slip, thats about as good as I've come across in spike less shoes. They are much less stable when walking on cart path, bridges, etc. I felt like I was slipping a couple times when I had to walk on the cart path. In terms of comfortable to walk in, I think these are the most comfortable golf shoes I've owned. Brand new out of the box you can walk 18 in them and feel great. You don't need to break them in. They are great for walking the golf course. 

The only ( and big ) downside to these shoes is that they are not waterproof. New Balance claims that they are waterproof, but I came back from both of my early morning rounds with wet feet.They really are stable, comfortable walking shoes. They would be perfect for my purposes if they were actually waterproof, but without real waterproofing I will continue to game my FootJoy Flex xp's 



Comfort 10/10

Waterproofing 4/10

Swing Stability 8/10

On Course Traction 10/10

Hard surface Traction 5/10 

Great golf shoe for dry days or possibly wet days if you are riding. I couldn't recommend walking in them on a wet day. 





Taylormade R15 9.5 deg

Titleist 913f 15 deg 

Titleist 913h 19 deg

Titleist 913h 24 deg

Mizuno MP H5 5-PW

Vokey SM5 52deg, 56deg, 60 deg 

Scotty Cameron Kombi  

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